Why the Celestial Arishem Did Not Intervene in Thanos’s Quest for the Infinity Stones?

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MCU’s Eternals film left all the viewers with a cliffhanger and many questions have still remained unanswered. Arishem’s plan for the emergence of a new celestial on Earth was disrupted by Thanos’s snap. But this case was not for the Earth alone. Half of the universe’s population was the victim of Thanos’s snap. So, many processes of emergence from different planets faced the same issue. This movie showcases Thanos as a protagonist who has helped to stop the emergence with help of an antagonistic method.  

Marvel’s Eternals is an introduction to the cosmic adventure of Marvel phase 4. Though there is no sign of discussion of multiverse among the movie characters, this movie ignites the possibility of a bigger cosmic war between Eternals and Celestials. Here the discussion will be why the Celestials didn’t intervene in Thanos’s quest for infinity stones.

What is Emergence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The Emergence is inspired by the Earth X comic series. Emergence in MCU is a cosmic event that results in the birth of a Celestial, while simultaneously destroying the planet where the celestial seed was planted. Celestials plant their seeds on different planets which have the future possibility of having overcrowded intellectual species. It was also confirmed in the movie that the Celestials sent the Deviants to bring an end to the Age of Dinosaurs.

But the Deviants rebelled against Celestials and starts killing humans. Then Celestials decided to create a new race called ‘Eternals’ to wipe out the Deviants and help humanity to develop and help them to grow in numbers. After reaching a certain population, it will trigger the emergence to happen.     

Emergence’s Relation with Thanos’s Snap

Thanos’s snap caused a major problem to the Celestials’ pre-planned emergence. But it did not stop the process back then. Thanos’s snap only delayed the emergence. In the Marvel comics, Celestials are cosmic beings and time has no effect on them. We may assume that they knew the outcome with knowledge of the future. In the wake of the Blip, the pre-planned emergence on Earth triggered again and the Earth’s Eternals were able to prevent the destruction at the end of the movie.

We can also assume that Thanos will not be powerful enough to cause another snap with the help of Infinity Gauntlet. In the Endgame, Thanos became weaker and he also destroyed the stones. It is quite possible that those habitable planets which faced the consequences of Thanos’s snap will again reach a certain population to cause the Emergence. Then there will be no one to prevent that from happening. So, the Celestials were bothered to intervene.    


Hidden Indications in Other MCU Movies

In MCU, Celestials were first introduced in The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and they were named again in The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. They used the power of Infinity Stones to wipe out lives from the planets. It is probable that they had lost the hold of stones at some point. It is also possible that they are hiding their existence for an unknown reason. It may be revealed in future movies and Galactus is also lurking somewhere in the vast universe of MCU.

Celestials are also growing their numbers to fight against something. It may be Galactus or any other cosmic being who is posing threat to the existence of Celestials. MCU’s Knowhere is also another remaining of a dead Celestial. There may be a war going on behind the recorded events of Marvel movies. In the Infinity War, Dr. Strange talked about all the possibilities of stopping Thanos’s quest for Infinity Stones. It might be possible that Celestials intervened Thanos’s quest among those possibilities. It might fail in some way.

With knowledge of the future, Dr. Strange probably knew the consequences of seeking the Celestial’s help. As it was revealed earlier, Celestials were dependent on the power of Infinity stones. So, the possibility of fighting against the Infinity Stones might make them afraid. 

Introduction of Starfox and his Deviant Gene Brother

In Marvel comics, Starfox is the brother of Thanos. MCU’s Eternal movie has confirmed it too. It is also confirming that Thanos was one of the members of Titan’s Eternals. In the comics, Thanos possessed both Deviant and Eternals genes. The Eternals movie confirmed Celestials’ loose hold of Deviants. There was a massive error caused by Celestials while programming them to be tools for serving their purpose.

There was a history of Titan’s Emergence which has not been told to us. This history will be able to put more light on the reasons behind Arishem’s judgement of no interventions in Thanos’s quest. Thanos and his fellow Titan dwellers faced the consequences of Emergence on Titan. Thanos as one of the Eternals was always aware of the existence of Celestials.  

The Movie Culture Synopsis

At the end of the movie, we are promised that Eternals will return again. So, all the unanswered questions and the fan theories will be kept going before the reappearance of the Eternals on screen. It is unlikely in Marvel Phase 4. But, some future movies will keep us updated more about the giant statue of a dead celestial in the Indian Ocean. There are possibilities of emerging new storylines revolving around this dead creature.

Marvel is planning big movie projects which will explore more inside the cosmic Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Thor: Love and Thunder, Captain Marvel 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 are standing in line to be released, fans can only hope for the best. These movies on a cosmic adventure can put light more on the unanswered questions of Eternals.