How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Season 3 Cast Interview with Maximilian Mundt, Danilo Kamperidis & Langston Uibel

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How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) returns for a season 3 and we got a chance to interact with the lead cast of the hit German Show, Maximilian Mundt (Moritz) , Danilo Kamperidis (Lenny) & Langston Uibel (Joseph). From knowing there perspective on Internet to comparisons with Breaking Bad and they favourite video games, we discussed a lot together. Check it out below!

Q. Hi, everyone. I am Hardik Agrawal from The Movie Culture. And it feels surreal to have you all here for the interview. So first of all, congratulations on the season three of How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). Right off the bat, did any of you expect Netflix to renew How to Sell Drugs Online for a third season?

Danilo Kamperidis: Sure. I mean, when I read the first script, I thought the show will be amazing. And as soon as we made season two, I was sure that we were going to make a third one.

Q. So Maximilian and Danilo, you have worked on the show for more than two years now, but shooting the latest season must have been tricky, especially during the COVID pandemic, and all. So did it affect your closeness and bonding with each other? And the other actors as well? Was that a concern for you?

Maximilian Mundt: I mean, it was pretty cool that we were able to have a normal life in front of the camera. But, behind the camera, we had to wear a mask and keep distance from each other. But still, I think it could have been worse, it wasn’t such a big issue, like wearing the mask and being careful.

Q. True. And obviously, Langston, your character is very new in season three. And the viewers don’t really know him that well. So could you enlighten us on who Joseph is? And what kind of role does he play in the season three of How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast).

Langston Uibel: So Joseph, is like a handyman at the children camp, where the class goes to for a school trip. And I think he’s a bit innocent guy who just wants to mind his own business and he just finished school and is looking for a good time. He has a small job, as I said, at this camp, and I guess he probably thinks that this isn’t a normal class. And also he kind of meets one of other students in a more intense way. And at the end he probably wouldn’t think that he would have to deal with the problems he had to deal with.

Q. Right. So anyway, when I was watching the season one of How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast), I couldn’t help but notice the parallels between Lenny and someone like, say Walter White from Breaking Bad in which they’re both suffering from cancer, and then they turn to selling drugs. Do you agree with those parallels Danilo? And are there any similarities that you find between Lenny and yourself?

Danilo Kamperidis: I think it’s pretty rough to hear if when you’re have ailments like that, and in Lenny’s young age, I think it’s even harder to understand that. I am 100% sure that many people react in extreme ways on news like that, and change their life from one day to another, like 180 degrees completely. I’m pretty sure that’s a thing, but I think Walter White has more parallels with Moritz’s character, actually. Probably because he’s like more of the egoist one…

Q. A business minded person.

Danilo Kamperidis: Yeah and also like, focused on the target, and I think Lenny’s target is to have a good time. Not to become rich or mighty.

Q. Yes, right. So, Moritz has always been a proponent of how Social Media is fake, and the lives that people live there are not really reflective of their real lives, so Maximilian, you’re on Instagram, and so are Danilo and Langston, but do you agree with Moritz’s point of view on the topic?

Maximilian Mundt: Well, Moritz always thinks that people have like a fake life on social media, and like pretend to be someone else and of course, it’s pretty easy to pretend to be someone else but I also like to use social media to show people another side of me and having a closer look to myself and my views and giving political statements and I wouldn’t say that social media is just fake and bad, but its also a pretty good medium to educate and to spread messages.

Q. So, obviously now, Langston, you enter a cast of actors who have known each other for quite a few years. So how long did it take you in the course of season three to actually become close with these people and form a chemistry with them while shooting?

Langston Uibel: Well, I have to say they were really, really welcoming from the beginning. Even before we even met. Max (Maximlian) messaged me and welcomed me and said he was happy that I was going to join, which is always a nice thing. It makes it easier. And yeah, I guess that’s the thing everybody would say. But I have to be honest, everybody was absolutely warm. And it was really easy to join, because they are all very nice guys. And same for the team behind the camera.

Q. So now Moritz and Lisa’s relationship has taken a lot of turns. And even after all that has happened, they still have a sense of attraction towards each other. So how does this relationship progress in season three, Maximilian?

Maximilian Mundt: Well, in the first season, Lisa broke up with Moritz. And then the second, Moritz breaks up with Lisa. And in the third season, they’re like, back on the same level. And Moritz for the first time has no secrets anymore from Lisa, and he’s like, 100% honest, but for the first time, Lisa has a secret that she can’t tell Moritz about. I think Moritz thinks that they could come back together because there’s no secret anymore. And he doesn’t have to separate business and love and relationship anymore. But I think Lisa has a different plan, because she’s got a new love interest now which hurts Moritz a lot. So yeah, it’s a fight to get her back.

Q. It’s always a fight to get her back.

Maximilian Mundt: Yeah (laughs).

Q. So Season Three is about to release on 27th of July on Netflix, which really begs the question will we see a Season Four of How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)? What do you guys think about that?

Danilo Kamperidis: We sure hope so. I mean, when you finish watching season three, you will understand that there’s always more ways that the story can go and the characters can go. And I think it’s very interesting how characters like them and Lisa develop in the future. But yeah, we sure hope so. Go stream Season Three, as often as you can. So Netflix sees that. We need a Season Four, and you guys want to see Season Four.

Q. We can’t wait for it. During the ending of season two, the show gets very dark, and it just gets very gritty. And obviously we’re expecting some more darkness in season three. So do you all think that the show is heading towards a more darker direction than it started in season one.

Maximilian Mundt: I don’t know, I think season three is very on the peak. I mean you saw already in the second season that Morris will end up in prison. Season Three will be about how he gets imprisoned and basically probably done and in the fourth season it would be very interesting to see what those people are doing. Like the school time should be a very boring time. Now that they have already done everything, school life becomes very normal for them and they are drawn to the bad stuff now. So they just want to go even more crazy in the fourth season.

Q. They’re basically unfamiliar with the normal life now. So finally, and this is a very random question, but there are a lot of gaming references in the entire show, especially with Lenny and Kira. And I legit had chills when I heard the Skyrim music in the finale of season two. So, are any of you gamers in real life and if yes, what’s your favourite game currently?

Maximilian Mundt: Mario Kart… (Laughs)

Danilo Kamperidis: I mean I am not such a gamer myself but I like to play games with friends when we are in the same room. And then I think Mario Kart is top one that we play and probably FIFA also, like anything you can play with your friends and like the fighting stuffs also very nice. And we just discovered a new game. It’s called Track Mania and it is just driving cars and you always have one round and then you give the controller to your friend and the controller goes around. It’s pretty nice.

Langston Uibel: So me personally, I was asked to pass on all the games and the only game that I’ve ever played and I am actually quite good at is FIFA. And I think FIFA 22 is just about to come out. So I will get the new version of that one.

Q. Yeah, likewise. I’ve always been a fan of FIFA.

Langston Uibel: Yeah we love the Football.

Exactly. Thank you, Maximilian. Danilo and Langston, for interacting with me. And I can’t wait for all my friends to witness the Season Three of How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) here in India because we are all big fans of it. So thank you so much, and have a great day.

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How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) returns for a season 3 on 27th July 2021, only on Netflix.