The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 6 Review & Analysis

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In a still from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier show revolves around Falcon and Winter Soldier teaming up to fight a new criminal organization.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 6 Plot

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier finale follows the final showdown of Sam, Bucky and John against the Flag Smashers. 

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 6 Cast

  • Sebastian Stan as James “Bucky” Barnes / Winter Soldier
  • Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson / Falcon
  • Wyatt Russell as John Walker / Captain America
  • Erin Kellyman as Karli Morgenthau
  • Daniel Brühl as Helmut Zemo

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 6 Review

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier finally aired its finale, and while the entire internet is up in arms with it, I really enjoyed the episode for most part. I acknowledged the antagonist issues this episode had, and it did get very blurry and cluttered by the end. But the tag team action and the pivotal Isaiah moment, struck a deep chord with me and I was pleasantly surprised with the episode on the whole. Lets talk specifics.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 6: The New Suit

Addressing the elephant in the room, the new suit for Falcon aka Captain America. This was the best and the most beautiful moment in the episode for me. Watching Sam swirl inside the building with his white and blue starred Vibranium suit and kicking Batroc’s ass. The fight between them felt a bit clunky but the occasional shield throws from Sam were suave as hell. Then he makes his way to rescue some hostages which are caught in a helicopter. He throws his shield outside the window and then dives into the air and catches it midway.

The blue boosters, thanks to Wakandan technology, sure looked nice on that blue and white suit of his. And what’s more is that now he is equipped with two red-wings, or should I say blue-wings. He lunges and flies towards the hijacked helicopter and in a series of dodges and defensive maneuvers, he finally punches the flag smasher, out of the plane and the hostage pilot takes over just in time. The whole scene was so well choreographed and shot that it almost made me crave 2 hours of Sam just flying in the air.

John Walker becomes a hero

I felt a bit disoriented with how they changed John’s character in an instant. The blood hungry Captain America cones into the scene in the mood of killing some more Flag Smashers, and he sure smashes them with that effective metal shield of his. But when he sees the truck full of hostages on its verge of going down, he id presented with a choice. Whether to keep playing the role of Captain America or to actually be a real hero for once, and he choses the latter.

This felt a sudden change in a character, who till now, was on the verge of mental collapse. His stability was going through a rough patch till the prior episodes, and while he did redeem himself, I would have loved to see his character become an even more menacing antagonist, especially when the series lacked one. They reduce his character arc significantly by making him turn to the good side, and Karli also doesn’t shape up to be a well organized villain till the end. Her arc also fell short of innovation and while it shaped the political atmosphere of the show, her ending felt predictable and cheesy at best.

In a still from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 6: Don’t call them Terrorists

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier always followed a political plotline, which heavily portrayed the recent issues of the world. Whether it is Racism or seeking Refuge, the show relied on being based in the reality rather than in the fantasy, which most of the Marvel has been after Civil War. So when Sam lands with Karli’s body in his arms and urges the officials to reconsider their stance on GRC, the show presented this issue without any subtlety, completely raw. The entire speech of Sam carried an important message as to how we always term the people who stand up against something as terrorists, whether that is the case with The Flag Smashers or Isaiah Bradley. What doesn’t match with our way of thinking is termed as rebellious.

The government wants to help these people yet the ones who are making the decisions are hardly aware of the plights faced by them. He demands inclusion and empathy from the government in his long speech and moves everyone in the world. He makes a point and goes away, with the entire world calling him Captain America. This truly felt iconic and righteous as we finally see Sam embracing who he is meant to be. Even Karli criticizes him when she sees his new costume, but Sam just calmly replies that he is trying something new, its time she did too.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 6: Isaiah Bradley Cries Tears of Joy

So did we as the viewers, when The Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode 6 finally delivers the respect that he deserves. Sam goes up to Bradley’s home and this time Isaiah is much more welcoming to him than he has ever been. While he wouldn’t have done it himself, he is proud that Sam took the mantle. “You are special” he says to Sam and frankly, that is all the motivation and validation Sam ever needed. He takes Isaiah to the museum, where all this began in the first place. And there we finally see the statue of Isaiah who stands with his head high, in his prime. He can’t help but completely break down into tears, along with all of us who were watching. It packs such a great significance and impact in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on a whole and at the core, it was just a really wholesome moment.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ends on a high note. It wasn’t the best episode of the entire season, yet it ended things at a place which felt stable and left room for growth. Captain America and The Winter Soldier is the title we see as the end credits roll and it really says a lot about how far the characters have come during this season.