Top 5 Bad Trip Movie Pranks

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Bad Trip was a whole freaking ride. It was so fun and well acted that it was actually becoming difficult to separate the fiction from the real. Eric Andre absolutely crushes whatever he sets out to do and Bad Trip feels like an entire summary of Andre and his on screen persona. His outrageously wild pranks knew no limit yet felt constrained in a way which brought out a semblance of humanity in the world. From a simple bathtub prank to an absolutely disgusting Zoo incident, here are our favorite pranks from the movie Bad Trip on Netflix. 

5. The naked vacuum prank

In a still from the film Bad Trip

This prank began the film and right off the bat, we are introduced to a butt-naked Eric Andre, shocking a certain customer with his insane gimmicks. He is working and talking with this friendly customer when his childhood crush comes right in front of him. Andre is taken aback in shock and awe of her beauty and all her can think of is to impress her. He tells the customer about it, and hurriedly tries to finish the cleaning job when his entire outfit is sucked out by the Vacuum and he is left in the middle of the shop, nude and bewildered. He tells the customer to ask for her number but she obviously rejects the proposal, and this is where Eric gets the first motivation to pursue something in life.

4. The Shopping mall jig

In a still from the film Bad Trip

This was one of the first prank we saw with a whole lot of people reacting. Eric, who is taken aback by the beauty and the charm of his crush, discovers his drive and sets out to pursue her and go to her show in New York. He celebrates this in the most Musical-esque way possible and goes to mall singing and dancing and throwing stuff off the customer’s table. Just when I thought this cannot get any weirder, an entire group of dancers come into the frame and Eric climbs the statue of the bride and the groom, trips the groom down first and then the bride. A grand way to begin the journey indeed.

3. The Bar Prank

In a still from the film Bad Trip

My god, this prank caused me rolling, literally rolling on my bed. Eric gets piss drunk and becomes even more unstable (like that was even possible) during this. Howery is trying to keep Eric in control but Eric Andre is clearly losing it. He drinks from all the glasses and the bottles and then some from the table drainage too. Then he goes around with his willy out of his pants and urinates over everyone. And to top this, he climbs on the roof, jumps and crashes into a pile of wood and Vomits insanity on everyone. I feel like I am describing a wild dream I had, but this is what Bad Trip does to you.

2. The Wholesome Bus Prank

In a still from the film Bad Trip

I was so caught off guard when I first saw this. Each moment I was expecting something completely insane to happen and blow everyone’s brains, but it was just a sweet conversation between two best friends who have had a falling out. The speech by Eric Andre played like a classic buddy movie, yet the prank never over did the speech or try to one up it with some crazy stuff. The reactions of all the other people in the bus were filled with glee and awe, and, so was I. This is what brought out the humanity in Bad Trip and that’s why I have gotten so fond of it.

1. The Zoo Disaster

In a still from the film Bad Trip

I don’t know man, this was one of the most peculiar experiences I have had in my life, so I can’t even imagine what must have gone through the heads of the people who were watching this monstrosity take place in front of their eye sockets. Even describing this prank would take from the “Immersion” of it. A sweet moment of selfie and photos goes wild as the gorilla inside the Cage has some pretty fishy intentions.

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That’s it, that’s all the explanation I should give, and if you are really curious about what happens next (like you haven’t already figured it out), watch Bad Trip on Netflix.