Marriage or Mortgage Show Review: A Decision That Shouldn’t Take this Long

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Video Source – Netflix (Netflix YouTube Channel)

Marriage or Mortgage is a Netflix show which revolves around couples trying to decide between the best wedding or the best home of their life. They are presented with lucrative offers from both sides and its their choice what they are going to go with.

Marriage or Mortgage Show Plot

Marriage or Mortgage is a reality TV show which revolves around people choosing between paying for a marriage or for a house. Nicole and Sarah provide them with suitable options for homes and weddings and it is up to the couple to decide what they are gonna go with. 

Marriage or Mortgage Cast

  • Nichole Holmes as Herself
  • Sarah Miller as Herself

Marriage or Mortgage Show Review

Marriage or Mortgage is the new Netflix show which is what it sounds like. It’s based around people facing a lot of different choices for their preferred marriage or their dream home and then they are made to decide what they want to do. As straightforward a concept this is, the series still packs a few entertaining moments and provides different perspectives and options which you and me might not even know existed. 

Marriage or Mortgage: Nichole Holmes and Sarah Miller fight for business

Nichole Holmes is a real estate agent and Sarah Miller is a wedding planner. Throughout the 10-episode run of this show, new couples keep entering and they are faced with this, seemingly weird, dilemma of choosing between a home or a wedding. Hence, they provide their needs and wants with regards to both the aspects and it is the responsibility of Nichole and Sarah to ultimately compete for their business. Right off the bat, what a peculiar choice. Marriage and a roof over heads are two things which people either way don’t have such a hard time deciding. Think of it this way, if it were up to you to choose between a flashy, glamourous wedding which will get you attention from your clout or a stable, sane investment in a home, what would you, a logical person, choose? I assume the answer to that is obviously the latter. Hence, without even watching a single episode, my main problem with the show arises. It would surely be fun for me to just watch all the episodes and call out the people who eventually went for a wedding, because again, it just seems so illogical. 

Marriage or Mortgage: The concept that brings the show down

This fundamental concept of the show is what brings it down for me. Sure, I can just watch the show, without judging and without calling out people, but then again, what normal viewer doesn’t like to pick out the flaws in characters. And these aren’t even characters, they are essentially real people who have signed contracts and agreed to do this with their own money. With housing situations getting so difficult in the USA, it seems almost comical that people would willingly choose a wedding over a permanent roof on their heads, whose value will increase and pay for the wedding later on.

Even if I were to disregard this pretty major flaw with Marriage or Mortgage, there’s also the matter of Covid pandemic. So many of the people who chose weddings either had their plans cancelled and venues changed, or did the wedding with an entire crowd of people in the same venue. The prior sort of defies the whole purpose of the show and the latter is just utterly irresponsible. There’s no getting out of the fact, that going for a wedding is the more stupid option, even if the people were unbeknownst of the fact that a pandemic is coming. 

In a still from the show Marriage or Mortgage

Marriage or Mortgage: Enjoyable innovations and ideas

Now let’s actually talk about the things that I really enjoyed in this show for once. The ideas for homes and weddings were all very exciting and intriguing. Looking at how Nichole and Sarah were suggesting these different couples about cozy, stylish homes and amazingly innovative weddings, actually seemed fresh and not all style over substance. It hardly ever felt like I was watching something superficial and filled with over the top expenses that no middle class couple would dare invest in. The dynamics between the couples themselves were a big part of what gave the show a personality. And it wasn’t cringey or unwarranted behaviour, which again a lot of TV shows are packed to the brim with. Their love for each other was substantial and it somewhat made me happy that the couples who chose weddings were at least going to get their marriage goals fulfilled. 

All in all, Marriage or Mortgage is a show which is entertaining yet its core fundamentals are utterly weak and illogical. It’s like the show is demanding to be seen from a point of view which places abstract events on the same level as thoughtful, life changing investments. Again, marriages aren’t a waste of money and everyone is entitled to have a memorable wedding according to their preferences and likings, but when you put it on the same boat as paying for a mortgage, the prior is bound to sink. That being said, the show has its moments and it’s not completely boring or unwatchable. The relationships of the couples and their occasional charisma saves this from becoming just another TV show. It’s innovative, I will give it that, but that innovation comes at the cost of sacrificing practical decision making and if you are willing to go through 10 episodes of that, then Marriage or Mortgage will be a fairly enjoyable watch for you. 

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Marriage or Mortgage is a seemingly enjoyable show with glaring flaws in its overall concept. The concept of choosing between a wedding and a home is usually a straightforward decision for a lot of couples because one just seems safer and more substantial than the other.

However, the ideas and concepts for different homes and weddings are bound to entertain its core viewership. Along with that the couples have a charming personality to carry the whole premise of the show with grace. 

Marriage or Mortgage is available on Netflix to watch.