Q-Force Series Review & Summary(2021)

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Q-Force is an adult animated comedy series on Netflix created by Gabe Liedman. Gabe, Sean Hayes, Todd Milliner, David Miner and Michael Schur served as the executive producers.  

Q-Force Series Cast

  • Steve Maryweather voiced by Sean Hayes
  • Stat voiced by Patti Harrison
  • Twink voiced by Matt Rogers
  • Deb voiced by Wanda Sykes
  • V voiced by Laurie Metcalf
  • Director Dirk Chunley voiced by Gary Cole
  • Agent Rick Buck voiced by David Harbour
  • Benji voiced by Gabe Liedman
  • Mira Popadopolous voiced by Stephanie Beatriz

Q-Force Series Plot

Q-Force follows a spy, Steve Maryweather aka Mary, who was at the top of his class in the AIA, but was denied the valedictory for coming out. He is been assigned to West Hollywood for his work, where he assembles a team of gay spies.

It’s been 10 years since Mary graduated but still, he has not been given a single case. The series shows Mary and his team as they try to prove themselves to the AIA that they are capable. 

Q-Force Series Review

Q-Force Series Review

Q-Force is another show about spies and espionage but what makes it different from other spy, action shows is that every member of the team is gay. They were given the name Q-Force as in queer force by the homophobic, male-dominated agency AIA. They were not offended by it though but they embraced the name. 

As soon as you hear the premise for the show, i.e. a team of gay spies solving cases, it is intriguing. The spy and espionage genre with a gay protagonist is not something that has been heard of. So the idea behind the show is definitely interesting, but the execution is where it could either make or break. 

A lot of spy shows had been made over the year and some of them are animated too, so the formula for such spy shows has been done and dusted. If another show like such is being made then it has to be unique in some way or other for it to work. The only unique aspect of the Q-Force is the LGBTQ+ protagonist and representation. Other than that, it is the same recipe with the protagonist is solving a case and the team are there for assisting him. 

Other than being a spy show, it is also a comedy but it doesn’t hit the mark. A few jokes that are perfectly timed seems to make one laugh however many jokes and gag, even though perfectly timed do not land. If we talk about a similar show, in the sense that it is animated and about espionage, the only show that comes to my mind is Archer. But when you try to compare them both, Q -force is nowhere near Archer with the plot, jokes or even interesting characters.

A major storyline is being followed throughout the show with minor plots in an episode. The main storyline is about Mary being distanced from the AIA because he is gay and he wants to prove himself and that continue with the whole story about greyscale. The show doesn’t seem to find its footing with the episodes containing minor plots, specifically the first few episodes. Nevertheless, the storyline takes pace and understand what is needed to maintain the interest of the viewers.  

The characters don’t aid or enhance the plot either, from the main protagonist Mary to the side characters. The characters could have been represented in a compelling manner but they drown in stereotypes. Deb is shown as having a masculine aura, Stat is the typical nerdy hacker, who is into weird things but still, they both seems normal, Twink is like the gayest of them all, Buck is the straight guy who is gross and weird, V is like the stereotypical boss woman and Mary is the gay man who is doesn’t want to seem masculine.

Although most of the humorous moments are present because of Twink, sometimes his personality is too much, it is funny but still, a bit too much. The thing that I found the oddest is that he is attracted to literally every man he lays his eyes on. The other major plotline which maybe is just coincidental but still odd that the neighbour to their new office is gay and the guard/handler of the uranium mine is also gay. So conveniently, Mary could seduce him to get his way. 

The show has potential to develop a better plot that is captivating and that can go on throughout the season, which can keep the audience interested. A better plotline which could focus on each character will help for the character development and not make them appear dull and monotonous. If there is a Season 2, many such improvements could strengthen and re-discover the show. 

Q-Force Series Critical Reception

On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has a rating of 20% with an average rating of 4/10, based on 5 reviews. On Metacritic, it has a score of 45 out of 100 based on 7 reviews. The IMDb rating is 4.9/10 based on 625 users.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Q-Force is the comedy show but isn’t really funny. The show’s trailer suggested heavily on it being only about main characters being gay. But as disappointing as the trailer was, the show was not that disappointing. From the trailer, one would assume that the show will put gay stereotypes and their sexuality wherevwr it could but that wasn’t really the case. The show is modiocre at best and could have been better but misses its mark. 

Q-Force is released on 2nd of September and is available to watch on Netflix.