ZeroZeroZero Creator Leonardo Fasoli Interview On The Series & Future Projects

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Leonardo Fasoli

ZeroZeroZero Creator Leonardo Fasoli who has been a prominent figure in Mexican Cinema talks about setting a story in the drug cartel world.

ZeroZeroZero is the new Amazon Prime Video Series which is taking over the world by it’s strong premise and an international appeal.

Greetings Mr. Fasoli, we at The Movie Culture are thrilled to have you. We certainly hope that during times like these you and your family are doing well.

Q. I want to start the interview with you by a show which has been on everyone’s mind, ZeroZeroZero. As the show creator what attracted you to the story?

Leonardo Fasoli: The idea of what’s crime globalization in our world today, so that when someone takes a line of cocaine in London this line has a long way back that begins somewhere in Perù jungle where someone is exploited, and goes on from there to some river in Nicaragua and arrives in some lab in Mexico and so on with lot of blood and death.

Q. ZeroZeroZero exists in same place such as Narcos, as a Creator, how important was it for you and others to distinguish between the two properties?

Leonardo Fasoli: Was important but from the beginning the project was really different, there is the story of a famous drug dealer, his life and the investigation and hunt that the police did in order to catch him, our story is the story of the trip of a single shipment of cocaine seen by the point of view of the buyers the brokers and the producer of the product.

Q. ZeroZeroZero is based on a book but on top of that how much research and fact checking went into portraying the drug trade? 

Leonardo Fasoli: Really really a lot, we spent 2 years in researching, we went to Mexico, Senegal, Marroco, we talked with policeman, judges, journalist, ex drug dealers , we interviewed ex soldiers ex Zetas. Is the same thing we did with Gomorrah a really deep work of reserch, almost like a journalist investigation before start the writing process. I believe reality has more fantasy than me.

Q. How do you feel about ZeroZeroZero getting so much Positive feedback? Do you pay attention to Criticism?

Leonardo Fasoli: Sure, is good to understand the feedback so you can make it better next time.  

Q. The show has an amazing ensemble of actors coming from different countries, how was it like working with them? 

Leonardo Fasoli: Beautiful , they are all very good actor and very nice people, and they were all very passioned with this show

Q. A show is always a shared effort telling a shared narrative through multiple Episodes. Could you tell us how you coordinate with end number of writers and directors who have worked on this show?

Leonardo Fasoli: We were no so much writer, just 4 and we know very well each other, we’re close friends, and we work together for a long time, in a writer room, here in Rome and in LA after the research work,  so it was easy . With the directors Sollima was with us always and we meet Trapero and Metz and we passed a long time together in order to explain them all our narrative and dramatic choises

Q. ZeroZeroZero is an international show which is getting a mainstream recognition. Since you have worked prominently in Mexican Cinema, do you intend on making a shift to Hollywood?

Leonardo Fasoli: Hollywood is always a dream for all writers J

Q. I don’t know if it’s too early to ask, are you guys planning a Season 2 for ZeroZeroZero?

Leonardo Fasoli: Not it was Anthological, if there will be another one it will be in different places and with new characters

Q. As a Writer yourself working in the film business, did you credit a Film for making you fall in love witg Writing for Screen? 

Leonardo Fasoli: Once upon America of Sergio Leone

Q. The Movie Culture is situated in India so have you watched any Bollywood film? 

Leonardo Fasoli: Not L But I will if you can indicate me some

Q. Do you have any future projects lined up which you’d like to share with us and your fans ?

Leonardo Fasoli: They are shooting the last season of Gomorrah, and preparing a Western series that I wrote, and I also have an Indian project that maybe I will be involved with, a Amazon project about Italian terrorism in the 70, a Netflix project about The French Connection

Q. As a successful writer, is there a key advice which you give to Writers in general trying to make it big? 

Leonardo Fasoli: A lot of Passion and hard work, plus a little of luck

With this I’d like to wrap up with the interview questions. 

The Movie Culture would indeed like to thank you for agreeing to this wonderful interview.

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We are very excited to see Leonardo Fasoli’s upcoming projects which just sounds fantastic. His advice on how one should deal within the industry is solid.

ZeroZeroZero is an exciting show which makes more clear that a talent like Leonardo Fasoli belongs to a Hollywood Studio. ZeroZeroZero is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.