Fear Street Part Three: 1666 Movie Review & Film Summary

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Fear Street Part Three: 1666 marks the darkest ending to the Fear Street trilogy. It sees the return of actors from Fear Street Part One: 1994 and it nails the atmosphere with its grittiest installment. 

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 Movie Cast

  • Kiana Madeira as Sarah Fier / Deena
  • Elizabeth Scopel as The Real Sarah Fier
  • Olivia Scott Welch as Hannah Miller / Samantha Fraser
  • Julia Rehwald as Lizzie / Kate
  • Ashley Zukerman as Solomon Goode / Nick Goode

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 Movie Plot

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 follows the origin of Sarah Fier and the end of the curse which has affected the town of Shadyside all these years. It comes back and forth and creates a worthy end to a fantastic trilogy. 

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 Movie Review

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 is the finale which ties everything together. The final part of the Fear Street trilogy gives us the entire story of how the curse of Shadyside actually began. And with that, we go way back to 1666 and discover the true origins of the Witch, Sarah Fier.

The entire storyline uses the setting and the time period to its absolute advantage and creates an installment so dark and gritty, that it raises the stakes high and produces some really harrowing plot twists. The entire cast of Fear Street Part One: 1994 returns for the final installment, and it’s not in a way you might expect.

Despite its causal repetitiveness during the final act, the origin of Sarah Fier makes this movie the best the trilogy has to offer and it really does come full circle.  

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 begins with Deena (Played by Kiana Madeira) reuniting the hand of Sarah Fier with her body and confronting the visions of Sarah Fier, dating all the way back to 1666. This causes her imagination to take a wild toll on her as she pictures herself as Sarah Fier and relives her tragic past through her own eyes.

Even her friends in the timeline correlate with her present day friends in 1994 and all of them step into a period which is ten fold darker and grittier than anything we have seen before. Sarah Fier is just a normal town girl, who has skills when it comes to doing farm work and birthing animals.

Her closest friend in the Union is Hannah Miller (Played by Olivia Scott Welch) and during the full moon night, they wander into the cool dark shade of forest to consume berries, dance and make merry. And with this, the relationship of Hannah and Sarah takes the next step as they discover feelings for each other they hadn’t previously known.

Both of them are afraid and fueled by passion as they make their moves, yet a flicker of leaves indicate that someone had been watching them all along. And from the next day, the happy little town of Union goes into a dark turmoil as Sarah’s Beloved dog is found dead in the well and a bunch of children are found dead in the church. They invited darkness into their midst and when there’s no one left to blame, they put it on Sarah and Hannah who invited the devil with their treacherous act of love. 

'Fear Street Part Three: 1666' Movie: Sarah Fier Paid The Heavy Price

‘Fear Street Part Three: 1666’ Movie: Sarah Fier Paid The Heavy Price

Sarah Fier has been driving the story of Fear Street since Part One: 1994 came out. The town of Shadyside always had a curse and behind this curse, was the name of Sarah Fier. But this girl, who had been crowned as the witch and the devil herself, was but a normal town girl killed for her innocent act of love.

The period of 1666 serves as a phenomenal set up for the events as it gives us a means to believe why everything that took place, really took place. The act of forbidden love was even more out of bounds and the blind faith in beliefs instilled ridiculous folklores which haunted the townsfolk.

The parallels between the two movies are absolutely implied and work so well, because essentially, each thing that happens in a certain movie is a play of something which happens in another movie. It is filled with ironies and references, not just to its own storyline, but to popular work of authors such as Stephen King and all of that plays perfectly into the lore that Fear Street is trying to create.

The entire flashback in Fear Street Part Three: 1666 is the best cinematic pieces delivered in the trilogy yet and now that we have seen the three time periods portrayed, Leigh Janiak does a phenomenal job in differentiating between all of them and neither of the three storylines feel remotely similar in terms of their filming and technical characteristics.

With 1666, the shots are ragged and shaky in order to double down on the pitch black darkness of the time and the story, and it very well pays off with its hauntingly beautiful score, which has to be the best amongst the three movies. But Fear Street Part Three: 1666 isn’t just based in 1666, and it takes a wild turn back to 1994, where we finally see the curse of Shadyside come to an end. 

This segway into 1994, didn’t really give us anything we hadn’t previously seen before, with the traps and baits for the killers being the same. And due to that slight repetitiveness, many of the events which take place in the final act seem a bit stretched out and overly long.

It tries to squeeze anticipation and suspense from the audience when it had already reached a healthy peak by the end of the events of 1666. And this also doesn’t excuse the glaring amount of plot holes which become increasingly evident as the movie is about to end and we realize that there’s no way they are going to address that now.

The biggest plot inconsistency I felt was with the major plot twist, and without trying to spoil anything, I will say that the screenplay doesn’t really address the concept of brothers that well. Because the main antagonist of the movie isn’t an actual person, but a lineage and this lineage isn’t survived by a one single person.

So it didn’t make any sense for them to just pounce on one when we very well know that there are at least two of them. This is vague I know, and maybe you might get what I am trying to say in the upcoming Fear Street Trilogy Explained article.

Shadyside desperately tries to attain a character of its own, but throughout the course of the trilogy, the rivalry between Shadyside and Sunnyvale is the only thing instilling something, and even that seems underdone. Shadyside is a town to be feared but apart from the stories and murders that relate to the plot directly, we don’t really see that many instances which force us to build an opinion that this town indeed is messed up. 

But specifically talking about Fear Street Part Three: 1666, this is truly the best the trilogy has to offer and it elevates the slasher genre in a new and exciting direction. The sheer amount of talent and thought poured into this newly created franchise makes me really hopeful about the direction that they are going to take from here. I am a proclaimed proponent of separate origin stories for all the killers we saw in the trilogy.

And yes, Fear Street Trilogy is absolutely worth your time and patience, as it ,almost always, pays off in the most glorious gore filled manner that will blow your socks off. 

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 is relevant and pitch black. It tosses issues like homosexuality in order to build a storyline from the scratch and it does it in a way which never feels forced or for the sake of it. Despite the many plot inconsistencies which make their way in, the final installment and the trilogy on the whole is meaty and all out fun.