Dave Davis Exclusive Interview On The Vigil

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Dave Davis in a still from The Vigil

Dave Davis is an Actor who has been featured in The Big Short, Logan and Greyhound.

Davis starred in the horror film The Vigil, in which he plays a man tasked with watching over a deceased member of an Orthodox Jewish community. For which The Movie Culture got in touch with Dave.

Q. We’d like to start off this interview by asking you about The Vigil, could you tell us about how your first got attached to the project as a whole?

Dave Davis: Keith Thomas found me based on a performance in a movie called Bomb City.  He asked me to be in his film, shared the script, and I immediately became enamored with the project.  He is a fantastic writer, so it was easy to want to be a part of.    

Q. The Vigil is a horror film and your character is at the center of it. Could you tell us about who you play and what can we expect?

Dave Davis: Expect to see something that’s never been done in quite this way.  This character is unlike any I’ve ever played, and the film is unlike any I’ve ever seen.   

Q. From what I have seen in the trailers, Kieth Thomas who’s the man behind The Vigil has potential directed a horror movie with some incredible aesthetic and jump scares, how was it like working with him?

Dave Davis: Kieth is one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with, and there are some heavy hitters on that list! He is an auteur of fantastic vision and a great leader.  He knew what he was looking for and wasn’t afraid to take risks.  An eye for the eerie and also a wonderful collaborator.  Easy to say he was the glue holding our film together.   

Q. True Detective, The Big Short, Logan and most recently Greyhound. How exciting must it feel like to be a featured in all these movies?

Dave Davis: I’ve been fortunate to be a part of many projects that I am truly proud of.  I can tell you that for every project I am proud of, there are another five that I hope never see the light of day (mostly joking).  Being an artist is about taking risks, putting yourself out there, daring to fail gloriously.  So for me witnessing the success of several of my projects is like planting ten seeds and joyously seeing a few grow, until finally you can eat the fruit off of the tree! Who doesn’t love fresh fruit?! 

Q. We are also set to interview Malky Goldman, your costar from The Vigil. Any crazy behind the stories you might wanna tell us about her?

Dave Davis: Malky is an angel.  She fell from heaven and landed in THE VIGIL and kept me sane and made my performance possible.  Feeding me Yiddish and dialect advice, I couldn’t have made this performance without her.  She is a dedicated artist and a true friend.   

Q. As stated you have been part of major movies belonging to different genres, so as an actor is there a genre you’d like to be a part off in the future?

Dave Davis: I like to play characters that tap in to real human experience.  I mostly approach different genres all the same way as a performer.  However there are a few TYPES I would love to play.  I want to play a boxer, a sculptor, a mechanic, there are a million lives I’ve yet to live that are waiting for me to inhabit them, waiting for me to become that part of myself that, as of yet, I barely realize exists within me.   

Q. Is there a movie or an Actor that inspired you to pursue acting?

Dave Davis: James Cagney. My dad loved Cagney growing up, and seeing an actor that could be a tough guy, and turn around and tap dance with the best of them, made me want to be able to do anything too.  Able to play any role.  do my own stunts, in a way.  I’ve spent my life trying to learn as many varied skills as possible so I can play any character.  I watched Great Balls of Fire with Dennis Quaid a million times, I think that might be why I wanted to learn to play the piano.   

Q. The Movie Culture is situated in India so we’d like to know whether you have seen any Bollywood films? Or any international Content apart from Hollywood?

Dave Davis: I’ve of course seen everything I can get my hands on! I love to watch films from all over, and find inspiration through art everywhere.  I would love to learn more about Indian film.  My favorite non-English film is probably City of God.  Total classic.   

Q. Do you have any future projects lined up which you’d like to share with us and your fans ?

Dave Davis: I have a couple of short films coming out soon which I’m really excited about.  One of which I composed the music for called Maud, which is a first for me.  At the moment those have me really excited.  More info about them coming soon, which I’ll share on my Instagram @randomayhem

Q. There’s a whole lot of competition in the industry, do you have any piece of advice which you’d like to share with talents reading this interview?

Dave Davis: You have to love it.  This career is hard and it’s filled with rejection and disappointment.  But if you love it, it doesn’t matter.  You have to create, and create for YOURSELF.  If you do that, and stay true to why you are an artist, then you will stay inspired and motivated and filled with potential for your whole life.

The Movie Culture Synopsis

An excellent human apart from his designation of an actor. A joy to have conducted this interview.

The Vigil is gearing up to be the piece of High Brow Horror that needs to be amongst us. The Vigil will be out on PVOD platforms, be sure to check it out.