The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window Ending Explained: The Final Twist and Season 2 Setup

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Kristen Bell IN The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

Anna is a lonely woman who spends the majority of her time staring out of her window. When a new neighbour moves in, her interest piques. A newfound interest and a shocking murder, The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window is about Anna’s quest to solve the mystery she sees in the house across the street from her window.

An important part of a mystery is the surprise ending. The shock of discovering the one string that ties the entire story is always entertaining, even if it is gruesome and absurd. Sometimes this ending is more confusing than satisfying. This is the case with The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. For this reason, we have decided to explain the rather shocking ending of the series right here.

Kristen Bell and Confusing Endings

Kristen Bell has experience in giving the most confusing of endings. Let’s take her highly popular series, The Good Place. The entire series is a unique thought with the most shocking ending. On a similar note, the first season of The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window ended with a shocking twist of tale. Before we head onto the ending, let’s clarify some basic things. 

The show is intended to be a parody of every thriller series. Many serious thrillers have similar plots and settings. Anna is a woman who is forgetful and has a fear for rain, ombrophobia. She paints pictures that we would find basic but the characters in the show find beautiful. When she sees the death of the woman who is dating the hot guy she is crushing on, no one believes her because she also has a drinking problem. On the same note, even the viewers don’t completely trust her. We know she is an unreliable narrator, a fact that is reminded throughout using hilarious tactics.

Everyone is a Suspect

Witnessing a murder means finding out he killed the murder, even if the police is not interested. Anna made everyone a suspect and started investigating. This included the hot father, Neil, her handyman, Buell, and Lisa’s suspicious ally, Res also known as Sexy Rexy. Even though throughout the series one was questioning a lot of people, many also weren’t entirely sure if there was even a murder. Anna and Rex were arrested, Buell was suspected and Neil was stalked, every person in the story was investigated. In addition, we also know that Anna loves reading mystery novels as she has been seen reading a book titled “The Girl in the Lake.”

So when the last episode of the series revealed that Neil’s daughter, Emma was the killer, we were definitely shocked. The killer was revealed when Anna followed Buell thinking he is the killer. Buell was heading towards Neil’s house with a hammer in his hand and seeing this Anna hurried over to the house, only to find Buell laying on the ground with a slit in his throat.

On the couch was Neil with a slit across his throat and standing near the bloodied area was Emma. The young girl explained why she was on the murderous spree and then said that she was also going to kill Anna. Kristen Bell then used this opportunity to have the most entertaining of fights with a small girl. 

Explaining the Murders in The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

Explaining the Murders in The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

The reasons for all the murders were peculiar. Emma’s mother was killed by Emma because she was pregnant and Emma didn’t want to have a sibling. Lisa was killed because she refused to buy chocolate boxes from Emma. Emma didn’t like her father’s ventriloquist act, didn’t like when her teacher called her crazy and didn’t like the fact that Buell knew the truth, so she killed them all. Anna was also going to die but her ex-husband, Douglas who was also her secret therapist, came and saved her.

The most bewildering part of the murder ending was how Emma was smart enough to pull out Lisa’s murder. Emma is shown planting evidence against Anna and giving an explanation for the killing but small elements like how did she message her father and Sexy Rexy through Lisa? Emma did not even know about Lisa’s plan with Rex so why did she message him. Also, Emma is a child, how was she able to dispose of the body? These questions could also be a part of the parody in a way that many thrillers overlook the small elements but it isn’t clear enough that, that was the intention.

The reason behind Anna’s Ombrophobia aka Fear of Rain

All this chaos led to Anna getting over the fear of rain and finding out that her ex-husband was secretly her therapist. Nothing gets more twisted than this parody. We know that Anna’s daughter had died. Even though the headstone on the grave of the daughter changed every time Anna visited it, the fact that the daughter was dead didn’t change.

Remember how this is a comedy thriller, well, her daughter’s death was due to being left alone with a serial cannibal when her father, a forensic psychiatrist, accidentally forgot that he had taken his daughter to his work and locked the door from outside. She died because of an unchained cannibal.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

The Setup to The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window Season 2

After Anna uncovers the murderer she is able to move on from this gruesome death, her fear of rain and reunite with her husband. There is a time jump and Anna is seen to be in the airport visiting her best friend in New York. She has also married Douglas and has had a second child. She boards the plane and we see her take out a book titled “The Girl On The Cruise.” This is where things get interesting. Glenn Close has a cameo of a woman who sits beside Anna on the flight. When she visits the washroom but doesn’t come back for a long time, Anna goes to check what happened.

In the lavatory, she finds Glenn’s dead body and when she drags a steward to the lavatory, the body is missing. The man says that there was no one in the seat beside Anna. Thinking that she drank a lot again, she goes back but then finds a hand mirror that Glenn was using before. This is where the series ends and it is simply a tool to set the second season. That was the ending of the series but some questions for the show still remains. Why is Anna so forgetful?