The Boys Season 3 Review & Summary: A Whole Lot Of Gore, Humour & Sweet Action

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The Boys Season 3 is an eight-episode series. It follows through on the previous two seasons where the premise is Superheroes v/s Vigilantes. It is a subversion of any traditional superhero plot. The Superheroes are the villains. The Boys stretches all potential boundaries and is a graphic, violent, and extremely freaky show. The Boys season 3 will be out on June 3rd on Amazon Prime. The first three episodes will drop on the 3rd, while the rest will be released in a weekly format.

The Boys Season 3 Cast

  • Karl Urban as Billy Butcher
  • Jack Quaid as Hughie
  • Erin Moriarty as Starlight
  • Antony Starr as Homelander
  • Chace Crawford as The Deep
  • Dominique McElligott as Queen Maeve
The Boys Season 3 Review

The Boys Season 3 Plot

The Amazon adaptation revolves around the premise and source material provided by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. This season as stated by Kripke (the creator of the show), “The Boys will explore the Seven before the Seven (Entertainment Weekly).” This means we see Payback. The team that existed before the Seven. It also heavily leans into the history and creation of the culture of America. It is a satirical rewrite of the MAGA propaganda and the current political climate. As Kripke said “It was never that way. So, by exploring the history of Vought in the history of America, we get to make some of those points. There was never an America when they say ‘Make America Great Again.’ It was always a struggle. That’s the point. It’s a struggle to make things better.”

This is done through Soldier Boy, a dark take on Captain America. He’s a twisted, depraved version of Cap pushing through ideas of toxic masculinity, sexism, misogyny, and homophobia. This means we also see other members of Payback apart from Stormfront. (Also probably get some answers on what happened to Stormfront. Is she dead or not?) It will also introduce, Tek Knight, Crimson Countess, and Gunpowder. This might out also result in a conflict between Soldier Boy and Homelander. Hm, wonder what happens there… Jensen Ackles said in the Vanity Fair interview, “it’s not in the way you expect it.” Are you intrigued, I certainly am.

From the previous season, we’ll hopefully see more of Kimiko, Ryan and Butcher’s relationship, Hughie and Starlight, Stan Edgar, the empty slots in the Seven, Victoria Neuman – the head exploder, and what happens to The Boys. In the Vanity Affair interview, Alonso (Mother’s Milk) said we’d learn more about the origin of the name and Urban said we’d get a little more history on Lenny Butcher’s character, fun. Also, does Homelander finally snap, he was legit hanging by a thread? Also, is Butcher a supe now, what’s up with the glowy eyes? Okay, this has officially gotten me hyped. Are you excited, I sure am.

Sidenote: Super super hyped about the Herogasm episode. Apparently, it tormented the cast and crew and was very close to the comic version of events. I’m ready to be grossed out and get my heartbroken, as said by Kripke.

Let’s get into it. Cause it’s good to be prepared when it comes to The Boys. Expect the unexpected but don’t walk in unarmed, that’s why an episodic review of the first three episodes. So you, our dear audience know what to watch out for.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Payback

Okay, that was a wild ride. I must admit, I was kind of underprepared for this, despite waiting for the past two years. I do not know what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. The show was more like the second season and not the first. It was paced out and had a lot more tender moments. It took its time to establish the characters and the status of their social relations. Yet hit you in the face with the blood, guts, and all the glory. The episode opened with the release of the Dawn of The Seven. It dealt with the fallout of Homelander’s and Stormfront’s romance, followed by a glitzy premiere in typical Vought fashion. Homelander’s popularity is in the toilet and nobody really likes him anymore. I mean a Nazi girlfriend tends to do that. Butcher has been following Hughie’s orders and been doing as he says.

It’s kind of cute and annoying. Hughie is at the top of his game and doing better than he ever could. Blissfully unaware of Neuman’s head exploding activities, they share bagels and have a really good working relationship. It would be a shame to see it ruined LMAO. Frenchie and Kimiko are as cute as they can be. Mother’s Milk is officially on the straight and narrow, staying away from Butcher. His girlfriend is with a new guy, Todd. Well, I don’t know how else to say it, a white guy.

He’s obsessed with Homelander and seems super creepy, I’d watch out for him. Starlight is super popular now and has a 96-point rating. Stan Edgar is still trying to push compound V now in a vial form that provides 24 hours of superpowers. He calls it V24. He’s trying to sell it to the US government, with some very questionable logic. The Deep’s also gained some newfound popularity and has been dubbed as the “Thinker’s Superhero,” by Vanity Fair in the Vought universe.

First, let’s start with Hughie. This episode was a beauty in the way it crafted Hughie’s emotional journey. Hughie had taken in all the traction that comes with a high-power government job. His cushy job at the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs (FBSA) alongside Victoria Neuman gave him some newfound confidence. This episode almost seemed to mock Hughie’s delusion, even through the choice of music. It was kind of endearing. He went through the episode on a fictional plane, not covered in any guts, a reality that didn’t exist. His delusion ends with an epic reveal of Victoria’s reality.

