Isabella Kai Interview on the film ‘Our Friend’

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Isabella Kai is an American child actress, best known for her role of young Alison DiLaurentis in the series Pretty Little Liars and Sarah Compton in True She stars in Our Friend alongside Jason Segel, Casey Affleck and Dakota Johnson.

The Movie Culture chats with Isabella Kai on her experience on Our Friend and her managing her work life at such a young age.

Q. Our Friend looks great. It was just a rated fresh on rotten tomatoes, recently. How did you get involved with it?

Isabella Kai: I really wanted to be a part of telling the story because I related to Molly and I fell in love, empathy for her. And I like the challenge because it was a challenging role for me.  And I said yes, and then I got the job.

Q. OK, you’re very young and you have also done prominent work throughout your career. I mean, I myself, I’m a teenager and I don’t know what to do with my personal life, or my professional life. So I just wanted to ask, how do you manage your work?

Isabella Kai: Um, well. That’s a good question, I have a wonderful team and a wonderful mom who helps me a lot and I don’t know. I have a lot of help, I think, and, yeah, I’m pretty organized.

Q. You have done sitcoms and now you’re progressing to movies. What goes and what goes on back of your mind that this is the movie which I want to do my future?

Isabella Kai: I’ve always been attracted to dramas, even the sitcoms I’ve done, they were super fun, but I don’t think I’m I just I think I’m more drawn to dramas and more drawn to movies in general. And I do see myself making movies rather than TV shows, but I’m completely open to doing TV shows for sure, and I’m very open to doing comedy as well.

Q. Is there any specific scene which you short for the movie which still sticks with you?

Isabella Kai: A few but for different reasons. Some of my favorite were to film were the Mardi Gras scene in the fountain scene just because we were surrounded by real people that knew the family and cared about their story as much as we did. And they were really magical to film and some of my favorite memories on the set. I think every single day there and every single scene I filmed was what I learned something and it was another memory and I, I hold them all for different reasons.

Q. You mentioned memories, and my next question was going to be, you know, since often has an amazing cast such as Casey Affleck, Dakota Johnson and Jason Segel. Is that a fun story with that cast on the sets?

Isabella Kai: And of course, we had a lot of fun all together, we became really close, all of us, especially my younger sister who plays my younger sister violin. We became really close. We had all of our scenes are pretty much together. And Dakota, Casey and Jason and I, they were all there also great people. They’re just very genuine, kind people that I love to be around. And I was just excited to go to set every day to see them. And I mean, we had so much fun onset and offset. We hung out a lot.

Q. Speaking of great actors, you’ve worked with them throughout your career, and since you’re at a learning stage, have you learned something from them or what’s the biggest piece of advice that you’ve gotten?

Isabella Kai: I learned something on every single set that I’ve ever been on. I think that.

Speaker 2: Is a big part of being an actor is learning and watching other people, at least for me, and I think one of the main things I’ve learned throughout my career is to really bring parts of your own life to any character that you’re playing, no matter how different they are from you. I feel like that it becomes a lot more natural. And I do that with every character I play is I make a parallel and bring parts of my own life into the character.

Q. In this age of social media where people are very vocal to out there thoughts in a snap. So do you navigate through critical evaluation or do you pay attention to them?

Isabella Kai: I don’t really read comments or reviews, I’m very much I mean, I’ve read a few. But no, I really I’m really happy that people love it, I, I think that it deserves to be loved. I think it’s a beautiful story and a beautiful film. And I mean, I am a little bit biased, but I truly do think it’s really, really wonderful. And now I don’t really watch a ton I don’t really read a ton of reviews or comments, but some of the ones I have and they’ve been pretty good, so I’m pretty happy about that.

Q. AfterOur friend, has done any future projects that you’d like to share with us?

Isabella Kai: I have a few in the mix, none of I can’t really say anything about any of them, but I do have things planned for the future

Q. Would you like to tell the people who are watching this where and when can we find ‘Our Friend’ obviously it has released so where we can find all things?

Isabella Kai: Well, it’s in theaters wherever theaters are open, and you can rent it on Amazon Prime and yeah, so you can watch it in your home where you can watch it in the theaters if you have theaters open where you are, which is really cool.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

It is wonderful to see Isabella Kai has all figured out at such a young age. It certainly looks like she had a great time working on Our Friend and has learnt a lot from the likes of Jason Segel, Casey Affleck and Dakota Johnson.

She was hesitant to share her upcoming projects but we certainly hope they are worth keeping confidential.

Our Friend is out in Theatres in US and is available on Amazon Prime Video.