Pagglait Movie Review & Film Summary(2021)

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Video Source – Netflix India (Netflix India YouTube Channel)

The word ‘Pagglait’ is originated from the Hindi word Paagal which means crazy or foolish. Recently, during an interaction with IANS, Sanya decoded Pagglait as the person who listens to his heart and does what his heart says. A Pagglait does not seek external validation just as our own Sandhya has done. 

Pagglait Movie Plot

The narrative revolves around the recently married women named Sandhya Giri who is an educated housewife whose husband, Aatisk, has died. How she struggles in the Indian society around the Orthodox people to live up to them is what this movie is all about. It is a story which spans through 13 days where she finds all her answers and takes effort to accomplish her goals without giving in to the false sense of validation from the Indian society.

Pagglait Movie Review

First of all, the main reason many people enjoyed this movie was because of this new concept of women living their life on their own without begging for assurance of Indian Society. The storyline of this movie is the key attraction for the Indian Audience. Sandhya Giri, the main character of Pagglait, even after the loss of her spouse, doesn’t grieve and acts normally as if nothing has happened (which is abnormal in itself). But then she finds out something that changes everything in her life and she starts to look for some answers. Once she discovers what she strived towards, she starts her own new journey without anyone permission.

In a still from Pagglait Movie

Pagglait Movie: The mindset of Indian society towards Women Issues

The things that I liked about Umesh Bist’s direction is that he has shown the reality of Indian society without hiding anything from the world. From the families coming together and gossiping about the widow to deciding about her future. They don’t think what she wants but what will be good as per the society. A few decades ago, it was believed that the wife should expire before the husband because they were not going to work which eventually makes them burden on the rest of the family. The demise of the wife before the husband was honoured as Sumangali. Sati or suttee was one of the practices that were performed by the widow.

These things have been prohibited but the way society gawks at the widow as the burden of the family has been indicated clearly in the movie. This is one of the things that Pagglait has been successful in changing and makes the society think that women can also stand on their own and help the family to shrink burden rather than being a burden. 

Pagglait Movie: Families and Their Family Issues

In this movie, Bist hasn’t shown the families more like the “Hum Saath Saath Hain” rather he has shown the reality of Indian families. The elements like gossips, more like back bitching, selfishness, the dictatorship of the old ones, the disputes between the alphas of each family. The most happening thing that made this movie realistic and relatable was the acting of each character which felt amazing and true to the non-fiction side of Indian society. 

Pagglait Movie Critical Reception

IMDb has given this movie a rating of 7.1/10 and rotten tomatoes has given the rating of 70%

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Pagglait brings out the best out of a woman’s will and the worst out of a society which stops her. It is a fascinating story which instills power and freedom in women while simultaneously highlighting their issues vigorously.

Pagglait movie is available on Netflix to watch.