What If Cosmic King Thor Faces a Fierce Battle against God of Gods Shazam: Thor vs Shazam

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Thor vs Shazam

Thor (MCU) and Shazam (DCEU) are two god-tier characters from two different comics. Thor’s ultimate form is called Rune King Thor whereas Shazam’s one is called God of Gods Shazam. A fight between Marvel’s Cosmic King Thor and DC’s God of Gods Shazam is highly impossible to happen on screen but fans love imagining such fights.

It will turn out to be a cosmic battle between two powerful cosmic beings. To discuss this battle, this article will put focus on these two iconic characters’ origins, abilities, and the outcome of this fight. In the end, this article will also announce the champion between these two cosmic beings.

Origin of Cosmic King Thor or “Rune King Thor”

Origin of Cosmic King Thor or “Rune King Thor”

Cosmic King Thor is the most powerful version of Thor who is able to inherit the power of the Odinforce, an infinite source of energy in Marvel Universe. ‘Rune King Thor’ first featured in Avengers Disassembled: The Mighty Thor issue no. 80–85. In the comics, to transform into the Rune King, Thor had to go on a quest for wisdom that involved three steps: Sacrifice, gaining knowledge of the past, and gaining knowledge of ancient runes.

Thor gave up his two eyes to the well of Mimir to drink from the well which helped him to achieve the power to see through the past. However, he was still lacking the Rune Magic and more knowledge. It leads him to hang himself on ‘Yggdrasil’(known as the Tree of the World). After a narrow escape from Hel, Thor meets up with ‘Those Who Sit Above in Shadow’ who are considered to be gods of the Norse gods in Marvel Comics. They lived off the energy released by ‘Ragnarök’ and were responsible for the cycles.

However, Thor was determined to end the cycle of ‘Ragnarök’. He somehow escaped from ‘Those Who Sit Above in Shadow’ and teleported with Rune Magic and was reborn as Rune King Thor. In the end, he ended up possessing Odin force and Rune Magic with him.

Origin of God of Gods Shazam

Origin of God of Gods Shazam

God of Gods Shazam appeared first in DC’s story arc The Darkseid War. It all starts when Grail, daughter of Darkseid, brought a war between her father Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor to Earth that resulted in her father’s death, the effects caused a shockwave among the gods throughout the universe.

Billy Batson was then summoned to the centre of his powers and learned that he was in fact the God of Gods. The Wizard who originally bestowed Billy his powers informed him that, due to the death of Darkseid, the connection to the gods inside of him was severed. In response, the Wizard replaced the gods inside of Billy with new gods to derive his powers from S’ivaaH’ronmeerAnapelZonuzAtë, and Mamaragan.

Powers and Abilities

Cosmic King Thor or “Rune King Thor”

As a cosmic being, Rune King Thor possesses god-tier strength and stamina. As he is a god, he also possesses immortality. His newly found Rune magic and Odin force have helped him to have some amazing powers like nigh-omnipresence, trans-dimensional teleportation, duplicate manipulation, infinite speed, cosmic awareness.

He also possesses some precognition powers like supernatural sight, telescopic sight, microscopic sight, supernatural hearing. He also possesses some cosmic powers like reality-warping, Universe manipulation, cosmic energy manipulation, subatomic manipulation, space-time manipulation, soul manipulation, etc. He can also manipulate matter and can control others’ minds. He has telepathic abilities too.

God of Gods Shazam

As a result of Darkseid’s death, his connection to the previous gods that granted Billy his powers was lost which removed his original powers. So, new gods were contracted by the wizard to take their place to continue to help Billy to have Shazam’s powers. These borrowed abilities are – Strength of S’ivaa, Fires of H’ronmeer, Anapel’s Compassion, Source Manipulation from Zonuz/Yuga Khan, Atë’s Boldness, and the Wizard Mamaragan’s power of Lightning.

The Strength of S’ivaa makes Shazam as powerful as Superman. The Fires of H’ronmeer grant him the power over fire, death, and recreation. The Compassion of Anapel grants Shazam instant access to a vast level of scholarly knowledge. The blessing of Anapel gives Billy clairvoyance and provides him with counsel and advice in times of need. Source Manipulation of Zonuz which replaces the lost power of Zeus during the Darkseid War is used to back and embolden the powers of Billy’s six gods by drawing upon the energies from the Source itself.

The Boldness of Atë gives Billy superhuman amounts of inner strength to draw off from, while also making him indestructible to harm. Because of Atë’s blessing, Shazam is very strong-willed in his actions. Mystic lightning of Mamaragan helps Billy to retain the magical power of his patron namesake. Not only does the lightning enable him to transform and enhance his other physical abilities, but it also allows for inter-dimensional travel and the casting of various mystical spells.

Shazam has the ability to control electricity with electro-blast like Mamaragan himself. He also possesses some amazing abilities like thermal-blast, dimensional travel, immortality, superhuman reflexes, accelerated healing, some magical abilities, and teleportation. Shazam can access the Rock of Eternity whenever he wants, which sits at the centre of the multiverse. Through this, he can also enter and exit The Source of all things.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

Both of these iconic superhero characters have almost the same power and abilities. But their weakness tells the outcome of their fight. Shazam lends the power from gods of different types but he is not the manifestation of God. Billy Batson is a child so he lacks the experience to fight against a god-like Thor.

Billy relies upon a vocal spell that allows him to transform into Shazam. If he is prevented from speaking, he will not be able to transform. On the contrary, Thor has no drawback to manifest his powers. Despite having the same abilities and strengths, Rune King Thor is a clear winner of this battle.

Rune King Thor is confirmed to appear in the upcoming MCU film Thor: Love and Thunder which is set to release in the theatres on 8th July 2022 but Shazam! Fury of the Gods is expected to hit the theatre on 2nd June 2023. We are hoping to see the best versions of these two characters soon.