Hailee Steinfeld Interview on Season 2 of Dickinson

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Hailee Steinfeld in a still from the show Dickinson

Hailee Steinfeld, the future Kate Bishop and the current Emily Dickinson talk about Dickinson Season 2 and answers some questions for Fans hungry for more of Hailee and Dickinson. You might know Steinfeld from films such as Bumblebee, Edge of Seventeen and Pitch Perfect, here’s her Interview.

Q. How does it feel to return to the role of Emily Dickinson and how does it feel playing such an iconic figure from history?

Hailee Steinfeld: Well, it feels like a real privilege to be able to play this iconic moment in history. She, you know, is said to be the greatest female poet, but she is the greatest, one of the greatest American poets, if not the. And It’s a real honor to be able to come back and play this character in a season two and even further on. So I feel very lucky to be able to have the opportunity to come back and play this amazing character.

Q. What do you think it is about Emily’s character that girls and young women relate to?

Hailee Steinfeld: I think Emily, what makes Emily relatable is, first of all, she’s a human being and she feels what we feel, she feels. How we feel, I mean. I think it’s easy to think and when I first heard of this script before I even read it and I was given the, you know, short breakdown of yeah, it’s about it’s a period piece about Emily Dickinson, I immediately was like, all right, you kind of sort of jump to this conclusion of that feeling like ah! Not what you would think this ultimately is, and that’s what excited me so much about taking this. This woman in history and making her feel like she could be at this table that I’m sitting at right now and we could have a conversation and feel completely normal and relevant and modern, she had such a modern way of thinking and she was so fearless in her approach of with her writing. She spoke about everything and just sort of like confronted these thoughts that I think a lot of us have that were sort of hesitant to really put much thought into. And it’s amazing to have a character to sort of do that for you. And it makes you think and it challenges you. And I think that’s one thing I know I love about her.

Q. Season 2 sees the introduction of new character Sam Bowles, played by Finn Jones. Can you tell us a little about his character and what their meeting means for Emily?

Hailee Steinfeld: So Finn Jones, who plays Sam Bowles, is a wonderful person, a wonderful actor, and Sam Bowles is somebody that Sue brings into Emily’s life. He’s a publisher and in her words, the man who could put her in the spotlight. And Sam Bowles sees this potential in Emily and believes that he could make her an overnight. Star and Emily, sort of. Goes through this really confusing time of is Sue looking out for my best interest by introducing me to this person, is she pushing me away? Do I trust her? Do I trust him? What is his deal? I kind of am intrigued by him. Love the idea of being published, but is that really what I want? And it’s just this whole world of the unknown to Emily and Sam is very intriguing. Deceiving and and. Just a real interesting person and a wonderful relationship that plays out through the through the season that I love a lot, and I think Finn does a wonderful job in bringing this sort of, you know, intrigue and mystery to the show through this character.

Q. Which character has undergone the most significant change since season 1?

Hailee Steinfeld: Well, I think every character has has undergone quite a bit of change. I think the most shocking might be Sue, sue has experienced quite a drastic change in appearance and attitude and her way of thinking and reacting to things. She has gone from being quite introverted and. Depressed, to now feeling those same things, but she’s masking it by these massive parties, she’s living in the Evergreen’s now, her and Austin are married and she’s wearing these beautiful gowns that are handmade and shipped in from Italy. And she’s a different person. She’s masking what’s deep, what’s happening deep down. And I think that’s also a really interesting thing that we touch on is how people choose to do that and how people take to, in our case, social media to make it as though everything is wonderful and perfect and great and beautiful and shiny dresses and parties and cocktails and the whole nine yards when really deep down, none of that matters. And we realize in this series, much like I think we’ve realized in our personal lives through this year, what what it is that really matters.

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Very Dickinson Centric but you cannot blame wanting to know more about the show and talk about many aspects. 

Hailee Steinfeld is now gearing up for the Kate Bishop role as the next Hawkeye in Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’ll be interesting to see her mainstream personality fit into Marvel’s tone.

Dickinson is an Apple TV+ Original found on their space.