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Lucifer TV Show Recap

We’ve all been holding our breath to see how the ever-entertaining show Lucifer will end. What characters will get their happy ending? How many tears will we shed? Well, the wait is almost over, since the final season will be out soon.

Lucifer is an American fantasy show that follows the life and adventures of Lucifer Morningstar and those around him.

Lucifer Morningstar is a big name in Los Angeles. He owns a nightclub called ‘Lux’, and is known for granting people favours. He also works as a Civilian Consultant for the LAPD. He has fallen hopelessly in love with a LAPD Detective.

Oh, and another minor detail, he is the literal Devil.

In a still from Lucifer Season 1

Lucifer Season 1

Lucifer left his kingdom, Hell, after tiring from countless years on the throne of the realm of torture and despair, and moved to Los Angeles. The demon Mazikeen a.k.a Maze, who is overprotective of Lucifer, follows him out of hell and works as a bartender at Lux. 

Lucifer’s brother, the angel Amendiel, is on a set mission to convince him to go back to Hell (quite literally) on God’s orders. Lucifer repeatedly dodges Amenedeiel’s attempts, making the latter increasingly frustrated. After witnessing the murder of an old acquaintance who he’d helped become famous, he crosses paths with Detective Chloe Decker of the LAPD on more than one occasion while trying to solve the case himself.

He eventually convinces Chloe to work with him for the case. He is intrigued by Chloe when he finds out his powers and generally irresistible charm have no effect on her. Chloe and Lucifer end up working on a couple of cases together. Eventually, through his influence, he gets himself hired as a Civilian Consultant for the LAPD so he can partner up and solve crimes with Chloe officially. He also discovers that he is physically vulnerable, and can be wounded and even killed, when he is around Chloe.

Meanwhile Amenadiel, in his desperation, befriends Lucifer’s therapist Dr. Linda Martin and even starts an intimate relationship with Maze to get to Lucifer. Maze, in turn, decides to use the relationship to kill Amenadiel.

Things get messy when both parties end up developing feelings for each other, but still continue acting on their initial intentions. Amenadiel also arranges the theft of Lucifer’s severed wings, which he had severed himself, to try and manipulate Lucifer into going back to Hell.

Lucifer ends up burning the wings himself. In another desperate attempt, Amenadiel resurrects a corrupt police officer named Malcolm and orders him to kill Lucifer, which would effectively send him back to Hell. Malcolm has his own agenda and a bone to pick with Chloe.

He blackmails Chloe’s estranged husband Daniel ‘Dan’ Espenoza to do his bidding, kills people in a twisted attempt to impress Lucifer, and involuntarily ends up framing him for murder.  Amenadiel, after realising his mistake, decides to help Lucifer bring down Malcolm.

In a final confrontation, Malcolm kidnaps Chloe’s daughter Trixie and while trying to save them, Lucifer gets shot. He makes a deal with God that he would return to Hell and take his place on the throne if God healed him so that he could save Chloe, and his prayer is answered.

Chloe ends up killing Malcolm. Maze and Amenadiel decide to take a break from each other. In the final scene, Lucifer tells Amenadiel that God wants him to stay on Earth and hunt down a soul that has escaped from Hell. The soul being their mother, The Goddess.

Lucifer Season 2

Lucifer Season 2

Lucifer is paranoid as he frantically awaits his mother, Goddess of all creation, to ambush him. However, she shows up at his doorstep asking for help. She possesses the body of an attorney named Charlotte Richards, who was stabbed by a screwdriver and left to die. He is angry at her for letting his father banish him.

She tells him that she’s the reason he was banished and not erased from existence. He ends up allowing her to live on Earth, on the condition that she lives her life as Charlotte Richards- something she claims to despise. Amenadiel warns Lucifer that God might not like him backing out from his end of the deal.

Uriel, one of Lucifer’s brothers, shows up and tries to use Chloe as a blackmail tool to convince Lucifer to send their mother back to hell. In an attempt to save both-his mother and Chloe, he ends up killing Uriel, plunging himself in guilt. He also reveals his real ‘devil’s face’ to Linda, leaving her shocked.

