One Piece Live-Action (2023) Ending Explained: Is Smoker The Villain In Season 2?

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One Piece Live-Action (2023) Ending Explained: Is Smoker The Villain In Season 2? - The Movie Culture

The whole action of One Piece Live Action Season 1 was centered on Luffy and his crew’s mission to obtain the map of the Grand Line. They crushed everyone that stood in their path, with the good pirates even freeing other villages from bad pirates.

The Straw Hat Pirates were the complete opposites of the concept of piracy. For them, being pirates meant freedom and adventure, while others only wanted wealth and fortune. Each character was driven by their unique, distinctive motives and was true to themselves whenever the moment arrived to prove their worth.

Summing up the penultimate episodes of One Piece Live-Action

The Going Merry ship arrives at the Baratie, where Luffy and his crew meet Chef Zeff and his surrogate son and apprentice, Sanji. Episode 6 features the first indications of an attraction between Sanji and Nami and peeks into the young lives of Nami and Zoro as they play a guessing game in the bar. Eventually, Nami is revealed to be a member of Arlong’s crew, for whom she steals the map of the Grand Line. Luffy is pushed to the brink of hopelessness when Roronoa Zoro is fatally wounded by Dracule Mihawk after a death match.

Sanji and Zeff resuscitate Zoro with the use of kitchen equipment and recipes. Episode 7 features Luffy, Sanji, Usopp, and an injured Zoro arriving at Conomi Islands to search for Nami and Arlong, as directed by Buggy The Clown. They get to know about Nami’s troubled childhood from her sister, Nojiko. It is revealed that Nami struck a deal with Arlong to buy back Coco Village for a million berries, until which she would provide her exceptional navigational and cartography to the pirate.

After stealing from multiple pirate ships for years, Nami is prepared to give 100,000 Berries to Arlong. She hid it in her mother’s grave, where she was confronted by Nojiko. Nami tells the whole story, and both reconcile, but the moment is short-lived as Marine Officer Nezumi, under the orders of Arlong, confiscates her collected wealth. Arlong’s crew meanwhile attacks Coco Village as their first step to dominating the East Blue.

Luffy promises to avenge Nami’s mistreatment at the hands of Arlong. Episode 8 of One Piece Live Action consists mostly of fight scenes, along with storyline culminations and easter eggs, which will lead to a dramatic start to Season 2.

One Piece Live-Action (2023) Ending Explained

There were three main events in the grand finale of One Piece Live Action: the Straw Pirates’ attack on Arlong’s Park, Luffy, and Garp’s fight, and the Going Merry vessel eventually setting off for the Grand Line. The series ends with a hopeful and happy tone as the main characters achieve their most treasured thing in the world in some fashion.

The ‘good liar’ Usopp finally gets a real story to tell after defeating a Fishman from Arlong’s crew with a slingshot. He used the enemy’s alcohol drinking to his advantage by setting it ablaze with an incendiary ball and burnt the enemy to cinders. Netflix gave a peek into the engineer’s intelligence along with the marksmanship skills that he inherited from his pirate father, Yasopp.

Nami was finally free of Arlong’s service and also got rid of his tyrannical reign over the inhabitants of Coco Village. She reconciles with her sister, paying their respects to their deceased mother together. Her decisions won’t be influenced by the need to save the citizens of her homeland, and she will finally be able to strike meaningful relationships.

Luffy sees himself in a ‘Wanted’ poster with a surreal bounty of 3 million berries on his head. He becomes the most notorious pirate in the East Blue after defeating Arlong, destroying Arlong’s Park, and burying the saw-shark with it. Rounding off the fight was his best finisher, the Gum Gum Battle Axe, whose impact could be felt as the Fishman came crashing down floor after floor until he hit rock bottom.

Sanji finally gets a crew that he can bet his life on and pursue his dreams of seeing the All Blue. His added motif to join the Straw Hat Pirates may also be to get close to Nami. His frenemy, Zoro, is not literally rewarded at the end. However, his passion for becoming the greatest swordsman in the world was redoubled after his humiliating defeat against Mihawk. He swore to Luffy that he wouldn’t lose again, thereby making Round 2 between the Demon and Hawk Eyes a must-watch affair.

One Piece Live-Action (2023) Ending: What to expect from Season 2?

Mihawk challenged Zoro to another duel after the latter became stronger. If Netflix sticks to the source material, Zoro will actually end up training with Hawk Eyes in the future to grow stronger.

Alvida and Buggy will definitely be on Season 2. Both were seen in a bar aiming to get the bounty on Monkey D. Luffy’s head. The Clown’s incessant drive to become the ‘Most Wanted’ pirate in the world will lead him to crush Luffy. It was surreal to see his transformation throughout the story: the village conquering Buggy reduced to a talking head ‘no-body’ and finally to a madman bent on destroying Luffy. As for Alvida, she hasn’t forgotten the Gum-Gum Pistol that smacked her in the face and sent her flying.

Red Haired Shanks was seen at the ending celebrating Luffy’s achievement of being the ‘Most Wanted’ man in East Blue. Moreover, a teaser of his fight with Mihawk was seen during their exchange when Shanks claimed that he could take down the Warlord of the Seas with just one hand. Season 2 of the One Piece live-action series may feature a moment between Shanks and Luffy, but it is best to stick to the source material and delay their awaited reunion. 

The biggest teaser is about the villain of Season 2. A man in an admiral uniform was seen burning Luffy’s wanted posters with one of his cigars. Given the two cigars that he smoked, the character is believed to be Smoker. He is a Vice Admiral of the Marines who surpasses Garp in strength and is a constant thorn in Luffy’s side. However, they have also allied in the anime to take down the greater evil, and the Netflix adaptation can touch on that subject while introducing Baroque Works.

Nami mentioning the river that goes up the mountain to form the passage for the Grand Line is a teaser of the show’s first main arc – Arabasta arc – the journey to the reverse mountain. Going back to the beginning of the first episode, we saw No.7 of the Baroque Works try to forcefully recruit Zoro. We may see more of the Baroque Works guild because they are one of the forerunning villains of the Arabasta arc,  which includes one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Crocodile, playing a crucial role in the story. Smoker’s introduction and the Going Merry going to the Grand Line almost confirm that Season 2 of One Piece Live Action will be based on the Arabasta Arc.