Kevin Can F**k Himself Series Review & Summary(2021)

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Kevin Can F**k Himself is an AMC tv show which subverts the genre of a normal sitcom and tries to kill the classic stereotypical housewife persona which is present in most prevalent comedies.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Series Plot

The show Kevin Can F**k Himself revolves around the wife of the typical fun guy, Kevin and tells a story of the consequences she has to face just for his entertainment from her perspective and the aftermath of it all.

Kevin Can F**k Himself is created and executive produced by Valerie Armstrong. The show is also executive produced by Rashida Jones, Will McCormack and Craig DiGregorio.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Cast

  • Annie Murphy as Allison McRoberts
  • Eric Petersen as Kevin McRoberts
  • Mary Hollis Inboden as Patty O’Connor
  • Alex Bonifer as Neil O’Connor
  • Raymond Lee as Sam Beverly
  • Brian Howe as Pete McRoberts

Kevin Can F**k Himself Series Review

Kevin Can F**k Himself is a show which follows the life of Allison McRoberts (Annie Murphy). She has been married to Kevin McRoberts (Eric Petersen), the stereotypical sitcom hero who is the centre of attention, funny, comical, quirky, etc. Basically, a guy who can be described in these few similar words and that is his whole persona. Allison has been facing the outcomes of Kevin’s doings for 10 years and now she has a realization that there is no way up from here and decides to take a hold of her own life.

The show is not a conventional sitcom where one expects few jokes and laughter. The show explores the effects of the misbehavior by the uncaring husband and the aftermath the wife has to face. The immorality in the perception of Kevin towards his wife is what fuels the rebellious nature of Allison. Allison’s hate towards Kevin has been fuelling for years and she finally decides that she is going to kill him.

Kevin Can F**k Himself starts as every sitcom does, with family and friends in the living room, the ‘funny guy’, Kevin is cracking jokes and to give the sense of a sitcom, there are laugh tracks too but within a few minutes the show shifts from the sitcom world to the reality where Allison shows her true suffering and frustration that has been amassed in her for years. The sudden change in the show’s glimmering appearance to the gloomy ambience is very significant and is one of the staples of the show.

In a still from Kevin Can F*** Himself

Kevin Can F**k Himself: Allison and Patty’s Unlikely Bond

Allison has known Patty (Mary Hollis Inboden) for 10 years, Patty is her neighbor, she is Kevin’s best friend, Neil’s sister but she never saw her as anything more than that. But when Allison decides to do something drastic, she and Patty form an unlikely bond by hiding each other’s secrets.

Allison and Patty’s supposed friendship is what powers the show. The show completely explores their friendship and its blossoming from the very roots. Kevin and his friends are constrained in their small world but Allison and Patty are the bridge between the pleasant and joyful surrounding that Kevin lives in and the reality that they both live in.

Kevin Can F**k Himself: Hooks you in the Second Episode

Kevin Can F**k Himself fails to validate Allison’s anger in the beginning of the show as we as an audience cannot comprehend her annoyance towards Kevin. We do not know the 10 years of misery that she has been enduring and that fails to resonate. The show finds it footing in the next episode and feels more in its element.

The show seems to be a satire of such sitcoms where wife is the butt of the jokes but also follows one of the noteworthy trait of a sitcom where they have a new plot in every episode and in the show, Allison’s part of the show seems to follows the continuity but Kevin’s part of the show has a new storyline every episode which is slightly off-putting.

Kevin Can F**k Himself: Shifts Behind the Camera that Define the Show

Kevin Can F**k Himself switches from multi camera setup presenting Kevin’s world to single camera setup revealing Allison’s world throughout the show. Single camera setup helps in focusing the intricacies of Allison’s despair with her life and that’s what makes the show feel unique.

Kevin Can F**k Himself doesn’t follow the traditional sitcom route as it is comedic which is not its defining characteristic and neither the show’s strong feature but it also tackles bleak and gloomy outlook with a drama show-esque approach.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Series Critical Reception

Kevin Can F**k Himself has a 67% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 9 reviews. The series has a rating of 69 out of 100 on Metacritic, based on 6 reviews.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Kevin Can F**k Himself is a unique idea that focuses on the sitcom wife who are often overlooked by the viewers. Just the first episode didn’t generate the excitement and eagerness in me. First episode feels like it is to establish characters and their purpose with a main storyline to come and second episode build an interest and the show understands its focus wherein Allison’s arc is the Centre of attention. Annie Murphy is just lovely to watch and she shows her expansive range in the show after her depiction of quirky, stupid and funny character Alexis in Schitt’s Creek.

Kevin Can F**k Himself premiers on Sunday, June 13 on AMC+ and Sunday, June 20 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on AMC.