Await Further Instructions Movie Review & Film Summary

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Await Further instructions is a 2018 Horror , Drama and Mystery film. Where a family gets trapped into their own house on Christmas Eve , and the TV screen broadcasts a message saying “Await Further Instructions”.

Await Further Instructions Cast

  • Neerja Naik as Annji
  • Sam Gittins as Nick
  • David Bradley as Grandad
  • Holly Weston as Kate
  • Grant Masters as Tony
  • Abigail Cruttenden as Beth
  • Kriss Saddler as Scott

Await Further Instructions Movie Plot

On Christmas Day, a family wakes up to find a mysterious black substance surrounding its house, and its TV screen broadcasts a  message: “Stay Indoors and Await Further Instructions.” And makes everyone go crazy and afraid one by one. 

Await Further Instructions Movie Review

This is definitely not a great film to watch , bad acting , is CRINGE and kind of boring. But it does have a message in it. This film is about how a family gets trapped in their own house and has the TV screen broadcasting to stay indoors at all costs and to wait for further instructions.

This makes them think that maybe there’s a deadly virus going around or an attack going to take place so for people’s safety they are said to stay indoors.

This film shows us how much we get trapped into technology that we forget about our own people, that we get so attached to these things  without even realizing that we have a family.

It shows us how we drift away from people and eventually stop trusting them or have any feelings for them. This film might not be presented in the way it was supposed to but people are missing a lot of key details, such as why the THING didn’t just kill them straight away it made them worship it and tried to host them in turning on each other.

It’s just that , the movie tells you to not to ALWAYS believe in things what the television and media says. Maybe you’ll end up hurting or killing each other because of having false information.

In a still from Await Further Instructions Movie

Await Further Instructions Film Critical Reception

Await Further Instructions received a 83% on Rotten Tomatoes from 19 reviews and 4.7 stars out of 10 on IMDB from 5,323 reviews. T

he film was labeled a NYT Critics Pick by the New York Times.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

This film might not be a great watch but holds a strong message in how and what to believe in. It tells you how you shouldn’t just blindly believe in TV and Media.

The plot goes over the head , the acting isn’t really that great and that’s one reason people didn’t like it much, but if you pay attention on the key details you’ll understand the film and get what message it has to deliver even if the whole presentation sucks. This film is available to watch on Netflix.