Who Is Erin Carter? Series Ending Explained: Here’s Why Lena Switched Sides

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Who is Erin Carter? Series Ending Explained: Here's Why Lena Switched Sides - The Movie Culture

The gripping season finale of ‘Who is Erin Carter?’ Netflix series premiered on August 24, 2023. Its ending has left fans to speculate about a potential second season, given that a few relationships and character arcs haven’t been fully explored. There have also been a few clues hidden between the lines.

Belonging to the action/mystery genre, ‘Who is Erin Carter?’ is about the titular heroine, played by actress Evin Ahmad, and how she deals with adversities that threaten to expose her reality. Aspects of her past come to light right from the beginning when she saves her daughter from a bank robbery. The series follows linear storytelling with a few essential flashbacks that continue the mystery and well-choreographed action sequences.

Who is Erin Carter? Series Plot Explained

As the story progresses, viewers clearly get to know that Erin Carter is not just a simple British teacher living her life in Barcelona, Spain. She kills a bank robber in a supermarket “with a certain set of skills” that arise from the need to protect her daughter. Before the robber dies, he recognizes Erin as ‘Kate.’ She kills yet another robber from the supermarket when the latter confronts her at the school where she worked.

It is then revealed that Erin Carter is an alias for Kate Jones. An orphan, she was raised in foster homes. An adult Kate joined the police academy but was fired for misconduct after which she was approached by CIO officer Jim Armstrong with a special task. Undercover cop Kate Jones was told to infiltrate a gang of thieves led by Thomas Ramsey and prevent the Harwich gold heist. 

It is from there that things get complicated as Erin’s troubled past is unraveled slowly over the course of the series. She desperately tries to forget about her previous wrongdoings and clear her name to protect her family.

Who is Erin Carter? Series Ending Explained

The penultimate episode of ‘Who is Erin Carter?’ shows the ex-undercover cop’s past literally come back to haunt her. As it turns out, Harper was not Erin’s biological daughter. She took custody of Harper after believing that her actual mother, Lena Thompson, died during the Harwich gold heist. Episode 6 features the return of Lena, who barely survived that incident, and her mission to hunt down Erin and take back Harper.

Lena manages to get information about the whereabouts of Erin by threatening Olivia. Meanwhile, during the Firework Festival celebrations, Carter tracks down Daniel Lang but is unable to eliminate him. She is then confronted by Lena, who tells her to drive to Canyelle, where Jordi and Harper reside. Instead of driving her to the place, Erin tries to bribe Lena by giving the gold obtained from the Harwich heist but ends up getting shot.

Sequences in the last episode of ‘Who is Erin Carter’ develop at a rapid pace. A wounded Erin somehow manages to return to her family at Canyelle while Lena Thompson is taken hostage by Lang to obtain information about Carter. Later, Jordi and Harper are also taken hostage while Lena is freed. Erin manages to beat a kill squad hired by Lang and teams with Thompson to defeat Daniel Lang and his goons, with Lena sacrificing herself at the end.

The Reason Why Lena Switched Sides

Lena Thompson’s heroic turn after plotting her revenge on Kate for five years might have been a bit cliche. Nonetheless, there were a few instances that depicted her change of heart. She was visibly disturbed when Lang gave her permission to rescue her daughter and sarcastically commented on “the life she planned for her daughter.” Lena was also taken aback by Harper’s lack of feelings for her actual mother, and her daughter’s love for Jordi and Erin had a deep impact on her vengeful unconscious.

The series’ ending is pretty straightforward. Lena dies by shooting an oil canister, preventing Langs’ goons from pursuing Erin Carter. Meanwhile, Erin gives Daniel a chance to surrender but shoots him in the head when he reaches for the gun. The story then flash forwards to when Erin, Jordi, and Harper are relaxing at the beach. The formerly-known-as Kate apologizes to her husband, and Jordi supports her in her new life as Erin Carter, denying her tragic past to have any influence on their happy present.

Who is Erin Carter? Season 2 is a Heavy Possibility

Netflix hasn’t disclosed any information about Season 2 of the series. However, the ending of ‘Who is Erin Carter’ has left possibilities open for a second season in the near future. 

During the last ten minutes of the season finale, Erin has a conversation with DI Armstrong at a beach bar. He offers her another job, but Carter declines with a smirk, signifying how she had a job: being a wife, a mother, and an educator. Still, like typical action movie sequels, an A-level danger to the heroine’s family may result in the return of Agent Carter/Jones.

Money launderer Daniel Lang also mentioned in episode 6 that he had “fiscal responsibilities to the people above” him. The fact that the bankroller of the Harwich heist was controlled by more powerful people means that Erin Carter may need to disrupt the whole syndicate in Season 2. On a side note, viewers are not given definite conclusions about their favorite side characters:-

  • What’s the story of the sinister DI Jim Armstrong, and why does he keep Erin Carter away from a normal life?
  • What happens to Penelope after she divorces her husband, Bruno?
  • Will Olivia Thorne reconcile with Erin Carter after messing up both her work life and personal life?
  • Won’t there be repercussions for eliminating a money launderer who is obviously connected to a crime syndicate?

Obviously, the chances of a Season 2 depends on the impact Season 1 has on fans worldwide and whether they want the story to continue. The various character developments and action sequences did look impressive, but the herculean resilience of Erin Carter may have put off some logic-operating fans and impacted the overall believability and success of the series.