This episode in terms of Hughie’s journey was top-notch. His interaction with Butcher, Neuman, and Starlight conveys it. It was almost unsettling how perfect his life seemed. The Boys also throw in the mundane trope of the love triangle with Hughie getting jealous of Starlight’s ex-boyfriend- drummer boy/ supersonic. He is a contestant on the reality TV show, “American Hero,” a show to find the next big superhero. This lends another layer level of normalcy to Hughie’s life.

Some super cute moments between Butcher and Ryan. Ryan is being taken care of by Mallory. Their relationship just puts a smile on your face. Hopefully, this is making Becca happy as well. It’s adorable and absolutely real. It’s nice to see another side of Butcher as well. Amidst all the misery in both their lives, this is incredibly nice to see. One of the calmer moments in this episode that makes you smile. Butcher is keeping him away from both Vought and Homelander. Homelander also shows up at Butcher’s place for an interesting conversation, as seen in the picture making the rounds.

Homelander is also very precariously balanced at the edge of his sanity. Not sure how long he’ll go before lasering the world into half. Maeve walks in on him fat-shaming A-Train. A-Train genuinely starts growing on you. He’s very high school jock douche who’s still stuck in that era even though it’s been twenty years. You hate the guy but you can’t help but pity him. Maeve goes to Billy with the knowledge of Payback and a weapon that killed Soldier Boy. She also hands him three vials of V.

The episode eases you back into the world of The Boys after two long years. Its goriness isn’t cut back even a little bit. There’s a beautiful surprise nestled in there for all the violence lovers. I won’t say anything further. But it also helps settle you back into the rhythm and establish the mind space of the characters. All in all the next to perfect opening of the season. I would’ve preferred a little more action but hey I’m not complaining.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 2 Review: The Only Man In The Sky

Episode 2 is structured very similarly to the first one. Some action-packed fast scenes, some cute moments, and the establishing of the mind space of the characters. It picks up right from where it left off. Hughie now knows Victoria Neuman’s identity or well Nadia’s. He also learns of something called Red River. Butcher tries to convince MM to join The Boys again and help with Soldier Boy.

As Maeve revealed in the previous episode soldier boy had a thing with crimson countess and Gunpowder was his sidekick for many years. Kimiko and Frenchie go to check out Crimson Countess and Butcher goes to meet Gunpowder. It’s also a very special day, Homelander’s birthday, and one of the guest stars are Riverdale. It’s not related but I found that detail hilarious,

Let’s start with Hughie who had the biggest scare of his life watching someone’s head explode because of his new friend Neuman/Nadia. He also learns of something called Red River which is related to Nadia. He finds out it’s a Vought subsidiary and is a group home where Nadia grew up. Starlight and he enter some tumultuous waters. Also, Hughie kind of loses it a little bit and gets frustrated at his stupidity. He drives off to Red River to prove himself. This episode is a major setback for Hughie but so much more authentic to his character. It’s nice seeing him back.

Next, we move on to Homelander’s birthday special that Starlight is also a part of. We see them bickering and hating on each other. Starlight can’t even answer Hughie’s calls because Homelander was being a straight-up asshole. He also royally messes up his yearly birthday save. He stops a human from committing suicide and saves their lives. He lowkey starts losing his shit and it’s incredibly disturbing to see. In an extremely violent show, you would expect, blood and guts to be the hardest things to digest. Well, when Homelander mentally traumatizes someone it is even creepier and scarier. Very on-brand for The Boys.

I want to talk about one of the cutest moments from the show though. Kimiko and Frenchie always make me smile, and them visiting Voughtland together was adorable. Kimiko dreamily staring at all the rides and smiling is genuinely one of the cutest moments in the show. All their interactions are so tender and well just fluffy in such a mean and twisted universe. Also, a shoutout to Butcher and Ryan, for being stupidly cute again. I loved those three minutes of just warmth filling inside me until they confronted Crimson Countess. Crimson Countess got spooked and was at a dead end.

But Butcher had some luck with Gunpowder. Butcher went to visit Gunpowder at a convention. It was a gun convention. Filled with gun nuts. He walked through the metal detector with a gun, and the guard just looked at it and said nice piece just really hid hard. You see Butcher staring at little children and a baby at the convention. I am sorry when a guy who regularly says c*nt around children, thinks there’s something wrong, something is wrong. *cough cough* Kripke was serious when he said they’d be looking at America and what shaped its history.

But it also results in one of the coolest ever action sequences, like, please. Them shooting at each other in a parking structure was a treat to watch. But he gets shot and comes back later with some V in his veins. And oh my gosh, I didn’t think the parking lot scene could be topped. Phew. That was some serious heat. Gunpowder reveals that they last saw Soldier Boy in Nicaragua and the CIA contact was Grace Mallory. Shit. What will Butcher do now?

