‘Friends: The Reunion’: The Most Awaited Nostalgia Trip

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In a still from Friends: The Reunion

10 years, 10 seasons, 236 episodes and 6 friends might be enough to say that FRIENDS was a show that lasted long, seen and loved by many and presumed to be an iconic show. But it is not enough to merely express the emotions that the show infuses in the heart of a beholder. There are a lot of shows like FRIENDS which are loved by many, a lot of shows which have won numerous awards and a lot of other shows which are considered among the best but none like FRIENDS which brought people together in their joy and sorrow, along with their friends and loved ones.

Many became friends for their mutual love for the show and formed a community like no other. From ‘Central Perk’ to Monica’s apartment, the show was subdued in those few sets and locations but a whole world was formed and lived on, then and there. A world of 6 friends who lived 10 years of their lives through some ups and downs, some love, lost and found, some new friends and every one of us wanted to be a part of that world.

Some of us liked Rachel the most, many found Chandler the funniest, many resonated with Phoebe, some enjoyed the goofiness of Joey, some liked the stupidity of Ross and some found Monica’s uptight and anxiousness adoring but all of us fell in love with them. 17 years after the final season aired all six of them came together one more time to remember those 10 years they spent with each other, to reminisce the memories they forged and formed a bond that will last till the end.

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A Heartfelt Reunion Filled with Cameos

In the reunion episode, the cast visited the set, had a table read of some of the best moments in the show, some fans of the show shared the impact that the show had on their life, a performance of smelly cat by Lisa Kudrow and Lady Gaga, the cast and the creators sharing their experience and an interview session with James Corden along with appearances from Justin Bieber, Cara Delevingne and Cindy Crawford. 

The reunion episode felt a bit rushed at times especially during the interview session as few questions felt as if they were left unanswered but one of the most crucial part that was revealed in the interview was Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer’s mutual attraction towards each other. It was both shocking and unsurprising as in the back of our minds we all knew that due to their great chemistry. The interview session felt unnecessary and I would have rather been content with more time with the cast on the set talking about the show among themselves. The few moments in the episode where the creators talk about casting the actors, those were some known facts and wouldn’t have mattered if they wasn’t included in the episode. The shifts between the cast reunion, fan interviews and Q&As seemed unorganized.

The show had a light hearted and charismatic feel and the reunion has a heart-warming and nostalgic feel. The reunion is humorous, delightful and thrilling, catered for the cast and the fans alike. A reunion with just the six of them in a room, on the rebuilt set with no direction would have been enough but the add-ons were welcomed. 

The Final Send Off

The best moments from the reunion were just with the cast hanging out, talking with each other, laughing, cracking themselves up and a few tears brought a smile on my face. A reunion episode was not needed but seeing the cast together made me happy and as a fan of the show, I loved it and relished it as this may very well be the last time we see all six of them together.

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Friends: The Reunion is available on HBO Max to watch.