My Liberation Notes Ending Explained: A Bright Future Ahead For The Yeom Siblings

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My Liberation Notes Ending Explained

My Liberation Notes is a South Korean slice of life drama series that aired 9 April to 29 May, 2022 with a total of 16 episodes. The 16th and final episode is open ended, leaving viewers wondering whether the Yeom siblings and Mr. Gu get a happy ending.

Do the Yeom Siblings Find Liberation?

Yes, the Yeom siblings do get liberated. Gi-jeong realizes she loves Tae-hun despite all odds, because nobody is without problems in their life and she’s ready to face any challenges for him. It is hinted that there’s a bright future ahead for both of them.

Mi-jeong leaves her old job in the creative and with it, she also leaves behind the rejection and negativity that was affecting her self-esteem. Sangmin says his friend wants to publish the diaries of the liberation club in hopes that someone might find comfort in them, and M-jeong agrees, because the diaries helped her figure out what problems she was facing in life.

Chang-hee is no longer frustrated with his life. He leaves his job and works at a convenience store, and breaks up with Hyeon-A after realizing she only dates men she wants to fix – and he refuses to live the life of a victim with her. He starts a new chapter in his life, and when he enrolls in a class for funeral planning, it’s hinted that his career might be headed that way.

Mr. Gu quits drinking and after dating Mi-jeong, he realizes he doesn’t need alcohol to deal with his demons from the past. He also starts a fresh chapter in his life and decided to begin again, because being with Mi-jeong brought a positive change in his life and changed his perspective.

My Liberation Notes tells a simple, slow-paced story that emphasizes more on characters, their emotions, and their perspective about the world instead of revolving around a fast-paced plot. The gripping drama highlights each character’s frustration with their life and shows them dealing with obstacles in a realistic manner without using cliche tropes. There are quite a few symbolic moments, and the drama makes one contemplate about their own lives too.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

My Liberation Notes is a brilliant drama and certainly a must watch. It is available for streaming on  Netflix.