Linda breaks off her budding friendship with Maze after finding out Maze is a demon, but reconciles after a while and even takes Lucifer back as her patient. Meanwhile, Amenadiel realises he is losing his powers and his wings.

Chloe and Dan decide to get a divorce. Chloe also has her own issues to solve, especially those pertaining to the murder of her father. The LAPD gets a new forensic scientist named Ella Lopez, who is quick to make friends with everyone at the precinct.

Amidst all of this, Maze and Chloe decide to be roommates, which works out well for Maze considering her unlikely friendship with Chloe’s daughter. Maze, after trying to figure out her purpose on Earth, decides to become a bounty hunter.  Goddess tries to convince Lucifer to use Azrael’s blade to help her return to heaven, and asks for him and Amenadiel to join her.

Lucifer refuses, preferring to stay on Earth. Goddess tries to use various means to find out Lucifer’s reason for staying back and even starts a sort of fling with Dan Espenoza as a means to an end. After concluding that he wants to stay on Earth because of Chloe, Goddess first plans to kill Chloe.

She later changes her mind, and instead reveals to Lucifer that Chloe’s mother was ‘blessed’ by Amendiel, on God’s orders. Having shared a kiss with Chloe, Lucifer is heartbroken after being led to believe that Chloe is a gift from God and has no say in her feelings for him. He ends up faking his marriage, effectively distancing Chloe from him emotionally.

 With her human form weakening, the Goddess pressurizes Lucifer to find all the pieces of Azrael’s blade and use it to get them to heaven. In the end, he uses the blade to create her a new universe, and sends her away. He also throws the blade into her universe before the rift closes.

With her gone, Charlotte Richards -the human- wakes up confused. Lucifer decides to show Chloe his devil face, but is knocked out by an unknown person and left abandoned in the desert.

Lucifer Season 3

Lucifer Season 3

Lucifer wakes up in the desert with his wings intact again. He finds his way back to the precinct, where he realises that he no longer has his ‘devil face’. It is revealed to him by some kidnappers that the person who got him abducted and abandoned in the desert is called the ‘sinnerman’.

Lucifer begins his search for the sinnerman, believing the latter to be the cause for the return of his wings and the loss of his devil face. While Chloe is sceptical of the sinnerman’s existence, the new Lieutenant of Police, Marcus Pierce, tells him that the sinnerman is real.

Charlotte Richards is being haunted by memories of hell and the mere idea that someone else was living her life for quite some time. After initially confusing her relationship with Lucifer during the days she was possessed, she and Lucifer establish a cordial acquaintance. In order to ensure that she never goes back to hell, she quits her dishonest ways and joins the district attorney’s office.

Lucifer hunts down the sinnerman, only to find out that he was a puppet being ordered around by Pierce. Pierce is revealed to be Cain-the first murderer- who was branded by a mark that renders him immortal, after he killed his brother, Abel. Cain shares with him that he wants an end to his everlasting existence. Lucifer agrees to help him, as he feels he would be defying God by doing so.

Lucifer tries various means to remove the mark, but fails on all counts. Linda and Amenadiel get romantically involved. This, and the fact that Linda hid the truth, makes Maze uncomfortable and angry. Meanwhile, Charlotte realises the relationship Dan had with ‘her’ when she was possessed, and gradually forms a romantic relationship with him.

Chloe develops feelings for Pierce, and Pierce ends up falling in love with her. Realising his mark is gone, Pierce decides to pursue a happy, mortal life with Chloe. He proposes to her, just as he arrives to confess his own feelings for Chloe. During her bachelorette party, Chloe realizes she agreed to marry Pierce because she was affected by Lucifer and decides to call off the wedding. She and Lucifer then share a kiss, having chosen each other.

Pierce, now realising he preferred immorality, plans to kill Amenadiel-God’s favourite son- in hopes that the act would get his mark back. He captures Maze when she doesn’t go along with his plan, and lies to her about keeping Linda in captivity.  He tries to kill Amenadiel, but Charlotte throws herself in the bullet’s path and dies.

Amenadiel gets back his wings, and flies Charlotte’s soul up to heaven, her act of sacrifice having proved her a good person. Dan arrives to see her dead body and breaks down. Maze escapes captivity and rushes to meet Linda, who is completely safe, and the two reconcile. 

