Zoë Tapper Interview on Netflix show ‘The One’

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Zoë Tapper, who is known for her role in Zoo and Affinity, speaks with us about her Science Fiction TV Series on Netflix, The One. Read the exclusive interview below.

Zoë Tapper

Hi Zoë, I am Hardik Agrawal from The Movie Culture. How are you doing today?

Zoë Tapper: Hi Hardik, I’ve just been caught out in the rain, but apart from that I’m doing pretty well!

Q. We can now see you in Netflix’s exciting new series “The One”. What can you tell us about the show?

Zoë Tapper: The One imagines a world where you can be matched to your perfect partner through your DNA. It applies science to love, with explosive results. It is part Sci-Fi, part thriller and part romance. So, something for everyone!

Q. You play the role of Kate in this show who is a police officer in The One. Could you elaborate more about her character and her intentions in the series?

Zoë Tapper: Kate Saunders is a Detective Inspector in the Metropolitan police. She is a driven, straight-talking truth seeker both in her romantic life and at work. We meet her at the start of the series having just met her ‘match’, and we watch as her personal and professional worlds collide when she starts to investigate a crime linked to the MatchDNA CEO, Rebecca Webb (played by Hannah Ware).

Q. The concept of finding true love through DNA is surely enigmatic and thought-provoking. Was it an easy decision to accept the role of a police officer in The One?

Zoë Tapper: Yes, it was easy! I was immediately intrigued by the premise and was excited to delve further into the psyche of someone who chooses to take the test and the wider ramifications of that choice. I was also drawn to Kate as a character; someone who is steadfast and confident on the surface but is starting to lose her equilibrium as the world around her gets more and more chaotic.

Q. From the concept and the trailer of the show, it seems like the viewers of The One are probably going to compare it to Black Mirror. Does The One also accompany a dark sci-fi vibe which Black Mirror possessed?

Zoë Tapper: I can definitely understand the comparisons to Black Mirror in terms of the concept at play, but I think the show as a whole has a very different feel to it. There are many strands to the story, and we follow multiple characters on their journeys to finding The One. It is set around 5 years into the future, so whilst it is definitely fictional, it doesn’t feel completely implausible.

Q. Do you see the science used in this show actually apply in real life anytime soon?

Zoë Tapper: I hope not! On the surface, it seems like it could solve a lot of problems, especially right now, when we are all so isolated from each other because of the pandemic. People would not have to worry about dating apps or going on dates anymore. But the potential for it all to go terribly wrong is huge! I actually think it would make people much more insular and closed off and surely the mystery and messiness of life and the route to finding a mate is all part of the adventure!

Q. The One seems like a suspense thriller with a darker tone, at least from the trailer. How far does the show go in terms of this idea and its potential for chaos?

Zoë Tapper: The show definitely delves into the darker side of this idea; how it becomes an obsession for some, how it can destroy existing relationships and break up families. It also explores the motives behind those who wield the power… Do you really know what you are letting yourself in for when you hand over that single strand of hair?

Q. Will we be expecting you in more mind-bending sci-fi roles from now on?

Zoë Tapper: Ha! Who knows? The most recent project I have been working on is a feature film (called ‘Ire’) set in a high security prison. I play a social worker trying to find the human, inside the mind of a psychopath; so, it’s more dark and gritty realism. But you never know what’s around the corner… Maybe even a second series of The One?! I hope so…

Q. Thank you so much for talking with us. We will surely be binging The One on Netflix.

Zoë Tapper: My pleasure. I hope you enjoy the show!

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Zoë Tapper stars as a cop in The One which is currently streaming on Netflix worldwide. The One is a show which revolves around the concept of finding love through DNA. Go check out the series to know more about Zoë Tapper and her role.