MonsterVerse: Origins And Evolution Explained

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MontserVerse explained

MonsterVerse is a much talked about topic ever since Godzilla vs. Kong came out. But what we often don’t realize is how deep and rich the history of monsters is and al of this is somewhat clouded by the mediocrity of some of the MonsterVerse movies that have come out in the recent years. But Godzilla vs. Kong felt fresh and right to the point. It carried as little human intervention as possible and every new act of the movie meant a glorious battle sequence. But how did these monsters originate?

Godzilla, Kong and all the other Titans who have been present on the earth since millions of years, have a deep and tragic past behind them. Let’s delve right into it and look into the circumstances that lead these monsters on the fictional present-day world. 

The Meteor and the Cataclysm

The origin of MonsterVerse goes all the way back to 252.902 Million B.C. where humans were non-existent and the amount of radiation present on earth could literally grow body parts in an instant. While this amount of radiation could have easily wiped out an entire human population in an instant, the same was not the case for the monsters. Numerous oversized beasts roamed freely on earth, feeding and thriving on this level of radiation and happily coexisting together.

The resources available for their survival were ample enough to help them get through thousands of years until one fine day, a meteor struck the earth and wiped a colossal amount of monster population to dust. Not only did this strike right on the monsters, but due to the meteor, the atmosphere started shifting drastically and there was a spontaneous drop in the amount of radiation available for monsters to survive.

Turn by turn, the monsters kept dying due to absence of food and radiation, and those who didn’t succumb, went into a long, harsh hibernation. Monsters like Godzilla had a different way of adapting towards this change and they started utilizing the radiation from deep inside the earth’s core. Godzilla made its home underwater and started living there until things turned back to normal. This also introduced the concept of Hollow Earth and a lot of these monster went inside the earth to survive. 

In a still from Kong: Skull Island

Dynamic between Humans and Monsters

Then humans came into the picture and the dynamic between Humans and Monsters was that of Gods and Worshippers. Most of them at least. Some humans learned how to communicate with these particular monsters and figured out ways to make them their slaves. Classic humans being humans, and Monsters being Monsters, they decided to fight back and reinstate the MonsterVerse dominance. And so, began the great Titan War. Humans were wiped and slaughtered like ants and Monsters made it very clear that they are a force not to be reckoned with.

The Titan War, however, had no winners as a mysterious event of Cataclysm resulted in mass destruction of both Human and Monster lives. Utilizing the Hollow Earth further, almost all of the Titans shifted beneath the earth and starting living over there while Humans resided above the earth. The changes in atmosphere of the hollow earth resulted in many evolutions of Monsters and changed their body anatomies. Some monsters like the skull crawlers have a restricted vision due to lower visibility and light conditions, but at the same time there hearing and other senses are boosted. 

Looking back at the MonsterVerse movies

Circling back to the origin of Monsters in the cinematic MonsterVerse, we started off with Kong making his move in the Skull Island. This took place in the year 1973 and army men are out in the search of monsters in Skull Island. Here we see Kong has taken this place as his habitat and protects its people against enemies and predators like humans and Skull Crawlers. These Skull Crawlers were the ones responsible for wiping out the entire ancestry of Kong.

After the events of this movie, we learn about the existence of other such monsters which are present on the earth or in the Hollow Earth like Godzilla and Ghidorah. Ghidorah, whose origin is still unknown, landed on earth from space, with an aim to become the King of Monsters. But, as we know, that title belongs to Godzilla, so Godzilla obliterates Ghidorah in the glorious battle of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Mothra sacrifices herself to help Godzilla defeat Ghidorah, who was previously in a dominant position. However, Jonah, the British army colonel, buys the skull of Ghidorah in the end of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, with the hope of restoring its brain in a Mechagodzilla.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Godzilla vs. Kong has finally come out and we discover the truth about who overpowers whom. The movie is filled with awe inspiring visual effects and breathtaking cinematography. This is the supposed end of MonsterVerse and everything about it is glorious and filled with extremities.

And with this ends our recap of the entire MonsterVerse. Let us know your thoughts about the MonsterVerse and Godzilla vs. Kong, when it releases on HBO Max on March 31