Top 5 Underrated Moments of ‘Friends’ Series

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Friends is an Iconic American television sitcom about a group of friends who lives in New York city, Manhattan. It was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. It was produced by Bright, Kauffman and Crane Productions along with Warner Bros television also as a Distributor. It was Aired on NBC from September 22 1994 to May 6 2004.

This list tries to compile some of the best scenes of the series which are a combination of weird and hilarious incidents coming together, and at times they also get very emotional.

5. This is Men

Ross and Rachel in a still from Friends Series

“The One Where Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister” S03 E11


In this phenomenon, there were many funny and weird moments throughout the scene. Starting with, Ross being angry at Rachel for accepting the favour of Mark to work at Bloomingdale’s. Then, Chandler getting too drunk at the party and ending up in the storage room.

(The Scene)

The following day after the party, when ross was trying to enlighten Rachel about his friend Mark and his urge for sex in favour of the job. That’s when Chandler enters and tells everyone about his last night, how he was too drunk and ended up in the storage room that too not alone but with one of Joey’s sister. Everyone starts *hoo hooing* and he reveals that’s not the worst thing, the worst thing is he doesn’t know who was the sister with her in the room because everyone looks the same. That’s when Ross says, don’t tell me men are nice “This is Men”. The Connection between the two different situations colliding made this funny.
You should always go for the worst case possible for Chandler as he is hopeless, awkward and desperate for love.

4. That’s A Lot Of Information To Get In 30 Seconds

In a still from Friends Series

The One Where Ross Got High S06 E09


Monica hosts the Thanksgiving and invites their family over her place. Mondler were recently moved in together but Monica’s parents don’t know about this relationship. Chandler makes use of this condition and tries to make her parents like him. On the other hand, Rachel gets to make the dessert for the evening and Joey wants to finish the Thanksgiving with his friends as soon as possible so that he can celebrate Thanksgiving with Janine, his hot friend and roommate.


Monica being busy with many things, allows Rachel to make the dessert for Thanksgiving which turns out to be disgusting as she combines the two recipes and makes it one (Half trifle and half shepherd pie). Chandler tries to crack some jokes which make Jack and Judy feel like “is he stoned again” which makes Monica and Ross think, why would they think so? Ross confesses that he was the one who was high but blamed chandler for the smell of pot, back in college days. This makes Mondler very mad and they want Ross to admit guilt in front of his parents which he was very afraid to do so. That is when Monica gets all red with anger and rushes, to tell the truth.
This makes a very humorous situation where it burst with Monica and Ross blaming each other with their past mistakes and ending with Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe’s confessions.

I can see the drama that carried to make it happen. It was one of the funniest situations where everyone played an essential part. It is an amalgamation of various actions and reactions.

3. Do They Know That We Know

Chandler and Monica from Friends Series

The One Where Everybody Finds Out (S05 E14)


This is a scene in which ross strives to buy the apartment of an Ugly naked guy whose building is Infront of Monica’s building. Chandler and Monica trying to hide their relationship from their friends which leads them to do many strange things to keep it a secret. Joey being the first person to know about their relationship tries to protect it from others as Mondler had made him to do so. Phoebe and Rachel get involved in this situation in the end.


Ross intends to buy the house for which he uses various strategies like bribing and friendly talk with the landlord. Chandler and Monica try to keep their love confidential but Joey finds out and he gets frustrated due to fabricating lies to maintain its confidentiality. Joey becomes the first person to find out and Rachel became the second person but Mondler don’t know about her. Other than Monica’s brother Ross, Phoebe was the only person who wasn’t noticing their relationship until she gave a visit to the apartment of an ugly naked guy with Ross. Ross doing some stuff at the other side, Phoebe roaming and observing the interior, enters the balcony where she sees them having sex in their apartment.

This is when Phoebe also finds out about the affair of Mondler and shouts *Chandler Monica Chandler Monica* madly but Rachel reaches from the behind and shuts the mouth of Phoebe so that Ross doesn’t know about this as he will get absolutely insane. Phoebe being Phoebe plans to mess with Chandler and Monica by sexually seducing chandler. Phoebe tempts Chandler with her seductive tone and behaviour. When Monica finds out about this, she gets puzzled by Phoebe’s behavior and asks Joey if they know about them. This is when the game of “do they know that we know” starts and ends up with Phoebe awkwardly trying to kiss Chandler but he pushes her back and confess about him loving no other women than Monica. This scene is not just funny but romantic as this is the first time, he confessed his love for Monica.

