Top 6 Animes to Watch after Attack on Titan Ends

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Attack on Titan

With Attack on Titan being one of the biggest anime series of all time, it’s hard to imagine it coming to an end. These anime will help fill the void. Attack on Titan has been running since 2014, spanning almost a decade. It’s almost sad for most fans to come to terms with the fact that the Attack on Titan series is coming to an end.

Over the course of its fourth and final season, fans are being consistently blown away by the spectacle of events and the clean action sequence delivered by Studio Mappa. As the series draws to a close, many fans are reminded why they love Attack on titan while feeling a sense of horror and dread with Eren Jaeger’s actions.

As we have been informed that there is going to be a season 4 part 3 coming out tentatively in 2023 only and delays may be possible, fans have almost a year’s time to wait for the final chapters of the manga to be animated. It is good for fans to start planning what to watch after the series ends and to discover more anime that could give them the same impact that Attack on Titan did over the years. 

1. Beserk

The original Berserk leaves the watcher wanting more. 

Berserk is praised as one of the best fantasy series not only in the anime medium but in history itself. Though the series may not be concluded due to the passing of the mangaka (creator of manga series) Kentaro Miura, there is something beautiful about the series despite all its brutality. Attack on Titan fans could definitely find a deep appreciation for the story itself, with its brutal action and complex lead. Though many agree the manga is the best way to take in the story, the 1997 adaptation of the story is a good introduction to what Berserk is all about. 

2. Naruto Shippuden

Displays the complexity of war.

One of my first and favourite anime, a good portion of Naruto Shippuden is focused on the Fourth Great Ninja War, with the cast of characters facing off against a great number of characters from their past. The show is able to depict the brutalities of war similar to the way that Attack on Titan does, with fans sympathising with Sasuke, the deuteragonist of the show. Sasuke’s character is similar to Eren Jaeger, as fans can understand why he’s turned to the dark side and his want for revenge. 

3. Hunter x Hunter

It is a fun and enjoyable show that many fans appreciate. The world of Hunter x Hunter is great and the protagonist Gon is loved by many. Though most of the series is fun and games, it eventually takes a darker turn, taking its hero, who is typically forgiving and consistently happy, and making him snap. Gon unleashes all of his rage for the sake of revenge, not caring for himself, similar to Eren Jaeger who achieves his true power in the final season of Attack on Titan, despite knowing the consequences. 

4. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Attack on Titan fans will find this anime to be interesting as it has a series of parts, and tells its story over the course of generations, focusing on the Joestar family. Each part focuses on a different member of the Jojo family, starting out with Jonathan Joestar, all the way to Jolyene Kujo. 

It’s interesting to see how it’s almost fate that the Joestar family has to fight against Dio across generations, similar to how it was fate for Eren Jaeger to face off against the Marley ean people after generations of Eldian suppression. 

5) Code Geass

Many people compare the Attack on Titan ending with the ending of Code Geass so the fans will surely enjoy the overarching story of Code Geass. This anime has layers of complexity between its characters as they struggle to meet eye to eye on how to approach injustice in Japan, with Lelouch the protagonist, wanting war, while his best friend Suzaku wants to fix injustice through politics. They unknowingly fight each other behind masks, leaving the fan in the question of who is the true hero and who to root for. Another similarity is that just like in Attack on Titan the protagonist has calculated everything to the ending, even Lelouch Vi Brittania of Code Geass has planned everything beforehand till the ending. Like the entire show was already decided and calculated by the protagonists themselves. 

6. Vinland Saga

This is considered by many to be an underrated gem, and for good reason. The show was relatively new and was only available on Amazon Prime but many people who use Netflix and Crunchyroll may have overlooked it. The show was animated by Studio Wit, the same studio animating the first three seasons of Attack on Titan. Similar to Eren Jaeger the protagonist Thorfinn of Vinland Saga also loses his parents at a young age, fueling him into a frenzy of revenge. Rather than on the titans, Thorfinn wants revenge on a man named Askeladd who takes him in and raises him like his own kin. 

The Movie Culture Synopsis

These are the top 6 animes I would recommend for fans of Attack on Titan to watch after the ending of the anime. These 6 animes are available on Crunchyroll and Netflix respectively. All of them are quite popular with their own huge fandoms.

Each one of them has amazing storylines and great characters and a good art style. All of them are worth the watch and would leave your mind questioning the characters as many of them are morally grey and their actions impactful.

All these stories and characters’ actions being the right thing to do Or not are up to the viewer for interpretation. These series include Naruto Shippuden which is one of the big three of the 2000s anime. Hunter x Hunter and Code Geass were famous in the later years and Jojo and Vinland Saga were relatively new. Berserk was also known for its amazing art style and Jojo for the unique personality of its characters.