Neymar Jr. Interview on the Mini- Docuseries ‘Neymar: The Perfect Chaos’

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Neymar Jr. Interview

Neymar: The Perfect Chaos is a Netflix Mini-docuseries which takes a deeper look into Neymar Jr.’s personal life, the way its never been seen before. Neymar Jr. is one the most prominent footballer today, he plays for Brazil and for Paris Saint-Germain F.C., a French football club.

Q. What made you choose to accept the invitation to be portrayed in this series? You already have a natural presence in the media.

Neymar Jr: I have a presence in the media, lots of followers and such, but I wanted to show a part of my life that nobody sees, that nobody knows. It’s not just soccer and the consequences of what happens as a result of my performance on the field. Especially because of the curiosity that my life sparks in people, I wanted my story to be told by someone who didn’t know me. I opened the doors and let them in. I hope everyone likes it.

Q. And what was it like to open your home and your inner circle that way?

Neymar Jr: It’s always difficult, isn’t it? Especially in the world today where everyone feels they have the right to judge what’s right and what’s wrong. But I think that it was the right time, an important moment, a chaotic moment caused by so many factors. It was difficult to produce, with so much information, but it came out great for those who will watch.

Q. How did you meet LeBron James? And how did your relationship develop into the series?

Neymar Jr: I met LeBron personally when he was travelling through Paris. It was a brief meeting, in a hotel, but that’s where it all began – our personal relationship and the relationship between the people who work on our teams. We kept texting each other, but we didn’t see each other again due to our schedules and mainly the pandemic. But we’ll see each other again soon, for sure. Who knows – perhaps to watch the documentary together and kick a ball around.

Q. What was it like watching The Perfect Chaos for the first time?

Neymar Jr: Difficult. It’s always challenging to watch yourself, to see your story told by others, with no filters. Some scenes, some passages, made me uncomfortable, I must admit. It was important to me, personally and as an athlete. Others made me laugh a lot and enjoy the memories. It’s all true, just the way it happened. I hope everyone likes it.

Q. The Perfect Chaos includes countless interviews. Did any of them especially stand out to you? And what was it like to hear the criticism?

Neymar Jr: All the interviews surprised me. I have to admit that hearing David Beckham say what he said about our work off the field, at the Neymar Jr. Institute, a project that the vast majority of people don’t seem to value these days, touched me and made me reflect. As far as the criticism, it’s not easy to hear, but it’s part of the process. I, along with every other high-performance athlete, have to be able to hear everything, to learn from everyone and stay focused so that we can keep improving.

Q. How do you think people will be surprised by this documentary? What do you think The Perfect Chaos reveals about you?

Neymar Jr: That my life is chaos, but it’s perfect! Or vice versa (laughs).

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Neymar: The Perfect Chaos is releasing on 25th of January, 2022 and can be watched on Netflix, worldwide.