Black Widow Movie: What To Expect From This MCU Film?

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In a still from Black Widow Movie

Black Widow is finally coming, god it feels so weird saying this. The movie has taken so many different shapes and forms, undergone so much and the latest trailer with that Avenger’s theme really makes it feel like all of this was still worth the effort.

Watching Scarlett Johansson don the costume of Natasha again after the events of Avengers: Endgame gives me hope that her death won’t be for nothing. This prequel will finally allow us to learn a bit about her for once and hopefully even discover what really took place in Budapest. So, here are the our most awaited moments in the Black Widow movie. 

Black Widow and its Tie Up in the Upcoming MCU

Black Widow is hyped to set up a lot of different Marvel Franchises. From the Thunderbolts spinoff to the connections with the Disney+ universe. But its main tie up with the Disney+ MCU is going to be with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Black Widow program is an organization set up by the Soviet Union yet the movie flashbacks take place during a time which is after the collapse of Soviet Era. This only means that the new Russian Government was able to restore the program and run it even after the union collapsed.

During this time, the death of Tony Stark’s parents also took place and Bucky stole the super soldier serum from Howard’s car. This is going to be the driving force of the connection as the latest episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier heavily showcased the growth of this serum and how it has become more adaptable by Dr. Nagel. Bare in mind, Natasha also possesses some amount of the Super-Soldier serum in her blood.

What makes Taskmaster so badass?

Taskmaster is the proclaimed villain in the Black Widow movie, yet from the trailer it seems like he is also being controlled by this character called, Dreykov. Taskmaster is seemed to have been tasked with bringing the two Black Widow sisters back into the program.

What creates Taskmaster into a unique villain is his ability to mimic the moves of his rivals and use them to his advantage. He can be seen with a cam on his helmet which records everything he sees and allows him to study the opponent’s skillset. From both the trailers he can be seen mimicking the signature moves of Spiderman, Black Panther and even Natasha herself. It is surely going to be very interesting to see how the fate of this character turns out to be.

In a still from Black Widow Movie

Could this be Another Piece in Setting Thunderbolts Up?

Thunderbolts, if you aren’t aware, is much like Suicide Squad. Only the government hasn’t put bombs in the villains necks this time. Thunderbolts is a group of MCU villains who go on to do hero tasks in order to get a pardon from government. The latest episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was a big piece in establishing a possible connection of Barron Zemo and Thunderbolts.

Zemo, as it turns out, is rich and has a fairly clean intention now. And from the trailer it seems like Taskmaster is the one being controlled too. So it is highly possible that he gets an arc like Zemo and maybe goes from being a Villain to an Anti-Hero by the end of the film. This could pave his way into the Thunderbolts, if Marvel even has a plan to do something about it.

Hawkeye and their time in Budapest

This has been referenced in the MCU for so long that I am starting to feel hollow inside, not knowing what it actually means. I hope we get some sort of explanation about what it actually means and what really happened in Budapest. If not in the Black Widow movie, then lets hope we get something in the upcoming Hawkeye TV Show which is going to air later this year. 

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This was a list of all the things that has us all excited about the upcoming Black Widow movies. Let us know what you think about it and tell us more about your most awaited moments in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe