Noel Gallagher: ‘What’s the Story’ & ‘Return to Rockfield’ Review & Summary

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Video Source – Oasis (Oasis YouTube Channel)

This documentary is a sweet little closeup into the personality of present-day Noel Gallagher and a peak into how one of the most influential Bands in UK created one of the most influential Albums worldwide.

What’s the Story & Return to Rockfield Plot

Noel Gallagher: Return to Rockfield and Noel Gallagher: (What’s the story) Morning Glory focus on Noel’s return to the one of the most iconic studios of Britain, Rockfield Studio. Watch him go back into his memories and spill stories about the creation of songs from the album, What’s the Story.

What’s the Story & Return to Rockfield Cast

  • Noel Gallagher as Himself

What’s the Story & Return to Rockfield Review

Oasis was and always will be, one of the most influential bands to exist in the 90s. Its scale flourished by breaking the cultural boundaries and its music resonated with such a large audience that people began comparing it to the Beatles. Yet it was a drama filled phenomenon which had to reach a breaking point, after its founding members had a severe falling out. Liam Gallagher formed the band along with three other members and later on, Noel also came on board. The Band then went on to become a grand phenomenon in Britpop culture, with albums like (What’s the Story) Morning Glory, Definitely Maybe and Be Here Now. This documentary in specific, focuses on the time when Oasis created What’s the Story, their second and one of the most ground-breaking Albums in the history of British Music. 

Noel Gallagher returns to Nostalgia

Noel Gallagher goes back to Rockfield, the studio where they made their second Album. What’s the Story was the album which gave Oasis a proper footing in Britain as well as the United States. Its reviews weren’t as good as they hoped them to be, but the amount of popularity the band gained shattered all the boundaries and went on to blow everyone’s mind, including Noel’s. Noel describes this as the most unexpected thing that ever happened to the band, especially after considering how borderline professional their recording was. He goes on to say that at the time of Recording, they didn’t even have complete lyrics and they formulated the rhythm of the song by reusing the same verses. Noel walks through the iconic studio, studying everything and comparing things from present to how they were back in the day when they recorded the album. He has this free-flowing vibe which makes him swear endlessly and elaborate the most personal situations, just because he don’t care anything anymore. He is cordially welcomed by the sound engineer of the studio and both of them go through a time which has passed away yet its memories are immortal. 

Track by Track explanation of songs from (What’s the Story) Morning Glory

The documentary then elaborates how Noel and the Band worked on different songs of What’s the Story and their method towards each song. Even after the fallout of the Gallagher brother, it felt nice to see Noel giving credit to his brother and his voice which made those songs such huge hits. There are a lot of stories which Noel went deep inside, and gave his unabashed opinion about all things Oasis. He references Wonderwall a huge number of times and each time he firmly says that Wonderwall is the best thing to ever happen to the bad and how proud he is of it. (What’s the Story) Morning Glory was such a phenomenal album that each song could be turned into a single. 

After explaining each song, he bids farewell to the studio and leaves the place which made Oasis Immortal. The documentary isn’t really trying to portray the breakout or the rise of Oasis, it’s simply about Noel talking about the best moments of creating (What’s the Story) Morning Glory and how unaware he was about its potential for success. It was pleasant, watching him relive his nostalgia and meeting with the owners of Rockfield, which has now attracted a separate fanbase of its own. 

The Movie Culture Synopsis

This documentary is going to be a treat for everyone who was moved by Oasis and misses that 90’s era. As Noel rightly says, “Why did we have to get old?”, this documentary won’t make you young but it will definitely help you relive some of the good old past, where Oasis topped every chart and Britpop was defined by them.

The documentaries will be available to stream exclusively on Voot Select, 11th April 2021 onwards and will air on television on 11th April 2021 at 9pm only on Vh1 India.