Top 5 Stunning Scenes from Raya and the Last Dragon Movie

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Raya and the Last Dragon was a beautifully conceived movie. Its animation was rich and felt very expansive, thanks to the breathtaking setting of the movie. Each land presented new lighting and new elements into the atmosphere that left me in awe, trying to absorb the sheer scale and beauty of it all. With Raya and the Last Dragon, I couldn’t stop myself from trying to capture each and every frame to put as my wallpaper. So here are some of the scenes that I thought looked absolutely gorgeous on my little computer screen. 

5. Noi, the scene stealer in Raya and the Last Dragon

In a still from Raya and the Last Dragon Disney film

This is just an appreciation post for the con baby. The first thing which will come to my mind when I think about Raya and the Last Dragon from now on, will be this cute little gem snatcher, who gave Raya a run for her money. Those three adorable little white monkeys are just an added bonus at this point and the chase sequence between Raya and Noi was easily the most fun sequences of the entire movie for me. 

4. The final confrontation and the battle of trust in Raya and The Last Dragon

In a still from Raya and the Last Dragon film

Sisu and her personality is so much purer and filled with hope as compared to that of humans. Her ideology of blindly trusting people to build harmony can be witnessed in this scene. Namaari and her beliefs have hit a wall and she is starting to crumble in front of Raya. One misstep and Namaari is bound to take the wrong action. Her hands aren’t in control and her cautiousness is brought to ease by Sisu, who emanates a sense of trustworthiness. This exchange between the entire squad and Namaari also tests Raya’s patience and disbelief towards Sisu’s ideologies.

3. The test of Raya’s skills in Raya and the Last Dragon

In a still from the Disney Film Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and the Last Dragons begins with Raya trying to infiltrate Heart and gather the gem. As she enters the tomb, a mysterious, masked enemy stands in her way. They duel, with blue hue of the gem surfacing all over their faces and blades reflecting the gem’s shine. We later discover that the mysterious enemy was none other than her father, Chief Benja. Raya loses the fight but gets her feet across the border, so that’s a win nonetheless.

2. The face-off between Raya and Namaari in Raya and the Last Dragon

In a still from Disney's latest film

Shadowed in the mist and fog, the two arch enemies approach each other to settle it out. One a hearty warrior filled with sorrow and another a stubborn and ruthless fang. This was the land of Spine, where people had been turned to dust long ago. All but one remained. The rest of the scene was filled with white snow and grey ashes of the dust. Raya, underestimates Namaari in this scene who has become stronger since their last face off at Heart. This time Raya’s intention was to create a distraction than to defeat enemy. It is during this moment when she falls and Sisu saves her life.

1. The sheer scale of the land of heart in Raya and The Last Dragon

In a still from Raya and the Last Dragon

The Heart is the landmass which is shown in the above still. It is a sunny, vibrant landmass which carries the heart of its leader, Chief Benja. Like the leader, the land is filled with goodness and a gem in its heart. We see a grown-up Raya in this still, scanning the horizons beyond the rock of the heart. There’s uncertainty at this point, whether she will finally be able to see her father or not. Unsure and tired after a long battle, she makes her way to her father and sees him alive after 6 long years. Without the dust and without the Druun. 

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Raya and The Last Dragon is a spectacular piece of animation which has so many more scenes just like these and writing an article on each one of them will take a heck of a lot of time. Its Cliché and classic Disney, but if you are one of those who live for that Disney formula and animation then Raya and the Last Dragon, streaming on Disney+, will take your breath away.