2. The Games That We Can’t Forget


Joey from Friends Series

The One Where Stripper Cries (S10 E11)


Rachel and Monica had planned a bachelorette party for Phoebe. Chandler and Ross were off to their college reunion where they recollected their college memories with some weird incidents. Joey being invited at a game show “Pyramid” as a guest participant.


A Gameshow “Pyramid” had invited our Star Joey Tribbiani as a Guest Participant. The game is all about guessing the word or phrase that your partner hints you about. At the beginning of the game, Joey shows confidence to his partner about his intelligence and that he will assist him to get through the final.
The way Joey guesses all the clues given by his partner is just amusing and also the way he hints the answer to his partner is way too stunning. This scene is very underrated and the funniest of all.


Chandler, Joey and Ross from Friends Series

The One With The Baby Shower (S8 E20)


Monica and Rachel are preparing for Rachel’s Baby shower. Ross and Chandler help Joey for his audition as a host for a Gameshow “Bamboozled” by faking as contestants.


Joey struggling with the script for his audition which is in few hours. Ross and Chandler were departing to play basketball but they decline their plan and ask Joey if they could help him for his rehearsal. Joey agreed and said ‘you can become the contestants’ That’s when all the fun started, Game is lame but Ross took it seriously and Chandler on the other sides was very frustrated and trolling it all round. The way Joey pretends to be a host is just thrilling, a host with a heavy tone and doesn’t know much about his own game his nutty. This phenomenon is a great piece of work by them with a little childish behaviour by Ross and Chandler as a contestant. Just as I said before, this game is lame and couldn’t make its way to production. Joey became sad as he couldn’t audition for this.

1. Chandler Convincing the Birth Mother

In a still from Friends Series

The One With The Birth Mother (S10 E09)


Mondler leaves to Cincinnati, Ohio to meet the birth mother for adoption. Joey attempts to convince Phoebe to form a date with her friend Sarah. Ross having not much of an understanding in fashion wants some fashion advice for his date from our fashionable Rachel Greene.


In this episode, we get introduced to the part where “Joey doesn’t share food” and Ross believing too much in Rachel’s choice.

The main part was the adoption, Chandler and Monica reached to Ohio to meet the birth mother (Erica) who is ready to give her child for adoption. Erica had chosen the adoption parent application of a Reverend and a Doctor. But due to some system glitch, the application of Chandler and Monica got chosen and they kept on faking their identities. Chandler being honest with his feeling not wanted to hurt the mother of the child who he is going to adopt and raise for his entire life. He then explained this to Monica who was very upset to hear this and afraid if Erica rejects them. Monica wanted a baby at any cost. This led to the confession time of Mondler to Erica, who did the equivalent of what any parent would do, she rejected them and left. Monica started crying and felt very dispirited.

Chandler trying to persuade Erica, chased after her and stopped her. In private he confessed to Erica that; he feels very nefarious for not being able to give a kid to Monica who dreamed a baby since childhood. She is already a mother. Monica is caring, loving and wonderful women who will take care of your baby better than anyone else in this world chandler said. Chandler convinces Erica and gives this good news to Monica and they start jigging.
No one would have imagined Chandler saying such beautiful words for his love and how he is ashamed for not being able to give a baby to his wife.

Even in such a crisis, they made it feel sad but funny at the same moment. It is one of the most underrated scenes. This is the most stunning moment and has given goosebumps with its perfect blend of sorrow, humour, romance, happiness, concept and beautiful acting.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Friends is easily one of the most popular sitcoms in the history of television. It is an easy-going comfort show with a lot of fun sequences. After so many years, it is still evergreen with its charm and its characters.

Friends has garnered its core audience and almost everyone looking to get into American Sitcoms is bound to watch Friends at some point in their lives. After writing this article I am very excited to watch the friends reunion as it’s been disclosed by our favorite David Schwimmer aka Ross Geller. Till then stay tuned !