Tom and Jerry THE MOVIE Review & Film Summary(2021)

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Who doesn’t know Tom and Jerry? The iconic frenemies duo returns to the big screen but this time with a twist as the director and producers try to take advantage of new technology in the cinematic world and combine real humans with animated animals to make a movie that makes people laugh and feel nostalgic. This movie has extensive inspiration from the Tom and Jerry old series for the animations and is Directed by Tim Story.

Tom and Jerry THE MOVIE CAST

  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Kayla
  • Michael peña as Terrance
  • Ken Jeong as chef Jackie
  • Rob Delaney as DuBros
  • Pallavi Sharda as preeta
  • Colin Jost as Ben
  • Patsy Ferran as Joy the bell girl

Tom and Jerry THE MOVIE Plot

Moving into a new city can be tough and tougher when you see the person you have been running away from. This is exactly what happens with Tom when he moves to NewYork and sees Jerry again and the slapstick comedy begins. They both make it to the big and lavish Royal Gate Hotel and meet Kayla, a young woman struggling to find a job.

Kayla uses her cunningness to get hired at the royal gate hotel. Kayla teams up with Tom to get rid of Jerry from the hotel so they can save the big fat Indian wedding happening at the hotel that everyone has their eyes on.

The main plot for the movie would be to create a problem that was never there and you solve it and get praised for it.

Tom and Jerry THE MOVIE Review

If you have seen the original Tom and Jerry series you can be a bit disappointed after watching this movie. It’s 50% Tom and Jerry and 50% humans, Tom and Jerry do their part of fighting and making you laugh without even uttering a word but the humans in the movie don’t feel connected with the script and it feels like forced comedy.

When you take a close look at the performances you can feel the actors being a bit disoriented as we all know that Tom and Jerry don’t exist in real life so they had to use puppets and cardboard cutouts to fill in for them while shooting. The work by the VFX brings the animated characters to life and they blend in properly with the live action.

There are a few things to watch out for in this movie like Tom and Jerry skateboarding in the New York City traffic, Tom’s piano playing skills and Patsy Ferran’s performance as Joy the bell girl and also Kayla, Tom and Jerry playing dumb charades.

Although  you might feel that it’s a  boring movie after reading the above paragraphs. it’s not boring, it’s something simple, neither thought provoking nor giving out any message.  Tom and Jerry the movie was made to keep you busy on a lazy Sunday afternoon with your family. The 1 hour and 40 minutes don’t feel that long because of the fast pace and animated action scenes that keep you entertained.

This movie will serve as an introduction of Tom and Jerry to the younger audience as the makers of the film have maintained the originality of Tom and Jerry and bring other characters like Butch the alley cat and his clan, Spike the bull dog, Goldie the fish, but there are a few missing.

In a still from Tom and Jerry THE MOVIE

Tom and Jerry THE MOVIE Critical Reception

This is going to be hard for Warner Bros to hear because the TomatoMeter is at 25% even though the audience score has a very opposite score of 84%.

The critic consensus writes”It isn’t the worst of the long-squabbling duo’s feature-length adventures, but Tom & Jerry is disappointingly short on the anarchic spirit of their classic shorts.”

IMDB has given  Tom and Jerry The Movie a rating of 5.3/10 and metascore of 33.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Tom and Jerry could have done really great if there was a better story and writing. It does bring back Tom and Jerry and hopefully the producers have a plan to bring back the lost legacy of Tom and Jerry.

This movie is sure to bring smiles on the faces of kids but has nothing to cater to the older audience other than the nostalgia of their childhood entertainers Tom and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry The movie is screening in theatres as well as steaming on HBO Max.