Olivia Edward Interview on The Outside Story Film & FX’s Better Things Series

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DATE : 16TH APRIL 2021

Olivia Edward

Olivia Edward is an insanely talented young actress who has achieved so much in her Acting and Dancing ventures. She is devoted to her craft and we talk to her about her upcoming film, The Outside Story.

Q. Hey Olivia, I am Hardik Agrawal from The Movie Culture. How are you doing today?

Olivia Edward: Hello Hardik, I’m great thank you for asking! I hope you are doing well too.

Q. The Outside Story, this movie looks so much fun. And it’s based around a very unique little concept of how an Introverted person is forced out in the environment. Could you tell us a bit more about the light, little turns that this movie takes?

Olivia Edward: The Outside Story was a fun project but one that I think became timely due to the pandemic. Some of the light and little turns the movie takes all have to do with the relatable inconveniences of getting locked out of your apartment or life. Since Charles (the main character of the movie) is so introverted, getting locked out of his apartment is a big deal because it’s his safe place. All the things that happen in this movie may seem like minor inconveniences to some, but for Charles it’s his worst nightmare. I think many people can identify with having a bad day, but this turned into a lesson for his character and for the viewers as well.

Q. Brian Tyree Henry is killing it recently with The Outside Story and Godzilla vs. Kong. What was it like working with him?

Olivia Edward: Brian is and will be amazing at anything he does, as he’s an amazing person. I had a blast working with him. Brian and I first met at a party where he actually joked around and said, “oh, we got to work together some day.” Little did I know we actually would!

Q. Could you tell us a bit more about Elena, the character you play in The Outside Story?

Olivia Edward: My character, Elena, is a self reliant 12-year-old piano prodigy who is wise beyond her years, mature, and quiet. She is also raised by a very overbearing mother who demands an unrealistic amount of discipline from her when it comes to her piano playing. This demanding dynamic is to cover up the lack of being an actual Mom. Since Elena is shut out of having a normal childhood, she can identify with the day Brian’s character is having. Elena also comes across as closed off and quiet at times when in reality, she’s just lonely.

Q. Obviously, you have also been working on the phenomenal Better Things on FX, which has been renewed for a 5th season so congratulations! How many more mischiefs lie in season 5?

Olivia Edward: I can honestly say that I don’t know what is in store for DUKE on this season of BETTER THINGS, but I wish I knew! I barely know anything about what’s to come in the next season myself since we haven’t started filming yet. Duke left off in the last season showing a bit of attitude towards her mother, so if that continues that may be a theme in the next season. I am hoping she gets to be a lot more mischievous.

Q. Better Things is a family of women trying to adapt through failed marriages. What changes does this family go through in season 5?

Olivia Edward: Not knowing anything to come for Season 5 –  I am sure that The Fox family will always be changing and evolving throughout each season but I know in the end we will always be a family at the heart of the show and the end of the day.

Q. You have a wonderful track record behind you in such a small age. Do you think that getting started early in the field of comedy is going to be an advantage ahead?

Olivia Edward: I love having the opportunities to explore the different characters in the shows that I have done. From doing a Canon commercial where I got to make people laugh, I realized the power in that moment.  So, yes, I’ve had a lot of fun in the past projects and starting so young helps to keep it normal, like a part of who I am. I’m also very grateful that I’ve been able to learn from all of the amazing people that I’ve worked with and met in this field.  Watching and learning from professionals like Pamela Adlon, Celie Imrie, & Brian Tyree Henry has been amazing. 

Q. What lies ahead for Olivia Edwards, in terms of TV shows, movies or any other passion that she would like to pursue?

Olivia Edward: When I look at the future, I want to keep exploring, developing, and learning about both being in front and behind the camera, as well as continue my singing and dancing. I love the feeling of being able to make other people feel something by telling a story.  So, I guess you can say I want to push my abilities as far as I can grow.

Q. Better Things has been critically acclaimed since the very beginning. Do you think its time the show gets some Emmy attention?

Olivia Edward: From the beginning of my career my parents made it clear that I had to focus on the craft/work that I was doing. Whether it be competing in a dance competition, performing on stage, acting, etc. it was not to be famous. The branding of titles, fame, and awards has been something I was kind of trained NOT to strive for, but instead do and be my best when I show up. That being said, I know that awards, and things like that are a measure of what people see as success. To be completely honest I don’t know much about awards, and I know there are so many different award shows, but I remember Better things won a PEABODY Award which I’m pretty sure is a good thing. I’m also pretty sure that the award itself made an Easter egg appearance in one of the episodes!

Q. Thank you so much for talking with us. The Outside Story releases on VOD soon and I think we all could use a little light hearted comedy in these overburdening times.

Olivia Edward: Thanks for taking the time to interview me. This was a lot of fun!

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Be sure to check out her new movie The Outside Story, which will be releasing on demand this month.