Mother’s Milk is having a hard time letting go of Soldier Boy and his history with him. He tells Monique he really tried but staying away is making him worse. He lost it in front of Jeanine too, the fire alarm served a very bad fate. So this means that MM’s back with The Boys. It was a crazy episode with some cool scenes littered in there. Not the best Boys episode despite all that happened. But it was still a great one. The Boys is slightly struggling with maintaining the emotion, action, humor, and plot-based scenes. It is just not hitting the right ratio. The earlier magic seemed a little forced. But it is still The Boys and still my favourite raunchy, graphic, and disturbing show.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Barbary Coast

This episode’s review is an ode to Timothy, IYKYK (they really did him dirty)
Can I just say, The Boys are back? This episode was very reminiscent of season 1 energy just the right amount of crass coupled with violence and dark humour. It opened with Starlight’s pageant backstory. She at pageants and her mom is the terribly perfect stage mom. Young Starlight performs a Britney Spears classic which was *chef’s kiss* Billy recovering from the high of the V. Results in lots of glowy eyes, puke, and a super-cute moment between Ryan and him. The Boys reunite! Butcher was bitter that Hughie left him. The Deep and Starlight have a lot more screentime this episode. Frenchie gets his storyline as well, we learn more about his past work. American Hero is about to end and the producers along with Starlight need to choose the winner. The Boys also go to Mallory’s house to learn the details of the incident in Nicaragua.

Let’s move the centre from Hughie, Butcher, Starlight, and Homelander. This review will cover the development of the A-Train, The Deep, and Frenchie. Since they haven’t been given enough attention. This is also because I do not want to give out any spoilers and I’m terrified I will. So let’s go forth as decided.

The Deep is welcomed back into the Seven at the behest of Homelander. His rectified image has been doing him well and now he’s popular again. He even got an interview slot before Homelander. The Deep is back in all his spineless and sea-animal glory. He’s funny and pitiful as ever. The Deep’s consistent Himbo character just works really well and I’m here for it. The fake redemption arc and an attempt to become better that wins him the audience’s heart says a lot. It was the most cliche arc and performed to perfection, gets fired due to sexual assault, spirals, tries to do good, fails terribly, joins a religious cult, gets married, and finally escapes the cult. The finesse with which this is performed is beautiful. His fake character development coupled with his staggeringly consistent character is perfect.

A-Train is now on the outs with Homelander and wants to rectify his image. He is doing a terrible job, by the way. He surprise launches his new costume which is related to his African heritage. He tries to cash on his black heritage to gain more points but his brother points out how ridiculous he’s being. A-Train’s douchey behaviour is so perfect. This ties into the cultural reality of America as well. In light of the recent attention on the Black Lives Movement, the show creates that hostile environment in the show as well. Blue Hawk kills a Black Man because he suspects he might have done something. A-Train’s brother asks him to make real change. A-Train says he wants to be liked by everyone, and can’t do anything. He refuses to use his place in the Seven to do so. This was equal parts angering and a terrible reality, that makes this situation all the more painful. Kripke’s out here making real wounds.

Frenchie has a run-in with Cherie. Cherie urgently needs passports to run away from the mob boss Nina. Frenchie also previously worked for her. Frenchie gives her the passports and goes to confront Nina. Nina mentions the brutal side of Frenchie and his previous kills. That was kind of hard to hear. She also gives a little more background on him and what kind of person he is. You could agree or disagree with her analysis. Also, Butcher wants to meet her after he meets with Mallory and asks Frenchie to organize it, I wonder why.

The episode ends with the American Hero finale and it is worth watching, trust me. I don’t think I’ve ever been more attracted to starlight’s character. I think something breaks inside her as well after being forced to hang out with Homelander this much. Are you excited for next week, I sure am. The season really picked up from this episode. So much was going on and it wasn’t going right for anyone. The perfect Boys episode is filled with misery, gloom, gore, and humour. We also get to see Butcher puke on Hughie, Fun!

The Movie Culture Synopsis

This is where the review for the episodes ends. But I want to make a special mention of the music choices for the show. Absolutely incredible. They fit perfectly with the tone of the show and kept me hooked. Music is always really important for me to determine a show’s quality. Any show with a good selection in my opinion anyways bumps itself up the charts. The next to perfect action sequences, and the graphic universe of the show will always keep me hooked.

A good plot line is a sweet sweet bonus and it all being presented through humour, creates perfection on the screen. The overlay of the cultural reality and its enmeshment over the plot pushes the boundaries of perfection. The Boys strive to create greatness at a time when average works. It gives more than I bargained for and I’m pleasantly surprised each time. The Boys here raising the really low bar to a much higher level.