Every Key In Locke & Key Series Explained

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In a still from Locke & Key series

The Locke & Key series’ keyhouse is a mysterious place with a lot of family secrets hidden in it. These keys are said to be really powerful and the kids one by one discover them and experience the magical things that happen. There is also a demonic entity that is looking for the keys for their own benefits and the kids try to face all this drama.

Spoiler alert

1. The Mirror Key – S01 Episode 1

The Mirror Key , when inserted into a mirror unlocks your mirror self which comes to life and makes you want to come inside the mirror. In this episode, Nina Locke (the mother) finds this key and her reflection makes her go inside the mirror where she is stuck until the kids find out and figure out what’s going on and one of the kids Tyler , goes inside with a rope tied on his waist so he doesn’t get lost like Nina. And finds her and pulls her out of there. But she just doesn’t remember this , she has no memory of anything that happened.

2. The Head Key – S01 Episode 2

This is one important and most iconic key ! The Head Key, which allows a person to get into someone’s mind when inserted this in back of their heads. Everyone’s head had a different kind of pattern, like for example Bode’s head had a arcade and Kinsey’s head had a huge mall with different rooms that had different memories. Rendell Locke used this Key to hide the Omega Key in his own head so the evil entity doesn’t find it until they have the head key. 

3. The Ghost Key – S01 Episode 3 

Bode Locke discovers this Key. This key can only work if inserted it in a specific door of the Keyhouse and wouldn’t work on any other door of surface, and if the door behinds you get closed then you’re gonna be stuck as a ghost forever. Bode finds the door and uses this key, he then becomes a ghost which made him walk through walls , you can also spy on people with the help of this key. Sam Lesser who used this key without knowing it’s functions, had the door shut behind him got stuck being a ghost forever. 

4. The Matchstick Key – S01 Episode 4

We spot this key in the first episode. The keeper of this key Mark, uses this key to burn everything, (it was like a suicide mission). This key doesn’t needs any keyhole or door to make it work, you can just insert it anywhere and into anyone or anything and boom they start bursting into flames. Dodge, when finds this Key from a kid which she finds outside Mark’s house, gives it to Sam Lesser, to get out of prison instead of giving him the anywhere key. Bode when gets his hands on this key, uses it to kill Dodge, but does he really?

5. The Music Box Key – S01 Episode 5

This is a very clever key. First we see that this key just starts the music box to play but later they find out that who ever uses this key can make people do anything they want them to do. You just have to say the words and the person will do whatever you say ! Kinsey uses this key to show her friends how it works, then they use it on the schools bully Eden , making her do embarrassing things in front of the whole school during break time. This key can force people to do whatever the user of the key demands. 

6. The Flower Key – S01 Episode 5

This flower key, gives acces to memories , which are in a memory jar in the Keyhouse, the memories which were belonged to Duncan Locke who was Rendell’s brother. The Locke kids watch these memories so they can find out what happened when their father was young. Also Duncan breaks one of the memory jars while watching a memory.

7. The Identity Key – S01 Episode 5

The Identity Key allows the user to change the visual appearance of a person after inserting the key into the chin of that person. And you can change the “identity” of people other than yourself. As in the finale we see that the evil entity Dodge, makes Ellie to look like the enemy of the Locke’s. The evil entity also used this key to look like Gabe for getting closer to Kinsey but we really don’t know what’s the major reason behind doing this. Guess there will be more about this in the next season.

8. The Cabinet Key – S01 Episode 6

This key is really very interesting, it can be used only on the specific cabinet given , when Bode finds this key he thinks that it’s just a normal key that opens an old cabinet but it actually does more than just that. Nina was the first one to discover that what it does, when she puts a broken mug into it , it gets fixed like brand new. So she tries other things to, but then she finds out that you can’t actually bring people back from the dead by using this key. 

9. The Omega Key – S01 Episode 9

The Omega Key is the key that opens the big black door and has been a major problem of all the bad things that have been happening as the evil entity wants to find this key so bad. The original keepers of the key finds this key and opens a big black door which releases the entity which possesses Lucas. Dodge, as mentioned before the evil entity who wants to get their hands on this key real bad, to open the big black door. The Locke kids and their friends find out this key and unknowingly pushes Ellie into it thinking they are evil.

10. The Echo Key – S01 Episode 9

The Echo Key as said by Ellie, brings people back from the dead. When she tried bringing her lover Lucas back she rather brings the evil entity which has possessed him. This key can bring back dead people.

11. The Crown of Shadows Key – S01 Episode 9

This key allows you to wear the crown of Shadows which can be used to control the demonic shadowy army. The crown needs this key to activate it and that’s how this key works, the crown if wore without this key it wouldn’t work. 

12. The Crown of Shadows Key – S01 Episode 9

This key allows you to wear the crown of Shadows which can be used to control the demonic shadowy army. The crown needs this key to activate it and that’s how this key works, the crown if wore without this key it wouldn’t work. 

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We hope now that now you’ve understood how every key works. We’ve explained where the Keys are found and how they work. This is a very interesting show and if you haven’t already seen it then do. 

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Also the show is available to watch on Netflix.