My Hero Academia Series Review & Summary

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My Hero Academia Series Review

My Hero Academia also known as Boku no Hero Academia is a Japanese anime. Written and illustrated by “Kohei Horikoshi”. Its Manga had circulated in weekly shonen jump’s manga in 2014. The first season of My Hero Academia aired in 2015. It got license to publish and telecast in English as well.

My Hero Academia Series Cast

  1. Midoriya Izuku (Main Character)
  2. All Might (Main Character)
  3. Bokugo katsuki (Main Character)
  4. Shoto Todoroki (Main Character)
  5. Ochako Uraraka ( Supporting Character)
  6. Shota Aizwa (Supporting Character)
  7. Fumikage Tokoyami (Supporting Character)
  8. Eijiro Kirishima (Supporting Character)
  9. Tenya Lida (Supporting Character)
  10. Dabi (Supporting Character)

My Hero Academia Series Plot

In a world of Super Powers (called Quirks), it was a dream to become a Hero and save people from Villains. Izuku Midoriya a child who was born without Quirks dreams to become a Hero. He admires his idol Hero “All Might” Super Hero in Japan.

When he finds out that he can no longer become a hero, he loses hope. One day his friend Bokugo was caught up by a villain. When everyone hesitates to save him, Midoriya bravely takes the step to save his friend from the villain. By watching Midoriya’s selflessness towards saving people, All Might gave his Quirk to Midoriya. All Might even helped Midoriya to get into a Super Hero’s School where they make future Super Heroes. From there the Journey towards becoming a Hero and Saving the world starts.

Bokugo, another main character doesn’t like Midoriya because he was so weak to fight but now Midoriya gained this Super Power. He clearly has ego issues and a massive god complex which forms a big part of My Hero Academia. 

My Hero Academia Series Review & Summary

My Hero Academia Series Review

This is an ongoing anime with 5 seasons. My Hero Academia is about a World with Heroes and their Quirks. They plotted everything so nicely. How the fate changes if you get support from the right person! Each Character had a quirk in the series so it is obvious to the illustrator to design the character’s personality and appearance according to their quirks.

The anime follows a high school theme. Examples involve Conducting Quirk tests. Conducting fake rescue tests. Conducting Matches between classes. Conducting exams. Etc.,

The character developments in the anime must be appreciated. We can pinpoint the growth among the characters. Each Character takes no less competition when compared to the Main character.

If we talk about Villains in the anime, they have more power when compared to the heroes (Not all the villains, just the Main villain). They try to take the world under their rule. Our heroes take down few villains. Later our students will play a huge role in capturing a Super villain.

The direction of the anime includes elements of Sheer Determination, Inspiration and Learning from previous mistakes. With all these positive elements the anime won hearts of the viewers.

My Hero Academia Series Highlights

  • Midoriya’s nick name and hero name is Deku. First it was used by Bokugo to tease Midoriya.
  • Bokugo is an angry character in the anime yet the funniest one also when he gets angry and shouting on everyone.
  • All Might’s Quirk is known as One for all. It is a transferred from his predecessors.

My Hero Academia Series Critical Reception

With a good Super Hero story the anime attracted many viewers since it is released. The anime got 8.5/10 IMDb. 100% Rotten tomatoes in TV series. The story line and characters are the main reasons to watch the anime.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

If you want High School Drama action and Sci-Fi series, My Hero Academia is the good one to choose. Happy watching.