Lucifer finds out that Pierce killed Charlotte Richards and confronts him. He tells Pierce that he believes he took away his own devil face and gave himself his wings, depending on what he believed he deserved subconsciously- his theory being backed by Amenadiel getting his wings back.

He ends up killing Pierce after the latter shoots at Chloe, which becomes the first time he’d ever killed a human. His devil face resurfaces just in time for Chloe to see it, leaving her shocked.

Lucifer Season 4

Lucifer Season 4

After the events of Season 3, Chloe goes on a month-long trip to Europe, which Lucifer deduces is her way to process everything. When she returns, she appears okay and even asks Lucifer on a date. She is actually working with a priest named Father Kinley to send him back to hell, who manages to convince a conflicted Chloe that Lucifer is the cause of all things bad.

However, after spending time with Lucifer, Chloe realises that Kinley is wrong about him and decides to not go through with the plan. Kinley is later arrested for arranging murders just to reveal Lucifer’s ‘true nature’. He finds out Chloe’s plans, and is devastated to find that Chloe cannot entirely accept his true form. Chloe is also reluctant to let Maze near Trixie after finding out Maze is a demon.

Eve, the first woman, comes down to Earth in search of Lucifer. After feeling like Eve understands his true self better than Chloe, Lucifer starts a relationship with her. Linda finds out she is pregnant with Amenadiel’s child. Maze moves to Linda’s place, after feeling unwelcome in Chloe’s house.

Ella, who is normally a believer, starts to lose faith in God after witnessing all the terrible things around her- including Charlotte’s death. She also ends up having an affair with Dan, but quickly puts an end to it. Dan, on his end, is a mess and blames Lucifer for Charlotte’s death after finding out that Lucifer knew all along that Pierce was the real ‘sinnerman’.

Lucifer realises that Eve often brings out the worst in him. He also checks his wings to find his angel wings have turned into demon wings. Chloe meets with Kinley in prison, who tells her of a prophecy which states that Lucifer meeting his first love would lead to unleashing evil. Assuming the prophecy means Eve, he breaks up with her.

Eve enlists Maze’s help to get him back, and Maze falls in love with Eve in the process. Lucifer realises that he hates himself, and his devil form starts to burn through his human form. With Chloe’s help, he starts to forgive himself and this reverts him back to his human form.

Eve kills Kinley and summons demons, hoping that she and Lucifer can spend an eternity in Hell together. He rebukes the demons for coming to Earth, and refuses to come back. Angered at Lucifer, the demons kidnap Amenadiel’s newborn son Charlie, deciding to make him their new king.

Eve informs Lucifer about the kidnapping. He unleashes his devil form again and orders the demons to go back to hell. Eve tells Maze that she has feelings for her, but needs to go find herself first. Ella starts having faith in God again. He, fearing that the demons might come back, decides to take his place on the throne in Hell again. He tells Chloe that she was his first love, not Eve, and the two share an emotional goodbye before he leaves.

Lucifer Season 5 (Part 1)

Lucifer Season 5 (Part 1)

Lucifer is carrying out his duties in Hell, while Chloe and Maze are keeping themselves busy solving cases in order to cope with missing Lucifer and Eve respectively. Dan is now trying to cope through self-help methods. The angel Michael, Lucifer’s twin, comes to Earth and pretends to be Lucifer, but Chloe figures it out.

Amenadiel comes to Hell to inform Lucifer about Michael. Lucifer comes to Earth and Amadiel takes his place on the throne, but soon receives word from God that hell no longer needs anyone on the throne, and he returns to Earth too. Lucifer fights Michael and leaves a scar on his face, so that he can no longer try to impersonate Lucifer.

Chloe finds out that she was ‘blessed by God’, and feeling like she has no choice when it comes to her feelings about Lucifer, decides to take a break from him. Amenadiel tells her that her gift may not be her feelings for Lucifer, but rather that she is the only one who is not affected by Lucifer’s ‘mojo’ and can see who he truly is.

