Eve K-Drama Review and Summary: Brilliant Execution but a Story that Fails to Stand Apart

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Eve K-drama Review and Summary The Movie Culture

Eve is a 2022 K-Drama aired on TVN. It has 16 episodes, airing from 1st June to 21st July. It is directed by park Byeong-syeop.

Eve K-Drama Cast

  1. Seo Ye-Ji as Lee La-El
  2. Park Beong-Eun as Kang Yoon-Gyeom
  3. Lee Sang-Yeob as Seo Eun-Pueo
  4. Yoo Sun as Han So-Ra
  5. Lee Il-Hwa as Jang Moon-Hee

Eve K-Drama Plot

Lee La-El sets her life’s goal as revenge after she witnessed her father dying in front of her, through the hands of LY Group, in hopes of taking over Lee’s company- Gediks Semiconductors.

Eve K-Drama Review

This drama was one of the highest anticipated dramas of 2022. Apart from the strong concept shown in the trailer, this drama was the comeback of Seo Yeji after her last work, It’s Okay Not to Be Okay. Seo Yeji serves every character with grace, so it was not unknown that this drama would also be one of her great works.

Byeong Eun as our male lead worked out completely. He gives out the vibe that he is hiding dark secrets under his handsome face, which complimented his features well. Sang-Yeob gives out charisma to his role as a lawyer. And I don’t have words for Yoo Sun. She was a great choice for this role because when you see her on screen, you are mesmerized. Overall, the choices for the cast were in the positive direction.

Let’s move forward with the story. There’s pain, there’s agony. There is everything you can imagine for a girl to plan revenge against the murderers of her father. La-El’s current identity is hidden under the name of Sun-Bin, and she owns a dance studio where she also teaches kids. La-El as an adult is introduced at her kid’s school function. She is seen dancing the tango and looks incredibly sexy while doing it. She’s flawless with her movements, and even her expressions are grace. Later, beginning her plan, she purposely drops her bracelet to which Yoon-Gyeom is to look after her. He catches the former, engaged in a romantic time with her partner. Yoon-gyeom is flushed after that scene. La-EL purposely tries to get close to him, and he is drawn to her more because of his unhappy marriage.

Han So-ra is the daughter of Korea’s highest-ranking politician and marries Yoon to merge the companies they owned. La-El’s husband is an employee in the LY group, and she later faces a shock learning that her husband was also a part of her father’s demise. Seo Eun-Pyeong worked previously with Lee’s family and had suspicions of Sun-Bin’s truth. At first, she is reluctant to reveal it but later chooses him to work with her in achieving her goal. The story unfolds with each episode and keeps the audience on their toes. I hoped we could’ve seen more of La-EL’s past, but all we got were snippets, which all were regarding the takeover.

The series absolutely tops with the costumes and the backdrop settings. The sound is gravely intensive, and one can enjoy it once in a while. The chemistry between the leads was something to look forward to. In regular scenes, it was perfectly suiting. We could see how fond they were of each other, and how La-EL masks her true self around him. The only finger to point in this topic is for sexual scenes. There were very less to no expressions on their face, and it felt like they were only doing it for the sake of it. It worked for Ye-Ji of course, it could be interpreted that she only has sex with him just for the plan and wasn’t really enjoying it. But for Byeong-Eun, I felt like he could have expressed himself more.

Seo Eun-Pyeong falls in love with Lee La-El and can go to any lengths just to give what she wants. As for her, she starts falling for the chairman and enjoys being with him together. She realizes that underneath all of the sins he committed, he actually is a soft man. This catches her in a whirlpool of emotions, and yet continues with her original plan. Even when the chairman found out about her identity, he still wanted to protect her and be with her. This is what deviated from the storyline. La-El wants to be with the chairman, and still plots her revenge. As So-Ra and her father find out about the plan, they start planning to take La-El down. In the end, Byeong-eun sacrifices himself and so-ra, by driving his car off a cliff. But, So-Ra survives the incident, but her memories are gone.

An Ending That Fails To Create Impact

The show ends there, with a weak ending. The story had a lot of potential from start. It gained a lot of audiences mainly because of the strong storyline. Despite people being wary because of the scandal around Seo Ye-Ji, this was a strong comeback of hers. People were very satisfied with her choice of role. The show saw a dip in ratings after the end, and people expressed their disappointment with the ending. Rather than La-El falling for the chairman and living in remembrance of him, she should have carried out the original plan and taken her revenge. Though her plan had been accomplished, she deviated from it. This was where the drama lacked.

But instead of focusing on that, the good side was this was one of the most intense scripts K-Dramas have seen. From the soundtrack to the cinematography, this stands out from most revenge dramas.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Eve is one of the note-worthy works of Seo Yeji. I loved her performance and how she gracefully completes her role. These types of characters suit her. The story started to be strong, only to have fallen out in the end. The last bit is disappointing, to say the least. But still, this is a great watch. Binge it now on Viki.