Which Marvel Cinematic Universe Superhero Could Beat the Flash of DC Extended Universe?

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Which Marvel Cinematic Universe Superhero Could Beat the Flash

DC Comics has created some incredibly powerful and iconic characters and the Flash is one among them. The Flash is one of the original members of the Justice League and he holds the title of the fastest man alive in DC Comics. Barry Allen is the most notable person to have taken up the mantle. Barry Allen has appeared in plenty of comic books and has also made his way into both films and television adaptations. He also has several appearances in the DC’s animated movies of Justice League. 

The Flash is obviously one of the strongest superheroes in the DC roster, but fans are always eager to compare him with the likes of Marvel heroes. The Flash can easily beat many MCU superheroes. But, there are some who can also easily defeat the Flash. Here is the list of Marvel heroes who can beat the Flash.

Abilities of The Flash

In one word, Barry Allen’s Flash possesses the power of  Speed Force but it is more complex to explain the extent of his abilities. He also has the abilities like superhuman speed, superhuman reflexes, superhuman stamina, superhuman agility, superhuman strength, speed force aura, superhuman durability, energy transformation, light projection, and the most important among these are time travel and accelerated healing.

In the comics, he has more overpowered abilities like aerokinesis, dimensional travel, electrokinesis, electro-blast, electromagnetism, speed force absorption, enhanced mental process, speed mind, enhanced senses, enhanced vision, speed force empathy, speed force visions, molecular acceleration, intangibility, invisibility, phasing, thermokinesis, retrocognition, sharing the force, speed steal, time acceleration, etc. Any fictional character who possesses all of these powers can easily be called a very powerful character.

Fight Against Iron Man

The most surprising hero in this list is obviously Tony Stark’s Iron Man. Tony Stark and his high intellectual level can easily overcome any massive threat. Flash is no exception. Tony’s collection of Iron Man armour proves his overpowered intellectual skill. 

Tony will have no trouble figuring out a specific armour for fighting against the Flash. Tony’s A.I. named Friday can figure out all the weaknesses of Flash and can beat the Flash.

Fight Against Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange the Sorcerer Supreme has unlimited potential of power in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Doctor Strange has control over Time stone which grants him the power to control time to a certain extent. Beating the Flash would be possible for this sorcerer.

Doctor Strange can create several portals to control which can disrupt the Flash’s running. He also has plenty of magical tools to fight against the fastest man alive. Doctor Strange could create barriers that are pretty effective against the speedsters. These abilities will give Doctor Strange an edge in the battle against the Flash.

Fight Against Thor

Barry Allen’s Flash has some abilities that allow him to move so fast. He can dodge bullets, hand-to-hand attacks. However, all of his abilities would be no match against the god of thunder.

Thor has nearly unlimited power. He can travel through space pretty easily. His main power is to summon powerful bolts of lightning with his indestructible weapons. The Flash may be able to avoid these attacks for a bit. But in the end, Thor holds the upper hand.

Fight Against Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers is definitely one of the strongest Avengers in the MCU. In the MCU version, Danvers was given her powers from the space stone among all the infamous infinity stones and the blood of an alien race mixed with her own. Captain Marvel can travel through space and her physical body is nearly indestructible.

The Flash can have advantages against Captain Marvel in combat with his incredible speed, but his strength is no match against the level of Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel’s energy blasts will also be a disadvantage for the Flash. Allen’s speed would not be enough to fight against Captain Marvel.

Fight Against Odin

Odin, the father of Thor was more powerful than Thor in the MCU. MCU version of Odin’s powers and abilities are shown very little on the screen. But, he was one of the strongest presence in the MCU. Odin has an unlimited source of energy and he has no limitation to use it. 

Flash will have no position against a cosmic being like Odin and his overpowered ability named Odinforce.   

Fight Against Jean Grey

There are actually few numbers of mutants who fall under the Omega level status and Jean Grey holds that status. She is also one of the cosmic beings. She is one of the strongest characters of Marvel comic stories.

The Flash is no match against Jean Grey’s mind control. She can read others’ thoughts and can also predict her enemies’ next moves. She has the ability to freeze anyone in a particular place. Jean Grey’s most deadly ability is the phoenix power which is even feared by the Galactus.

Fight Against Scarlett Witch

Wanda in the MCU has a different back story but she is one of the strongest beings like the comics. She has the abilities like telekinesis, energy manipulation, and some form of neuroelectric interfacing that allows her to both read thoughts and also give her targets waking nightmares. She also possesses mysterious chaos magic which can manipulate realities. She will play an important role in Marvel’s phase of Multiverse. 

Wanda was a test subject of Hydra’s illegal experiments and her powers were awakened by Mind Stone. She can easily defeat the Flash with her magical powers. Flash will be in a disadvantageous position during a battle against her.   

The Movie Culture Synopsis

There are primarily two on-screen versions of Barry Allen’s Flash. One is CW’s Arrowverse and another one is DC’s Extended Universe.

Flash’s true powers and abilities are not fully explored yet in the DCEU but the upcoming The Flash movie which is directed by Andrés Muschietti will explain more of the Flash’s abilities. The Flash is expected to hit the theatre on the 4th of November of 2022.