Top 5 Godzilla vs. Kong Movie Moments

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Godzilla vs. Kong is the latest offering in the MonsterVerse saga and it is nothing short of breathtaking. It gives what fans demanded for so long and amazes even the non-fans with its spectacular beauty and visual effects. There’s a lot to talk about in this movie, especially the battle sequences and the new home for Kong. So, let’s dive right into it. 

*Spoilers Ahead

5. Kong and his ability to communicate

In a still from Godzilla vs. Kong movie

In the previous MonsterVerse movies, Kong was mostly limited to expressions and roared, and they did serve their purpose. The character animation and vfx brought out such humane expressions out of Kong in the previous films. Yet this time, he can communicate and express himself with the help of signs. Jia, is an orphan girl who has lost everyone, so Kong, who sees a bit of himself in her, talks and expresses himself through sign language. A breakthrough for all the people involved in the movie and a massive character development for Kong himself.

4. The glorious sea battle of Godzilla vs. Kong

In a still from Godzilla vs. Kong movie

Godzilla ambushes Kong and the army on their way to Antarctica and this is the first time we see the two titans go head-to-head. The most satisfying aspect of this scene was the sheer difference in the fighting styles of both these Monsters. While Godzilla can energy beam anyone that comes in its way, Kong can climb upon his head and open his mouths wide open so that it loses entire control of his head. This fight sequence explores the advantage Godzilla has over Kong while fighting in the seas. From underwater brawls to over the ship punches, this scene looked spectacular on the big screen. 

3. The Neon filled Battle of Hong Kong

Godzilla and Kong's fight

This battle makes buildings look like miniatures and humans feel like they are non-existent. Godzilla vs. Kong takes its final form in Hong Kong where they both meet for the second and the final time. This time, Kong is equipped with a weapon of his own and the entire Hong Kong is their playground. They fall over the buildings and the buildings fall over them. The blue fire of Godzilla in this neon filled setting really brought out some of the best visuals of the entire movie.

2. The Mechagodzilla

In a still from Godzilla vs. Kong movie

Mechagodzilla is one character which fans were dying to witness on the big screen and Godzilla Vs. Kong does justice to the source. It’s as menacing if not more and its distinct from Godzilla by a polar opposite red beam of fire which lights up the entire city like a Christmas tree. Its power is beyond compare and it roars over everything and everyone for it has become sentient. The fight scene against Mechagodzilla and the final twist in the Godzilla vs. Kong saga was exhilarating. 

1. The Hollow Earth

Kong images from the latest MosnterVerse Universe film

The entire journey of finding the hollow earth and discovering a home for Kong was the most well-conceived sequence in the entire movie. I would even go as far as saying that I enjoyed it more than any of the other battles between Godzilla vs. Kong. The gravitational science of the place and the creatures are shadowed by this beautifully eerie soundtrack which gave me massive Blade Runner vibes. Watching Kong discover gravity and levitating was mystical yet so engrossing and absorbing.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Godzilla vs. Kong releases worldwide on 31st March on HBO Max and it’s amazing how aptly it delivers all of the Fan expectations. It is a visual treat which needs to be witnessed on the biggest screen possible. Don’t forget to check our review on Godzilla Vs. Kong.