He also tells her that it’s possible that Lucifer chooses to be vulnerable around her, meaning that he is deliberately lowering his guard around her. Chloe approaches Lucifer, and the two of them start a relationship.

Maze’s abandonment issues resurface after Eve leaves her. These issues stem from her mother Lillith abandoning her and the other demons.  Maze tracks down Lillith, who is now mortal, only to be treated coldly by her. Maze is also angry at Lucifer for concealing Lillith from her for such a long time. Linda reveals to Maze that she had a daughter years ago and had put her up for adoption.

The two visit Linda’s daughter without telling her the truth about Linda. After the visit, Maze visits Lillith again but is informed that she died, leaving Maze feeling even emptier.

Michael tricks Dan into seeing Lucifer’s devil face, and even convinces him to shoot Lucifer. Lucifer gets shot, but is unharmed, leaving Chloe feeling slightly insecure that he is invulnerable even around her. Chloe gets kidnapped, and Lucifer suspects the serial killer named ‘Whisper Killer’, who turns out to be Ella’s new boyfriend Pete.

It is revealed that it was Michael who had kidnapped Chloe, and Lucifer convinces Dan and Maze to help find her. Chloe expresses her fear to Lucifer, that she thinks he does not truly love her like she loves him. Before Lucifer can clear her misunderstanding, Michael plays on Amenadiel’s fears that Charlie is completely mortal, and Amenadiel freezes time.

Maze becomes certain that the reason she can’t find connection is because she has no soul. Michael convinces her that he can help her get one, and she teams up with him as the two of them fight Lucifer and Amenadiel. God shows up, and tells them that he ‘hates it when they fight’.

Lucifer Season 5 (Part 2)

Lucifer Season 5 (Part 2)

God expresses his wish to have a family dinner. Lucifer is furious and initially refuses, but shows up later. At dinner, Lucifer engages in a heated argument with his father and concludes that God is incapable of love. He further concludes he too is incapable of love, since he’s too much like his father.

This once again strains things between him and Chloe. God sends Michael back to heaven, but stays on Earth to try and understand Lucifer. During his stay, Lucifer finds out that God is losing control over his powers. God hints at Maze that she is already growing a soul.

Amenadiel expresses his disappointment at Charlie being mortal, leaving Linda offended. He comes around after acknowledging that angels too are imperfect in their own way. Linda reunites with her daughter after both get involved in a case.

God tells Lucifer he wishes to retire. Lucifer reunites him with Goddess and the two move to her universe forever, without God naming his heir. Wanting to become worthy of Chloe, Lucifer starts to campaign against Michael to become God. Lucifer and Chloe get back together, and Chloe decides to quit her job to help Lucifer in his endeavours.

Maze meets Eve, but decides not to be with her as Eve is mortal and her eventual demise would cause Maze pain. Dan ends up getting killed by two criminals. Lucifer finds out that Dan is in hell. He also discovers that Dan’s death was planned by Michael, who wanted Chloe to feel guilty for Dan’s death, hoping her guilt would send her to hell and Lucifer would follow her there. Maze reconsiders her decision and decides to get together with Eve. 

Michael manages to get Azrael’s blade in his possession, and also gets almost all the angels on his side. Lucifer and Michael fight to the death, while Maze assembles an army of demons to fight the other angels. Michael kills Chloe after she tries to escape with a piece of the blade. Lucifer flies up to heaven to bring her back. He sends her back to Earth using Lillith’s ring of immortality and apparently disintegrates because of his banishment from hell.

The piece of the blade in Chloe’s hand gives her power, and she beats up Michael, angered and grieving for Lucifer. Lucifer shows up on Earth and stops Chloe from killing Michael with the blade. He cuts off Michael’s wings with the blade. His return from heaven proves him worthy, and all the angels bow before him as he stands with the flaming sword in hand- hinting at him finally becoming God.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

The title of the show suggests that Lucifer is a show purely centred around it’s namesake, However, the show focuses on a diverse range of characters that are all unique in their own way, each having an interesting and often emotional character arc. The show so far has done justice to tell the stories of all it’s characters.

If you wish to find out how the stories of these amazing characters end, the final season of Lucifer will be available on Netflix from September 10, 2021.