Crazy Love K-Drama Review & Summary: It’s Proven that Opposites do Attract

If you are looking for watching Crazy Love for the leads, then this might be a good watch.
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Crazy Love K-Drama Review & Summary - The Movie Culture

Crazy Love is a 2022 KBS K-Drama that aired from 7th March to 26th April. It is available to watch on Disney+

Crazy Love K-Drama Cast

  • Kim Jae-Wook as Noh Go-Jin
  • Krystal Jung as Lee Sin-Ah
  • Yoon San-ha as Lee Su-Ho
  • Yoo In-Young as Baek Soo-young
  • Lee Si-Eon as Kang Min

Crazy Love K-Drama Plot

When a maths professor starts receiving death threats, he pretends he has amnesia. His secretary, who has recently learned that she doesn’t have long to live, seizes the opportunity to declare herself his fiancé.

Crazy Love K-Drama Review

A unique plotline is a takeaway for this show. Plus, it has got a whole lot of things the plot covers, like murder planning, or fake fiancee, or someone pretending to have a terminal illness.

Let’s have a look at the story. Go-Jin is a mathematical genius. He is treasured all around Korea for his intelligence. He runs an educational academy known as GoTop education, the top center attracting families to admit their kids. Working as a professor plus running a successful institution, Go-Jin has the wealth he wants. But obviously, there is a giveaway, and that is his narcissistic personality. He is super rude to his employees, to the point that some of them hate working with him. He is super self-obsessed, and it might have been toned down a bit. I initially thought it might be like Kim Jae-Wook’s role in “Her Private Life”, where he mesmerizes the audience with his personality and charm. But I was proved wrong. Instead, the role is totally unsuitable for his character in the drama. Mind it, the character was written this way, but it does not suit the actor according to me.

Krystal Jung, who plays the role of Shin-Ah, is the secretary of the math genius. She gets diagnosed with the last stages of cancer and blames it on her boss. Even though the approach of this is good, this point almost immediately gets thrown out of the story. She goes over to her boss’ house to complain about it. and hand in her resignation. This results in a big fight between them and she springs out of the house. Following this incident, Go-Jin follows and gets into a hit-and-run accident. Everyone points out to Shin-Ah as a perpetrator. To avoid being in the limelight of suspicion, she announces that she is his fiancee.

After the accident, Go-Jin pretends to have amnesia to track down the attacker. She is shocked after the announcement of his secretary and confronts her. After both of them find out about each other’s plans, they start working together. Looking forward to the drama, both of the leads face a lot of ups and downs and wind through them. hating her boss for her hectic work life, she tries to kill him but soon that plan of hers gets halted. This murder plot gave a nice twist to the predictable storyline. Viewing from a lens of enemies-to-lovers, this show integrated it much better than other dramas. The bantering between the two mains was interesting to watch and really fulfilled the purpose of the show.

The Pairing of Crazy Love just works

Looking from the perspective of visuals, it is great to see this pairing. Kim Jae-Wook has been a strong visual in the industry since he started. Krystal has worked hard for this one and managed her role very well. The chemistry between them is also special and definitely we could see more of this pair soon enough. Krystal Jung has always been a great actress, and she shows why even in this drama. But her stylists do not do her justice, she is seen wearing something she cannot stand out in. The stylists could have worked better to provide more appropriate dressing to all of the actors according to the standard story norm. From the perspective of all Korean RomComs, this drama does not stand out in both genres. It is the textbook definition of a standard Korean romance-comedy drama. Still, this drama gives us more of the skin-ship scenes, which is new for this category.

Looking at the second leads and other side pieces, they were not given much attention. Neither were they given much relevancy in the storyline, nor on the screen. Whether or not they were in the drama, it would not have made much difference to the series. They were shown in only a few episodes and even that did not matter as the center of attraction was only our main leads. Working together, Go-Jin and Shin-Ah fall in love and soon their fake relationship becomes real. Although there is no threshold between the two, the merging of the enemies-to-loves was smooth.

The drama started at a good pace but rather transformed into a boring segment. There were too many scenes that were just not complementary and were plain boring. Despite being a comedy-drama, a few of the scenes had lines that seemed forced and unfunny. Even the acting could not pull off the scenes because it was tedious to watch them. Most of the scenes can be skipped because of how plain they are, but you can’t because you need to know the proper story. Even though it has got everything that would have made it interesting, like fake engagement and, office romance, they seemed to fall short.

Enough with the negatives. I overall enjoyed the drama only for the chemistry between the leads. It might be a one-time watch, but it is interesting to see the developments in our leads and how both of them turn into lovers after one of them significantly tried to kill the other. It does give a nice twist to an ordinary romance series. The side characters nailed their short roles well. Krystal is always amazing in her roles, she is the star of this drama.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Overall, if you are looking to watch a generic rom-com, I would suggest you skip this. It is too predictable for a long-time K-Drama fan and you wouldn’t enjoy this much. But if you are looking for watching this for the leads, then this might be a good watch. It could also help you with a time-pass story that you want to watch once in a while.