What to Expect from Andy Muschietti’s The Flash (2022) Movie?

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What to Expect from Andy Muschietti’s The Flash (2022)

A little is shown and a little is known about The Flash Movie of 2022. Fans are only shown a few scenes and images. But, this movie is actually adapted from the Flashpoint DC comics. There is also an excellent animated film of Flashpoint in existence.

Thanks to DC FanDome and Super Bowl 2022, we now have a slightly better idea of what to expect from 2022’s The Flash. This long-awaited superhero movie includes not only two different versions of the Caped Crusader but also a Supergirl.

The Flash movie will release on 4th November. So there is some time to release the full trailer. still have some time. Here will be discussed all details which are available about Andy Muschietti’s The Flash of DC Extended Universe.

What Is Flashpoint?

The Flash’s speed has different abilities with outrunning the supervillains. He has the ability to travel back time and is also capable to change the future consequences. That is how he creates an alternate timeline which is also known as Flashpoint in the comics. The new Super Bowl 2022 trailer has also confirmed the theory of Flash’s wrongdoings to save his mother.

Flashpoint comic book’s world is an alternate reality that is darker than the traditional DC Universe. He tries to change his past to save his mother. In this world, Bruce’s father Thomas Wayne has become Batman. He is a hero but the death of Bruce Wayne has turned him into a brutal killer. Bruce’s mother Martha has become Joker of Gotham. Superman has turned into a government test subject since his space pod first crashed on Earth. Aquaman and Wonder Woman have engaged in an apocalyptic war. It creates chaos with the earth facing its extinction. The only hero in the Flashpoint timeline is Cyborg. Most of Western Europe has gone underwater. Reverse Flash is shown as the main antagonist of this story.   

The DCEU Multiverse & The Flashpoint

The DCEU Multiverse & The Flashpoint

The Hollywood Reporter suggested that Keaton would show up in several DC superhero movies. He might play the role of a mentor to young Flash. The Flash movie is also the perfect opportunity to bring the concept of Batmen from different universes. Ezra Miller’s cinematic Flash will introduce different Flashes in one universe. Andrés Muschietti’s The Flash is the adaption of the 2011 comic book story Flashpoint. Keaton will possibly replace the role of Thomas Wayne in the movie. There is no confirmation of how similar his attitude towards violence will be now in The Flash film. Fans’ reaction towards Keaton’s return is very positive. The film may follow Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen as he travels back in time to save his mother from being killed when he was younger. In doing so, he inadvertently creates an alternate universe where Gotham City is now protected – or was protected – by Keaton’s Batman. In this way, they can introduce Keaton inside DCEU.

The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event was a central component of this movie. That TV show finished with a scene of Ezra Miller’s Flash coming face-to-face with Grant Gustin’s. Miller had previously described The Flash as acting as the doorway to the “speedster multiverse“.

The Flash will be its own version of Flashpoint without being a straight-up page-to-screen adaptation. But, elements of time travel and the Speed Force are sure to be primary aspects of the movie. The Flash will surely introduce DC’s larger Multiverse. However, there are some rumors that this movie will help WB to make a soft reboot in DCEU.

Ben Affleck as Batman for one last time

Ben Affleck as Batman appeared last in Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max. The Snyder Cut may have no influence in the larger DCEU but it is still a movie better than Joss Wheadon’s version of Justice League. Affleck appeared as Batman in Dawn of Justice where he fought against Superman. Man of Steel’s selfless sacrifice influenced Ben Affleck’s Batman to keep gathering other superheroes to form a team. Affleck’s version of Batman is presented as a tortured hero with a long and tragic career behind him. The Knightmare future called for his ultimate sacrifice. Zack Snyder’s version of the Justice League sequels had plans to end Batman with dying tragically to save the whole world.

Ben Affleck will return again in The Flash movie. Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is playing the role of a mentor to the Flash. The Flash movie would lead to Affleck’s Batman and the Flashpoint timeline’s Keaton’s Batman meeting for the first time. In a recent interview with The Herald Sun, Ben Affleck said that The Flash features his favorite scenes as Batman. While this is obviously a good sign for Batman’s character arc in the DCEU, Affleck’s comment on how his appearance is “a really nice finish on my experience with that character” is also a dark omen for the DCEU’s prime Bruce Wayne. There is a high possibility that Fans will see Ben Affleck as Batman for the last time in this move.

Small Details

Barry will play the role of the main protagonist in The Flash. But, two different versions of Batman are expected to steal the show. Flashpoint introduces one of the most tragic versions of Batman in the DC multiverse. All the cast members of the Justice League movie are expected to reprise their roles in this movie.

Batman will help Flash to fix the timeline and will save his own world. Keaton’s Batman will meet Erza Miller’s Flash for the first time. This is just the beginning for Michel Keaton. He is set to appear in HBO Max’s Batgirl movie. 

DC fans will be introduced to Sasha Calle’s Supergirl for the first time in any DC movie. It is possible that Barry’s time travel will erase Affleck’s Batman to replace him with Keaton’s. The teaser trailer also suggests multiple versions of Barry Allen will be forced to team up with Supergirl to make things right. 

The Movie Culture Synopsis

The Flash movie will help Warner Brothers to make a soft reboot inside DCEU. It will help them to introduce Michael B. Jordan’s Superman movie and other projects. Those projects will take place in their own universes, but they will still be linked to the DCEU through the concept of the multiverse.

The Flash may help WB to rectify their wrong choices during 2017’s Justice League failure. Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen will appear in The Flash which is set to release in theatres on 22nd November of 2022.