Aimee Garcia Interview On Her Role In Netflix’s Lucifer Season 6

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Aimee Garcia Interview

Aimee Garcia is an actress known for her roles in several shows, the most recent being her portrayal of the smart and lovable Ella Lopez on the Netflix series Lucifer. She talks about Ella’s character arc in the final season, a little about Ella’s background, things she will miss from the sets of Lucifer, among other things.

Q. Hi, Aimee. This is Afiyah from the Movie Culture. How are you?

Aimee Garcia: I’m great. Thank you.

Q. Lucifer has been this really amazing show, and now it’s coming to an end. So how does it feel having been a part of all this?

Aimee Garcia: It feels great. I feel very lucky. I’ve been on a lot of TV shows, and I’ve been on shows that nobody watches except for my mom. And so it’s really nice to be on a show that people watch all over the world and see themselves in. So it feels great. It feels like you’ve won the lottery, because it’s so hard to get a show even made. I feel really lucky to be on a show that fans from all over the world love. It’s a really special show, and I feel full of gratitude to have been a part of it.

Q. Your character is a pretty beloved one. Ella is an incredibly relatable character. In what ways do you think you’re similar to Ella and in what ways do you think you’re different from her?

Aimee Garcia: Well, Ella is, I think definitely, much more scientifically inclined than I am. I think we’re both lovebugs in a way, I tend to see the best in people. And I mean, hugs. So we’re similar in that way. And I think we’re similar in that we’re both spiritual. And yeah, I think we’re similar in a lot of ways. But, you know, she definitely likes those bad boys. I’ve learned that that is not the road to happiness for me. So that doesn’t happen anymore. So yeah, I feel like we’re similar. We both love to dance. And like to do a bunch of different things, you know? Ella likes to write, I love to write. I just wrote a Wonder Woman comic. I love different languages, and so does Ella. But I would say Ella is probably, definitely much smarter than I am. She’s like a genius, you know? And we’ve both got glasses. Those are actually my glasses that she wears on the show. So I guess, pretty similar.

Q. What is the one thing that Ella has, that you wish you did?

Aimee Garcia: Her faith and trust. I think that she just has undeniable, unconditional faith. And I think I could use more of that, you know, I’m a control freak. And sometimes I just feel like I have to let go. So I think Ella is much better at just trusting that, as she calls him, the Big Guy will be up there and have our back when we need it. So I think that that’s a quality that I would like to adopt from her.

Q. Speaking of Ella’s faith, that has been a major storyline somewhere in the seasons. Ella has had a lot of interesting storylines. What’s your favourite storyline of Ella throughout the seasons?

Aimee Garcia: Oh well, my favourite is this last one. It was really fun to see Ella in a different light this season. Another one I really liked was just her self doubt because it’s so relatable. You know, her crisis of self of- Is she a bad person? Does she have too much darkness? Is she worthy? And I think that that’s such a human, relatable thing to experience. I love storylines that are very universal, and very human. Those are my favourite ones. But this last one in this last season was really fun, because Ella gets to be a little upset at the people that she has come to call her family. So yeah, this has been some of my personal favourite performances. I think I do some of my best work in this final season. And no small feat. You know, because of our directors, Kevin directed a couple episodes, Kevin Alejandro, and so did DB. So for me, personally, one of my favourite performances that was the most challenging was an episode that DB directed. So it was really nice to have a fellow actor who you trust and, obviously I adore him, and be able to be your captain and talk about faith, you know, he’s like- ‘Okay, that piece of tape is that and that piece of tape is that. Just trust me. You’re gonna feel this and you’re gonna see that, so just pretend you’re seeing that, we have five minutes. Go.And it ended up being my favourite part that I’ve ever done.

Q. Are you satisfied with the ending that Ella has gotten as a character?

Aimee Garcia: Yes, very satisfied. It was really nice to just see her have found someone, and I love the gift that Lucifer gives her. I won’t give too much away, but that was really nice. And personally, to me, it’s really important to represent women of colour and STEM. And yeah, it was nice to see her finally feel like she was enough, and that she was deserving of a good person who could really love her for who she is.

Q. In the previous season, we had the situation with Ella and Pete, about him being a serial killer, and obviously that left a serious impact on her and caused a bit of trauma. So will that trauma be addressed in this season as well?

Aimee Garcia: Yes. Once you date a serial killer, you definitely tend to have emotional PTSD. So definitely, you will see that in her hesitation with Carol, where, you know, she thought Carol was a really good guy. And then Pete ended up being a serial killer and so she has a lot of ‘one step forward, five steps back’ in that department. So you would definitely still see Ella reeling from that discovery because it was very traumatic for her.

Q. One of the best things about Lucifer is its diverse and complex characters. So besides Ella, who is your favourite Lucifer character?

Aimee Garcia: You know, if I had to play a character, I always say it’d be Lucifer. But I think, oh, that’s tough. I mean, I love Amenadiel. I love Dr.Linda. You know, I love Chloe because she is just an example of loyalty and not giving up on someone. And as a mother, as a detective, as a girlfriend, she just doesn’t give up on people. She’s one of those characters that doesn’t have wings and she can’t go down to hell by herself. And she’s not a flashy character. She’s a detective. She’s a mom. And I’ve always admired Chloe’s ability to be the best mom she could be to Trixie, the best girlfriend she can be for Lucifer, and she keeps believing in him. She keeps seeing that he’s worthy. She keeps showing up. I’m a big fan of characters that show up. You know, I try to always show up for people in my life and you always know where you stand with me. Like, if I’m all in, I’m all in. So if you’re my people, I will ride or die with you. And I think that Chloe has that quality of no matter what, no matter where, no matter what when…she’s literally taken a bullet for Lucifer, she has saved his life, and so to me she’s the ultimate representation of love, unconditional love. And that’s just so special. So, I think I would have to say Chloe is probably my favourite character.

Q. Since the shooting for the series has closed, what is the one thing that you will miss the most from the sets of Lucifer?

Aimee Garcia: Oh, well obviously the people. But you know, I’ll miss Ella’s lab. That was where I lived a lot of the time and it just became like a second home. So I’ll miss driving on to the Warner Brothers lot. I’ll miss seeing the Batman statue, coming in from work. I’ll miss just the energy of the cast and the crew. But more than anything, I think you just miss the people because that’s what makes a place special. A place is just a place but when you put people you love in there, it doesn’t matter where you are. So yeah, I think I’m just gonna miss the people. And I’m gonna miss Ella. She was such a fun character who just wanted to hug everyone at all times. She’s a character you just want to protect, you know what I mean? And I like that she’s not cool. Like, she’s not the cool kid. She doesn’t have any cool skills, like as far as she’s not a celestial. She’s not supernatural. She doesn’t have superpowers. And I think that she has a very relatable quality of just feeling lost and trying her best and getting back up and making the best of her circumstances. She grew up in poverty. She grew up in a family of criminals. Her grandmother taught her how to steal cars. One of her brothers is in jail. The other one is crooked. She doesn’t have the most stable background, but she ended up finding her way. And that to me is my favourite part about her, that she’s scrappy. She doesn’t give up. And she’s resilient. And her faith in people, and she doesn’t let her dark past affect her ability to have joy. And I think that that’s one of my favourite qualities about her.

She’s really a great inspiration, as a character. Thank you, Aimee. This has been wonderful.

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The sixth and final season of Lucifer will be available on Netflix starting September 10th, 2021. The series has been one hell of a ride (pun most definitely intended). Check out the final season when it airs, to see how it ends.