The Walking Dead Season 11 Review & Summary

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The Walking Dead Season 11 airs on 22nd August on AMC and it is the final season in this show which has ran for more than 10 years. 

The Walking Dead Season 11 Cast

The Walking Dead Season 11 Plot

The Walking Dead revolves around a group of survivors trying to fend of Walkers and Living Enemies in order to continue surviving in this lawless world. The Season 11 especially explored the new enemies that the group will be dealing with and a little bit of the civil war between Negan and Maggie, will they be a problem for the group or will they emerge as a good unit.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 1 Review

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 1 Review

The Walking Dead Season 11 begins on a grim note, and the tension between Maggie and Negan have never been this higher. I feel like the entire episode tries to lean on the complexities of both these characters wherein it constantly challenges Maggie to take an impulsive step and Negan to take an untimely counter action.

And even though their dynamic is technically just one part of the episode, it clearly is the main focus. The commonwealth army are introduced to us and, even now there’s not a whole lot of stuff we know about them, led by a mysterious man in a red storm trooper suit, this group takes the four captives on a interrogation rampage, asking them questions which range from their educational background to the frequency of their bowel moments.

The one surprising thing is how the show tries to flesh out its relatively new characters like Yumiko during this interrogation and we learn that she is actually a student of both, Oxford and Harvard. Its a nice touch, and it indicates that we are going to go deep into her history this season.

The group is on their way to acquire supplies and resources and on their way they come across a tunnel. The eerie sounds that siren frequently through the pipes make the members unease, especially Negan who is already wary of Maggie. He tries to warn Daryl that maybe this path isn’t the best one and maybe there isn’t even an opening at the end of it. Just darkness.

But the group aren’t in the state of listening to a man like Negan anymore. And he realizes it and tries to keep his thoughts to himself, but the constant sirens are still haunting nonetheless. Soon they come across a trail of dead walkers, all wrapped in plastic. They seem dead, but as a precautionary measure, the group goes on to stab all of them in the heads and makes sure that they never get up again.

In this conundrum, Negan even saves a life and kills a giant hunk of a walker. Though he hardly gains anyone’s trust, he decides to take advantage of that moment and make his point. Maggie has grown more unruly and tyrannical, and everyone knows this in the hindsight, even Maggie.

So it hardly makes sense for her to take Negan along, without any ulterior drive of vengeance fueling her. Their back and forth argument about how Negan is right and yet he can’t do anything about it was really blunt and it was complimented by the fantastic performance from both the actors.

Lastly, the they encounter a herd of walkers and Maggie, is the last one, who tries to get up the train and asks Negan for help, but Negan, grasping the chance, leaves her to the walkers and heads on ahead. What he maybe forgot was how Daryl also chose to remain behind and get his Dog who quivered into the tiny space of the train. The next episode teases a lot of stuff and the dynamic between Maggie and Negan is surely going to be the one major thing I will be looking forward to.

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The Movie Culture Synopsis

The Walking Dead Season 11 is thrilling and tense from the beginning and, as it is supposed to be one of the longest seasons of the show, we sure are in for a wild ride. Stay tuned for our reviews on further episodes.