Why does Thanos Respect Tony Stark so much compared to all the other Avengers in the Infinity War?

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Why does Thanos Respect Tony Stark?

A connection between Tony Stark & Thanos didn’t start in Infinity War it was kind of kicked off in The Avengers(2012) movie itself. In this article, we will discuss these characters connections, their interactions in Infinity War & The Avengers movie & try to understand why Thanos respects Tony Stark so much. 

During their (Tony & Thanos) battle on Titan Tony not only managed to give a tough fight to Thanos but he was also able to draw some blood from Thanos’ face (who was already welding some powerful infinity stones like space, soul, reality & power) Thanos was a bit taken aback at first, still, he taunted Stark for all his efforts just for a drop of blood & at the end the Mad Titan overpowered Stark, as he violently started beating Stark to an extent where he destroyed his suit, still stark attempted to attack by forming a sword with nanties in his right hand but Thanos ripped that sword from his hand & stabbed him in the abdomen with it. After that he held Tony’s head & said “You have my respect Stark. When I’m done half of humanity will still be alive. I hope they remember you”. Thanos respects Stark for his courage & determination. Despite being a mere human he tried his best until the very end to stop Thanos & protect the world. 

Thanos also believes that he & Tony are similar, As, during their confrontation on Titan, Thanos refers to Tony as “Stark”, to which Tony replies, “You know me?” & Thanos answers, “I Do. You’re not the only one cursed with knowledge”, Thanos kind of points out a similarity between him & Tony. They both are futurists as after his experience with Chitauri in the Battle of New York he knew the world has to face more such threats so he was worried to protect the world from it & tried to prepare to face such threats, he didn’t know it was specifically Thanos for those six years, but he knew such alien-like threat would come, just like that Thanos also predicted that his people were faced with extinction, so he proposed a random & fair genocide to lower the population to safe levels, in order to save those that lived. However, the cruelty of his solution caused his own people to cast him out, naming him as a Madman. However, Thanos’ predictions came true, and Titan became the dead, inhospitable graveyard.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Tony & Thanos both knew that they have to face each other. Thanos knew Tony, as, during the Battle of New York, Tony was the one who stopped the Chitauri invasion by guiding a missile & exploding the Chitauri Command Center.

As it was Thanos’ plan to send Loki to collect the Tesseract from earth but his efforts were ruined due to Stark. This makes sense as to how Thanos already knew Tony when they first encountered on Titan, & he pointed out how they both are similar & how he respects Stark. So these might be some reasons as to why Thanos respects Tony Stark so much as compared to all the other Avengers.