Emily in Paris Season 3 Review & Summary: It Isn’t Good, but you will watch it anyway

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Emily In Paris Season 3 Review & Summary - The Movie Culture

Emily in Paris Season 3 will release on Netflix on 21st December 2022. each episode is just over 30 mins long and the season has 10 episodes. 

Emily In Paris (2022) Cast

1. Lily Collins as Emily 

2. Ashley Park as Mindy

3. Lucas Bravo as Gabriel

4. Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie

Emily In Paris (2022) Plot

Emily needs to choose between going back to Chicago or joining Sylvie in her new agency. In the midst of her professional life, she also has to make sure that Alfie and her relationship is going great and that Gabriel is a thing of the past. 

Emily In Paris (2022) Review

We all have these tendencies of absolute self-destruction. When you do something that you are aware is going to completely mess you up. My self-awareness should stop from doing these things but now I seem to justify my actions by saying at least I was aware of what I was getting into. When Emily In Paris Season 2 was released I knew I was going to binge it in one day. That is exactly what happened. I also gave it a not-so-great review. Now one would think that I won’t watch this show again. When season 3 was announced, I did say how Netflix is adamant about making sublime content. Yet, here I am, typing out my review for Emily in Paris Season 3. 

I begrudgingly understand why Netflix keeps renewing Emily In Paris. It has all the ingredients to be a widely popular show. Extremely hot cast whose characters are struggling with their jobs but somehow have finances to sustain their extravagant lifestyles. These characters make mistakes that even the most stupid in love will not and thus end up in messed up relationship situations. Also, the gorgeous fashion with some cringe outfits thrown about to balance the style out.  

I am a fair judge, so I decided to go with a bias-free mind and binge on the third season. For absolutely no actual reason, it took me way too long to watch the series now. Nothing, in particular, was putting me off but this time the season just did not have the same appeal. Everyone seemed to be doing too much and too many storylines were overlapping. Unfortunately, most of these stories were getting resolved quickly so the series felt like it had ended before it actually did. 

Emily wasn’t making too many disastrous choices because she had already got herself stuck in the middle of a problem that would take about 4 episodes to resolve. Everyone apart from her wasn’t doing anything great. For the first time in the series, these characters did seem to have a life of their own. They weren’t living for Emily until the last few episodes. Suddenly, everything they had done till now started going back to her. Spite, love, and professional frustration; all for Emily.

The French characters spoke a lot more French so that was new. Sylvie played by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu is consistently the best person on this show. She has a character and apart from being annoyed by Emily, her life doesn’t revolve around her as much. Yes, they have a relationship but she has her own storylines. The only disappointing thing in her arc this season was that she has gone soft. Sylvie’s defining characteristic was to be strong and opinionated. This season her opinion was Emily makes no mistakes. NO. Sylvie cannot do this. So yes, I have many questions about character arcs. 

Leading to questionable storylines. Alfie is a justified character. They gave him everything they could. He is just supposed to be the love interest. We knew from the beginning that his minimal storyline was acceptable. To his credit, Lucien Laviscount did a fantastic job. His acting was spotless and so charming. Exactly what Alfie needs to be but how the relationship started to be a little disengaging. The writers also seemed to get bored with it that they did no effort with that arc. It deserves a better route. 

The creators of the show need to realize that even though Emily is the center of the show and her relationships are important, the audience is invested in the other characters’ lives too. All the relationships start off much more engaging than how they progress or end. That is just bad writing. 

Too Much Happens in Emily In Paris Season 3

In addition to that, in the entire series, there was too much happening. When too much happens, there is a high chance that in the confusion, the audience forgets what was initially set up. With too much happening, there is also too much getting solved and with that, the story becomes one heaping pile of mess. This mess even with the most glamorous of takes cannot save the series. As my interest in one plot increased the series either completely diverted from it or forgot about it together. 

Emily in Paris is based on convenience. Everything is served to Emily on a silver platter in all the seasons but in this one, Sylvie, Camille, and Gabriel were also cruising through troubles. Things just seemed to work out and we were supposed to blindly believe that. The troubles they faced for 3 episodes or more seemed to just sort themselves out through dialogue. Where is the satisfaction of seeing it get fixed for the viewers? Why am I only seeing another croissant being wasted because no one seems to eat it? If the series gives me superficial substance then even I will have only superficial comments.

In the first two seasons, I loved Mindy. She was us watching Emily’s life burn up in flames and she was there for the gossip. In this season, her character changed overnight. Not in an “I matured so now you should too” way but in a more 2D way. She was a girlfriend and Emily’s friend and oh yes, she sang sometimes too. Her individuality went up in flames. Ashley Park seemed to have given up on the script too. 

Lastly, my constant favorite throughout the series has been Luc played by Bruno Gouery. It is a character that has been consistent and simply the best. His purpose is to be the comic relief and he does so perfectly. Bruno also is great at portraying the eccentric french man and his dialogue delivery is brilliant. 

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Emily in Paris is the kind of show that you know is not going to be good but you are going to watch it anyway. The fact that it is going to be pointless and absurd is one of the things that makes people go back to it and Netflix to renew it. In conclusion, even though I was pretty disappointed by the season, I will be watching the next one when renewed.