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Robert Lorenz

The Movie Culture is back with another Interview which happened with Robert Lorenz in regards to his upcoming directorial venture Marksman which stars Liam Neeson. Robert Lorenz is an Oscar Nominated Producer and has enjoyed a long career with major partnership with Clint Eastwood.

With Trouble with the Curve and now Marksman, Lorenz doubles down on Directing rather well. Lorenz was humble enough to let us have some major insight to Marksman.

Greetings, we at The Movie Culture are thankful to you for doing this interview. It’s great to talk to you regarding Marksman. So that’s great. How are you doing?

Robert Lorenz: I’m doing well.

Q. So first things, first. Marksman looks like a great Western revenge for them. How did you come to directing this movie?

Robert Lorenz: Well, my agent sent me a script written by Chris and Danny Kravitz. It was a slightly different version, but essentially the same concept. And it was a Western. I saw it as a Western and a thriller and had a lot of appealing characteristics to it. I mean, making road movies and thrillers is a lot of fun for a filmmaker. You don’t get to go on this journey that you can chart geographically at the same time as these characters are going on a journey emotionally. So it’s kind of a great place for storytelling. So and it appealed to me in the Western sense that it yeah. This was a guy out there protecting his property, his ranch, and the villain comes to town and they have a showdown. But in this case, it’s the bank that’s trying to take this ranch and it’s cartel assassins are the villains. So sort of a modern take on the whole concept, which I liked.

Q. Liam Neeson is the star of this movie, and we all know he’s a great dramatic actor apart from being just an action star. How was it like directing him? You know, what was the experience like? Any fun stories behind the scenes?

Robert Lorenz: Well, Liam, he is fantastic. I was so thrilled to get him for the part because I do think he’s such a fantastic, dramatic actor and I saw this as much more of a character study than, you know an action film, although it certainly had those elements. Yeah, I don’t know. Funny stories, I guess the only one that comes to mind is just it was kind of humorous that all of us know him so well from having done so many films. The young boy that was in the movie, Jacob, had no clue who he was. And I witnessed one day when they were chatting as we were setting up a shot and Liam was ticking off all the movies that he’d been in and saying no (the kid), never saw it and never saw them. Finally, he mentioned the Star Wars movie and the kid just maybe just lit up. And that was the one thing you knew.

Q. You have been producer for a long time of your career. So can you please solve this question? What’s up with casting Liam Neeson in action movies?

Robert Lorenz: Well, you know, he’s one of the few movie stars that’s really left that can open a movie theatrically. You know, I love all the stuff that’s going on TV streaming and drawing in such great talent and have been for a while, but Liam, this is sort of maintain this status, this is really a feature film movie star, and there is great value in that. And so I think that, you know, financiers are really drawn to that when they’re looking to cast the movie. I was thrilled to get them because I think it’s just a great actor and it turns out to be a really terrific human being. I really enjoyed working with.

Q. Marksman obviously has great Western elements because it’s obviously shot in that setting and you have worked with Clint Eastwood a lot in your career. So, you know, while directing, does that guy has any impact on you? Subconsciously be it?

Robert Lorenz: Well, I don’t know. I mean, Clint and I, you know, we worked together for almost 20 years. And I think that relationship was so successful because we share a sensibility about movies and about movie heroes and so forth, so I don’t know if I necessarily took that from that, but I already had a sense and I just kind of appreciated that kind of. Here, heroism that the strong, silent type hero and Liam I think fit into this role perfectly. I was really pleased to have met.

Q. Again, speaking of your producing career and now a directing career, you are listed as a producer on this film as well. So the question is, how do you manage your task as a producer and then how do you manage your task as a director?

Robert Lorenz: Well, there’s so much overlap between what a director does and a producer does. And it’s almost hard to separate them and especially when they work well together. So from my experience with Clint, I had a lot to do on the directing side of it even though I was producing. And he had a lot to do on the producing side, even though he was the one directing. So I kind of came from that background standing to be conscious. Of course, it only benefits you if you know how to allocate your resources so that you’re getting the most out of everything. It just it just benefits you to be conscious of where the money is being spent while you’re because then you know what? You know, if it’s being spent on the wrong things because you have in your mind a vision for what the movie is going to be. So, you know, I guess it’s just good to know as much as you can about the process.

Q. Quick Question which is more fun, Directing or Producing?

Robert Lorenz: By far directing. And it’s sort of an unwritten rule of directors. You’re not supposed to talk about how much fun it is because you don’t want to attract other people to the profession. But directing is much more fun.

Q. The Movie Culture is based in India. And since we have a great Bollywood industry over here and you being a major part of Hollywood, would you ever consider directing or producing Bollywood feature?

Robert Lorenz: Sure, it hadn’t really occurred to me, I mean, the few I’ve seen, I’ve loved, so I don’t know why not. Yeah, I’m in the movie business is it’s got it seems to me that the movie business idea has a lot more reverence than it does here in the United States. I mean, it’s so popular there, which is very appealing. So by all means, I think I would I would consider it.

Q. You’ve been Oscar nominated as well. Can you tell us about that experience?

Robert Lorenz: Yeah, that’s it’s a pretty thrilling experience. I don’t know the first time it happened with Mystic River. It’s the first movie I’d ever produced. So I don’t know that I appreciated it as much as I should have at the time. I mean, I was very pleased, but. It’s an interesting experience, it’s a lot of fun to be a part of all that glitz and so forth, but it’s just such a small part of why it’s really no part of why I got into the business. For me, the idea of spending a career making movies just seemed like great fun and had a chance to sort of live in a different world and experience different stories in different parts of the world and different people’s human experience. So that’s really what drew me to it wasn’t any of the worst stuff, but it’s certainly a fun perk.

Q. So any future projects which you would like to share with us, a little nugget of information?

Robert Lorenz: You know, got a handful of that are in various stages of development and they’re like your children, you love them all equally. So I don’t know which one will we’ll have the next time. I’m working on a one about a true story about Vietnam and another one about horse trainer in Ireland. So kind of a broad mixes of stuff and a couple others, too.

Q. Well are you planning to direct those movies or will just produce?

Robert Lorenz: I really am focused on directing as long as people will have me.

Q. To wrap up this interview, what kind of advice would you give to young aspiring Talents?

Robert Lorenz: I would say in retrospect, I started out trying to balance the writing and experience in production and ended up focusing primarily on production because that’s just the part that I ended up on. But I think that sticking with writing is really important for directors, to be able to hone that craft and create stories that you want to tell and be in control of that. I would encourage anybody who wants to direct it to really focus on understanding story, narrative and focus on that.

Q. To end this interview, would you like to tell us when and where we can find Marksman?

Robert Lorenz: Well, if theatres are open in your area. It will probably be there because it’s one of the few movies that are opening this weekend. January 15th this Friday.

Thank you so much. Well, it’s great to see you. It’s great to have a chat with you and Thank you for making this interview possible

Robert Lorenz: Thank you very much. Good bye.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

After having this chat with Lorenz one can be completely stoked to see the Marksman. It’s definitely visible how nuanced Robert Lorenz’s knowledge is when it comes to Cinema. He started out in producing but wanted to start with writing from the very beginning.

Now he gets to expand what he had in mind, with Marksman early reviews it seems it’s all fine. His producing knowledge was quick to say Yes for producing a Bollywood feature and his artistic nature advised the aspiring talent to focus more on Writing and not just directing.

As for Marksman, the film will be out on Jan 15th be sure to check it out.