Soundtrack #1 K-Drama (2022) Review & Summary: A Flower called Friendship Blossoms into Love

Soundtrack #1 is a fair of romance and music and how beautifully they blend in. Note it down in your watchlist and sit down for a drama snack with this one.
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Soundtrack #1 K-Drama Review & Summary - The Movie Culture

Soundtrack #1 is a music and romance K-drama. It started airing on 23rd March and ended on 13th April with 4 episodes, lasting 45 minutes each.

Soundtrack #1 K-Drama (2022) Cast

  1. Park Hyung-Sik as Han Seon-Woo
  2. Han So-Hee as Lee Eun-Su
  3. Seo In-Guk as Jay Jun
  4. Kim Jo-Hoon as Kang Ul-Il
  5. Yoon Seo-Ah as Kim Seo-Yeon

Soundtrack #1 K-Drama (2022) Plot Summary

Two best friends who’ve known each other for nearly twenty years move in together and start collaborating on making music; meanwhile, their relationship begins straddling the line between love and friendship.

Soundtrack #1 K-Drama (2022) Review

There is no complex emotion as Love. Neither there is one so simple as that. What is so contradicting about it is how we handle it. The soundtrack is the drama that teaches us that we make it so hard to love, even when it is right in front of us.

Sun-Woo and Eun-Soo have been friends for almost 20 years. Their friendship is as thick as a rope. They know when to be with each other, how to comfort one another, and what the other needs in a moment. Sun-Woo is a photographer and Eun-Soo is an artist.

Eun-Soo wants to write a song about her unrequited love for Jay Jun. She is stuck acting upon that song until she remembers she has Sun-Woo. She asks for his help, and soon they are moving in together. Their friendship makes it easy for this move but what’s tough is Sun-Woo has already been in love with her for the last 8 years. He is afraid to make a move on her fearing that it may destroy their precious friendship. They both have different outlooks on love. Eun-Soo believes love to be a straightforward one: confessing your feelings and moving right away. But Sun-Woo is all about that slow traction. That slow love, one where there are emotions in his eyes, that soft looks.

The Beautiful Chemistry Between Sun-Woo & Eun-Soo

What makes this drama interesting is the chemistry between the two leads. There is awkwardness between those eyes when they meet, Sun-Woo expresses his love from how he says Eun-Soo. There are soft glances, fingertips are touching and we can feel the heat of the moment from the screen as if it were happening to us. There is unrequited love in the air and we can feel it. We can see the looks of yearning from Sun-Woo towards Eun-Soo when he feels there are no romantic feelings from her side. Park Hyung-Sik has always been an amazing actor. From Strong Girl Do Boon Soon to Hwarang, he has expressed his role perfectly. He steals the show with his looks and his body language. Han So-Hee is an amazing actress herself. From My Name to Nevertheless, her strong persona makes you a fan of hers immediately. Both of them have played this role very well.

There is a slow burn, there is anguish. Being a book reader, these are my favorite things to see in romance-genre art. Because this drama fulfills all. Eun-Soo starts having feelings for her best friend and is conflicted to confess in hopes of ruining the friendship. She doesn’t know that Sun-Woo feels the same, meanwhile, Sun-Woo is about to leave Korea for his work. Both of them back out from confessing, and they are left with the feeling of longing for each other.

There are intricate details about the leads and we can see the other short-lived romances of them in light also. The show instead focuses on both of them and how they sort out their lives together. Living together, being attracted to each other, working together- these are the points of focus in the drama. Instead of dragging the story and being predictable, Soundtrack is neither of them. The show goes on at a relaxed pace, working towards discovering the lead’s dynamics and revolving around their lives. The show is perfect for 4 episodes because it would’ve felt dragged out if it continued for a longer number of episodes.

There is a warm palette in the cinematography across all episodes. This suits perfectly the theme of the story and highlights it even more. The difference between the timing of both of them falling in love is captured flawlessly. The soundtrack of the drama is soothing to the ears and dynamic to the storyline. It catches the expressions of the couple in the moment, giving us the tune to reminisce about it. This drama grazes on the beauty of subtlety and how much of a fraction it takes up in forming a romantic bond.

A Satisfying Watch With A Happy Ending

We see a flashback of the time when Sun-Woo was leaving for the military service and their goodbyes from then. After Sun-Woo leaves the cafe, Eun-Soo breaks down in tears. This shows us that no matter how much she hides, she does care about her best friend leaving and much it affects her to be away from him. In the present moment, when Sun-Woo is about to leave for his work abroad, we can see the same emotions scattered across her face, except with the addition of romance. The story delivers a happy ending, which one might think is an absolute but in terms of a drama that completes the storyline in 4 episodes, there was no way of saying how this story could have turned out.

The show shows us even on top of our minds, love is always the first one. For instance, even while huddling at work, Eun-Soo remembers Sun-Woo. Seeing how much he means to her, is the cherry on the cake. This drama fulfills all the criteria of a perfect romance drama for me, amongst some other great romantic dramas like Alchemy Of Souls. This one is a fair of romance and music and how beautifully they blend in. Note it down in your watchlist and sit down for a drama snack with this one.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

This drama is a soft note describing the realization of love. It teaches about missed opportunities and that there is no right time for anything. Having just 4 episodes, this drama does not miss out on bringing out the feels from us. For all the fans of the cohabitation trope, friends-to-lovers trope, or subtle-soft-one-sided love trope, this one is for you all.